Wednesday, September 27, 2006

New MV "Truth" on the rocks in Korea.

26 Sep 06, News (original news from newsen&joins)
Credit: irbi@biwithrain
Ch to Eng: Rayndrop

Rain's new MV "Truth" met the audiences on 29th Sep. Unfortunately, the MV has unfortunately been rated as "18 and above" by the Board of Censorship. Young fans can only sadly wave the "Truth" MV goodbye.

The MV will be shown in public for the first time at Seoul's Samseongdong Theatre on 9th October. The 30-minute MV can also be seen as a short musical movie. The MV speaks of love and friendship, and the touching story that happened because of loyalty to friends. The MV show scenes of gun fights and some violent emotional scenes and hence been rated (18 and above).

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Rain, Busy As A Bee

With the release of his 4th korean album just around the corner, it will be hard for Bi to get some downtime. I'm sure he's practicing non-stop for his showcase on the 13th but we has more schedules line up before that. To those who are living in Hong Kong are have plans of going there this week then good-luck I hope you can get a chance to have a glimpse of him.

Here's he's schedule as shared by other Rain fans:

Sept. 28 - DOHC is celebrating it's anniversary. He may be making an appearance but still waiting for confirmation

Sept. 29 - world famous designer Ralph Lauren will be holding a Friends Anniversary Ceremony in Korea

Oct. 13 - his World Concert Tour Premier Showcase in Seoul;

Oct. 26 -, Next Concert will be featuring his guest appearance;

Nov. 7 - Pepsi will be holding a charity concert in Beijing

Friday, September 22, 2006

2 More Days Before Eternal Rain

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Coincidental Meeting of Rain at Airport (Korea)

From Baidu (From yunrain's message) (9/18)
Translated from Korean to Chinese : Benamoo
Author : 나쁜남자의 나
Posted on Baidu Rain by mikysiu 2006-9-18 19:54

I dropped by my store which is on the second floor, then I prepared to go to my office.
I went on the up-going escalator. Bi was going down to the second floor from the third floor.
Once I saw that it's Bi, I turned around and followed him down.
I was standing just 2 or 3 steps behind him on the down-going escalator.
Becos I was overwhelmed, my whole body was shaking, I could only scream in my heart "Jung Jihoon! Jung Jihoon!"
Behind Jihoon was a dancer. The bearded guy kept looking at me strangely.
The other dancers keep asking, "Brother Namyoung, what's wrong, what's wrong?"
Jihoon himself was listening attentively to his MP3.
Wearing a green hat, sunglasses...
Pinkish red lips (like a baby's)...clean shaven chin...
Black tight fitting shirt, with 3 or 4 buttons undone.
Dark jeans...I forgot what his sports shoes look like (so sorry...)
Carrying his usual haversack...
(A guy who doesn't look like the media, kept following Jihoon, taking his photos...until he left...)

Then...Jihoon, dear Jihoon...
On the down-going escalator, suddenly...
twisting his body, started to dance!
I was thinking, "what is this kid doing?!"
I watched him remove his right earphone, used his left hand to cover his ear..
lifted his right arm up high, twisting and turning his right arm, even have wrist movements...
just like that, he started to dance on the escalator...
even now, the image is still in my mind, flashing across my eyes...its just too good...
then, he started to speak,
using his baby pink lips and a kiddish tone:
"Brother, I think this part, we should use this movement for the dance. We will use this."
Ah....that voice! Then, with wide strides, he walked to the departure gate.
1930hrs LA...

and yes, his hair was cut very short, with some highlights...
from the back , you can see strands of clean hair...

Move On Now Playing On Myx

To all Rain fans here in the Philippines, the MV of "Move On" is now being played on Myx @ Studio 23. So start texting "MYX VOTE MOVE ON" and send to 2366.

Let's make the song number one in their hit charts!!!

Monday, September 18, 2006

USA, Prepare For Rain in December

I know I got a few blog readers here from the States who are now excited and eager to welcome Rain as we starts his World Tour at Ceasar's Palace in Las Vegas. I personally think it's a wise move on the part of his management to make U.S.A. his kickoff point to create more awareness for him and his tour. If you want to read more about it then check it here.

Our New Home for Rain In The Philippines

I just want to tell all my blog readers both local and international that we now have a representative website here in the Philippines it's

Do check it out and feel free to register and let's make it a welcome place for Rain whenever he has the urge to check out all his fansites linked in joyplace.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Getting Even?

A fan present during the BMW Premiere last night in Seoul wrote about her experience. The following statement caught my attention.

Jihoon did not "give JY Park a hard time"

JY Park said teasingly, "The filming was really exhausting, to the point I was breaking out in cold sweat! Jihoon was standing beside me. Whenever I spoke up, he'll rebuke me: 'One more time. You didn't act that scene too well.' The more he said, the more nervous I got. My body went so stiff I could hardly act."

I can almost imagine our Bi having naughty thoughts while filming with JYP "Now it's my turn to push you to the limit, how does in feel boss". hahaha, it's nice to let my imagination go wild and create a story of my own.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Korean Top stars will Join as one as Korea's representative

Rain, Kim Jeong Hoon and Lee Wan will be representing Korea together in the coming
ASIAN NEXT PAX MUSICA 2006 this October 26th and 27th @ Tokyo world forum A hall.
Rain will participate on 27th as a special guest in this event.
For more info,visit ticketing office site
(i visit the site and it's in japanese)

source:naver news
credits to J.Lee of soompi for the translation

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

"Global Cloud" Now Open For Membership!!!

Hurray!!!! It's D-day!!!!

If you are a registered member of and has dreamed of being officially called as a member of "Cloud" then what are you waiting for..... sign up that application form and be one of the first to be a part of the "Global Cloud" community.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

JYPE announcement about "the cloud" application

Dear patrons,

I am the staff in charge of the official global fan club, “The Cloud” of Rain.

In order to help you, our members better carry out your activities of “the cloud”, we are now announcing to open up local representatives of the official global fan club, “The Cloud” of Rain in 12 different regions as follows.

Japan, China, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Vietnam, the U.S.A. and Europe

(Cloud Japan?员の场合,日本代行社を通じて别途募集及び运?となりますし、

[the cloud]に加入すると、the cloudの公式的な恩?を受けることができます。)

Sign-up Period : Sept. 13, 2006, Wed. ~ Oct. 13, 2006, Fri.

Event Period : Nov. 1, 2006 through the end of the 4th Series Event of Rain

[Member Benefits]

1) Receive a membership card with the photo of Rain and the logo of [the cloud].

2) A one-time pass to participate in fan meeting exclusively for [cloud] members.

3) Free subscription to online non-periodical [the cloud] webzine.

4) Receive [the cloud] official souvenir one time through mail after sign-up.

5) Participate in [the cloud] community activities and receive information service (currently under renewal)

6) Participate in open programs and events where Rain participates (to be discussed with the sponsoring body)

7) Benefits on domestic and overseas performance of Rain

- [the cloud] group tickets and priority on seats(to be discussed with the local precarious performance agency)

8) Other special benefits

[Membership fee]

1) 50,000 won for Koreans and foreigners living outside Korea or equivalent to approximately USD$55.00

- Membership fee for members living outside Korea is 50,000 won because of the cost for [EMS mailing cost]+[return cost for unreceived items]+[credit card transaction fee]+[Transaction fee over the web] in addition to the basic fee of 25,000 won.

[Sign-up Method]

1) Access

2) Log-in

3) Click the banner to sign up [the cloud]

4) Move on to the sign-up page

5) Accept the Member Agreement

6) Fill out personal data and transaction information
7) Payment

-> 50,000 won for payment from abroad

- Pay through online credit card transaction with Visa, Master, JCB, AMEX, and Diners.

* The reason we accept only credit card payment for overseas members is because the bank charges 150% the membership fee when wiring from abroad. So we limited the payment method to online credit card transaction that has transaction fee of only less than 5% to reduce the members’ burden.
* In summary, overseas payment accepts only credit card.

Please, note that all other payment methods will result in automatic cancellation.

from JYPE

To my regular blog readers who wish to be a member of "The Cloud", make sure that you are a member of joyplace first. If not then do the following:

1. log on to
2. find "logon" at the topmost left of your screen

3. for foreigners (non korean), click this button

4.go to find the intruction on the bottom, click "for foreigner"

5. you may see the agreement, please check to agree on the policy, and click "for foreigner"

6. then finally the registration form, for your ID/nickname, please make sure to "check" them

scan your personal ID, such as passport, driver license..etc.. and load the image
for "Attach the file for your ID" item.. the image file should not be too big(no larger than 300kb), and you might ask for permission to download/install an activeX software from JYPE to help send the ID image..

you should see this after click the "apply" button, it means wait for the approval letter via email

14세 미만의 어린이의 경우 보호자의 메일에서 회원가입 동의를 얻어야만 회원가입이 정상적으로 이루어집니다.
현재 보호자의 메일로 회원가입 동의 메일을 보냈습니다. 보호자는 메일을 확인하시고 회원가입 동의를 해주시기 바랍니다.
7. After you send out the registration form, then wait for your approval letter from JYPE this is what you suppose to get from JYPE via email, if not, then you might be rejected for some certain reasons

credits to jinless of soompi

More About Eternal Rain

Park JinYoung Talks About his Secret Recipe for Making Stars:

Rain gave me his heart and body for three and a half years

11 Sep 06. Sina News
Morning Post Journalist, Bing Li Hua reports.
Credit: RainHK// Biwithrain // Jinlees@soompi
Ch to Eng: Rayndrop

Three years of hellish training behind closed doors. He gave up his family, his friends, his favourite food, chances to go overseas. He tore his life into two parts: One half dedicated to singing, the other half to dancing. This was the life Rain went through before he became a pop sensation, and it is still ongoing even now.

If you ask Rain why, he'll tell you, he has given his life up to someone that year when he was 16. That person is his teacher, Park Jinyoung. This person, who is known in Korea as the Godfather of Hip hop was once a famous singer like Rain. He was good at dancing and composing. Today, he has another identity which is just as successful--A producer. The day before, he arrived as a professional judge at a local talentine competition, and talked about his secret recipe on making stars.

Discovering Rain...

His eyes were so sincere

JY Park has been carefully grooming Rain since he picked out the 16-year-old out during an audition. Three and a half years of training behind closed doors, devoting more than 20 hours each day. To any producer, this is definitely not something that you can describe with a simple word, "job". He told the journalists of his determination to shape a global superstar, "I wanted someone like Michael Jackson".

So what exactly did Rain possess for JY Park to make such a decision? "There were many kids dancing and singing that day, but you could see him with one look. It wasn't anything but the look in his eyes. Not one kid had that kind of sincerity he had in his eyes. It was the look of someone standing at the edge of a cliff, like it was pleading for someone to save him", said JY Park.

Despite sounding so incredible, to JY Park who gave the same amount of hard work in order to succeed, he fully understood the kind of grilling and pain an artiste need to go through in order to rise to super-stardom. If you didn't have enough desire burning within you, you'll never have the determination to finish walking through this path. "What I value is the wants and desires of a person." He confessed he didn't want to risk giving the chance and waste his time on a kid who is just fooling around.

Creating Rain...

Hand your life over to me.

Many gold award-winning producers always say the same thing when they first meet a newbie, "This is just the beginning." But JY Park added another sentence to that, "I can make you a star, but can you hand your life over to me?"

This is not a joke. After he gave his nod of agreement, the next thing Rain had to do was to give up everything that was originally in his life. He couldn't see his family; he had no friends; he couldn't go travelling with friends like people of his age are doing; he even gave up all the food he loved. From dusk to dawn, he had only one thing in his life, and that was, using JY Park's words, "prepare to become a singer."

Is this kind of a lifestyle too heavy a burden for a 16-year-old? JY Park told the journalists that even he was surprised sometimes at how this child can just take it all quietly, without even making a decent protest once.

"Will he simply turn into a machine that sings?" Certainly, those who love Rain will have this worry after finding out about this three and a half year he went through. Perhaps Rain can answer for this with his confession during his concert--that day he said, he wanted so much to sing a song for his mother who has passed on, and he wanted so much to share a picture of his mother with everyone. But having gone through all the drawers in his house, he only found some pictures of his mother on the sick bed. "I think mother will want everyone to see how she looks when she is healthy, so I didn't bring any pictures." In the end, he sang this song, charged with emotions. Due to his rebellious days when he was young, there was a barrier between his father and him. But that night, he also invited his father to the concert sincerely.

Anticipate Rain...

He'll need to learn Chinese if he wants to go further.

Rain has succeeded, and is walking towards the global stage like JY Park said he would. he held a concert in the US in February this year. Despite the harsh critics in New York Times and New York Daily, this is an indication of the attention casted on Rain. Presently, he is busy preparing himself for his Global Concert Tour when he will perform in 12 different countries all over the world.

"Honestly, at first I've thought that Rain may disappear after three to five years, but the truth is indeed telling a different story. Because of this, he has made me think a lot," said JY Park. From what he can see, the answer seems to lie in Rain's unique character, "i've studied many singers. A lot of them are lacking in character. No matter how outstanding they are, they go out of fashion very quickly. This is a very realistic issue."

If he wants to continue going towards the global stage, JY Park says Rain still have much homework to do. One of the most important part is to learn Chinese, "US and China are part of the future world. These are the two languages which any Asian of this new generation must learn. Rain is already working hard on them."

"There are two kinds of stars: One is the charismatic kind; the other the kind whom others respect and look up to." Before the interview came to a conclusion, JY Park had this to say: As a "mentor", he frequently has discussions with Rain on the topic of the next path he should take. He believes Rain has his own way of thinking.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Hopefully A Final Statement From Me

I've been experiencing some unsual traffic here presumably because of of the Open Letter I've posted a few days ago. I was made to understood that an Official Statement that will be issued soon that would hopefully applease my worries. Indeed, a statement was issued by the admin and moderators of Rain Philippines informing everyone that they are resigning due to disturbing and disruptive acts from some members.

Honestly I never knew that these will be their course of action since I've even talked to the one who presided the meeting on the phone yesterday morning. I was made to believe they are willing to talk about the issues at hand and other matters in the past that has to be ironed out so that we can move forward in a more positive light. I'm disappointed that they let their emotions get the better of them instead of facing the problems head on and showing everyone that they truly deserve to represent the Filipinos who will join the upcoming Cloud recruitment.

To those who may be wondering, I have no guilt feelings whatsoever for writing that infamous Open Letter that stirred a hornet's nest. I laid down genuine issues that needs to be voiced out. Some may not agree on my method of sending the message accross but I felt it was the best avenue to express just how important they were to me. And for the record nobody influenced nor dictated me to do what I did because I'm nobody's puppet. Last time I checked I see so strings attached to any part of my body. My friends specifically Voltes may share some common thoughts but we respect our own ideals and principles. And since we are just a group of friends we are of equal footing, nobody is the leader of the group. You don't agree with me or you want to know more then go ahead and tell me about it, my email is posted in my profile.

To the admin and moderators of Rain Philippines, thank you for providing the venue when we were just beginning to discover Rain. Thank you for the friendship extended and gained through the site. I'm sure we'll cross paths one of this days, I bear no personal grudges but turning your back on problems will never solve anthing and painting me and those who agreed to what I've written as trouble makers just proves my point.

Fan Account: Jihoon, the Man of Steel

09 Sep 06
Credit: Forrain // baidu // jinlees@soompi
Kr to Ch: wwrain
Ch to Eng: Rayndrop

Yesterday, a fan who's a student went to look for Jihoon at JYPE. She heard Jihoon has a photography session scheduled on the 9th, so there may be chances he'll go back to JYPE in the afternoon. But she waited all the way until 9pm before she saw the artiste van arriving.

Oppa was sitting beside the driver
But he looked very, very exhausted.

He was wearing a grey t-shirt, jeans and wore a hat.

Oppa got off the car and went into the building.
Because he looked so tired, we didn't have the heart to call out to him.

We greeted him in our heart, and waited quietly for him to emerge.

At 11pm, all the dancers have came out, and we thought oppa would come out too.
But after several 10s of minutes, we still didn't see the sight of Jihoon.

After a while, we saw the assistant ran out and bought a lot of drinks.

We heard there's a recording today, and it will be ending late.
We were afraid of missing the last bus home, so we went home, albeit with unwillingness.

These two days, he'll be doing CF photoshoot and filming, so he probably will be very busy.
On top of that, he has to practise dancing, do his recroding...
You must take care of yourself.
This is really worrying us.... tears.gif

No matter what, today, Rain oppa must strive on too. FIGHTING!!

Interview in "Move On" DVD

Credit: biwithrain //
Kr to Ch: Mushi @ biwithrain
Ch to Eng: Rayndrop

Q: Please tell us about this new single and your thoughts when you first heard it?
JH: I like the music style of "Move On". I think everybody can listen to it in a relaxed way, and that's why I chose this song. I hope everybody will be able to feel the emotions behind the rhythm and lyrics. The first time I heard it...I thought it was really easy-listening, because it's a slow ballad. I think everybody will like it.

Q: What's charming about this song?
JH: The charms of "Move On" lies with the natural feelings that are expressed to the girlfriend who has left. I don't really know how to say this. But the rhythm of the music is where the charms of the song lies...It's not too strong or too weak. The natural beat itself is a kind of charm.

Q: What's the difference between the first time you heard it and after the song has been arranged...?
JH: After singing it, I thought it was really sad and beautiful.

Q: This is a song about a girl who has fallen for another man. How would you feel if it really happened to you?
JH: Probably very heartbroken. Although I'll be in grief for a long time, I may just keep on waiting.

Q: There's a line in the song "Promise of eternity" Was there a time when you thought "if only this will go on forever"?
JH: During my concert, I've frequently thought, if only this will go on forever.

Q: Concept of the PV?
The concept of this PV is "All in One Shot". No editing, just one shot filming from beginning till end. When everyone watches it, they will be able to experience the natural feel. Plus the rainy scene at the end, I believe all of you will like it.
Q: To fans who have already purchased the CD...
JH: There will be an album released after this third single. You could say its the compilation of all the music released so far. There are songs which everybody will like, and Korean songs which you can learn the language from. You will definitely like it.

Exclusive Interview with Rain - A singer who sings with his heart

Rain - 4th album to be released in October - The result of my 2 years' hard work

Rain has planned to release his 4th album in October. In this regard, we hereby conduct an interview with him.

Reporter: What are u busy with these days?

Rain : Recently, I am busy with some shooting for my movie. And also preparation work for my 4th album and Japan single. The 4th album to be released this Oct will be the result of my hard work for the past 2 years.

Reporter: I heard u will be conducting a world tour? After the success of your US concert, do u have the ambition to become a world-class singer?

Rain : Yes, I do have plans to conduct a world tour. Actually when I first held a concert in the States, I wanted to prove to the world that Asians too can venture into the international entertainment industry. I also hope to achieve high standards though my hard work.

Reporter : A lot of koreans said u are the pride of Korea. How do u feel about that?

Rain : Hearing such comments make me feel very happy. But I hope I can always be the pride of Korea. Thats why I keep on working hard, because people take notice of my efforts. I hope to give everyone this impression of me : A hardworking and diligent artiste, a singer who brings them joy, a singer who sings with his heart.

Reporter: i can see Rain is a confident and hardworking artiste!

Rain : Actually, I am under tremendous pressure. If I do not work hard, I will lose everything, and will be ousted out. Becuase the entertainment industry now is full of newcomers, many people who can sing and dance like me, if I let my guard down, the newcomers will catch up with me. Thats why I always push myself to train hard, I believe if I do better than others, I will be irreplaceable.

Reporter : But, to work like this, wouldn't it be too cruel to yourself?

Rain : I yearn for change! The people around me, they always worry for my health, because when I work, I work madly, I would not rest. U must know, I have tasted poverty before becoming famous. Actually, I have always believed that u win some, u lose some. If I wish to gain something, I would have to give up another thing at the same time. Like because of work, I cannot meet up with my friends. But this is my choice, I do not regret.

Reporter : If you are on vacation, what do you do?

Rain : I love to exercise, so during vacation, I would go for exercises too, such as basketball and soccer. I will go for horror movies too.

Reporter : Do u still remember how u feel during your first visit to Beijing?

Rain : Of course I remember! I will never forget it in my entire life! Honestly, I have never imagined having so many fans at the airport to wait for me. During my previous visit to Beijing, I know I do not have many fans. But, I've never imagined such a different situation during my second visit. At that moment, I honestly thought I was dreaming. So I am very touched.

Reporter : Recently, u seem busy with movie or drama shooting. Why did u venture into movies and drama?

Rain : I still remember my debut drama <>. At that time, my agent is strongly against my decision to take up that role. They told me, u are not bad at singing, u do not need to go into acting to become famous. Even my fans are against it, some of my fans even said to me that I will just be a fleeting image, and will disappear from the screen completely. All these were told to me before the drama was aired. But I persisted, because to act has always been my dream, so I must act, no matter it will be successful or not.

Reporter : But it was successful, wasn't it?

Rain : I believe, if u persist to do one thing, it will definitely be successful.

Reporter : Lastly, please say something to your fans who support you!

Rain : My movie will be on screen in December. Please support me at that time. And, recently, it has been raining consistently, please take care of your health. Love me forever. I promise I will work even harder. Thank you!

Friday, September 08, 2006

What The.......

Some of you may be wondering about my posting below but I felt the need to express my thoughts and opinions on matters that I consider important as a fan of Rain. Last nights events caused me a few hours sleep not to mention my blood pressure to shoot up. I have anything personal about those people but I don't like the idea of being a Cloud Country Representative to be taken lightly.

It's also my wish that it would be an eye-opener for foreign fans who frequent my blog who wishes to apply to the same position in their country. The privilages may be great but the responsibility is even greater. Only a steadfast committment will see you through..... I rest my case.

An Open Letter to Rain Philippines

To: The Administrators and Moderators

I have been one of the pioneer members of Rain Philippines and have been supportive of the group’s activities since the start. Though I had second thoughts of attending last nights General Membership Meeting because I am attending to some personal matters I heeded the request of fellow members to show support to Rain Philippines. Add to that our interest on the posting of RB and I quote “I suggest that you make time for this meeting. All those who can’t make it, with or without valid reasons, will miss an opportunity of a lifetime.”

I know I may be physically present at the location of the meeting but was not able to participate for reasons obvious to everyone present but I asked for a briefing from other members who were there when the “General Membership Meeting” was progressing. I may not have miss anything that would change the world but I missed enough that concerns my being a fan of Rain.

I am therefore exercising my right and prerogative as a member to express my disappointment on how you handled last nights meeting. To quote the RB’s posting “Be sure to read and fully understand the above statement from JYPE. “ referring to the detailed instruction from the Cloud Master as posted in the Announcement Section as well as the Club of the Rain Philippines forum:

Selection of 13 Countries’ Official Sites & Representatives

Applications are submitted with country category, and after reviewing, official sites and representatives will be selected.

1. Application submitted via Email (

2. [SUBJECT] Country + Website Name (e.g. Korea, Rain Tree)


- Please write the introduction of your site in a free style but make sure that you include the following required information.

/Website-related ? Country, URL, Website Name, Number of Members, Established Date, and Activity-related Particulars

/Representative-related ? Representative’s Picture, Profile, Experiences, Particulars, Mission Statement, Management Plans, Message to JYPE, and Message to Rain.

I have read the said notice countless times but I see no limiting statement stating “Only the Website/Forum Administrators and/or Moderators are qualified to be a Country Representative.

As such you should at least ask the consensus of those present if your decision that you alone has the right to be a Country Representative is acceptable to everyone. A meeting is supposed to be an exchange of ideas and opinions but from what I gathered you only made a statement that could have been posted in the Announcement Section and saved the members time. And for arguments sake that you alone has the right isn’t it our own right to hear what your mission statement and plans if you were chosen as Country Representative for Cloud Philippines.

You have made it your decision to be our leader in the Philippines so I am expecting leadership qualities from you. Will you be willing to do the following for us:

1. To love and give your all only for Rain and no other Korean artist.
2. Represent the Philippines in meetings, leadership trainings and other events that will be called by JYPE and/or Rain in Korea or any other country that they will choose.
3. To be pro-active in promoting Rain and Cloud Philippines by being our front liner in fan meetings, concerts and interviews not just by local media but internationally as well if need arises.
4. Be the first to wear group shirts, hold the country flag and banners in all Rain related activities.
5. Be the initiator in finding ways to sustain Rain’s popularity in the Philippines to gain more clout in the international fan base.

I assumed you called the meeting because of the time constraints in having the group recognized. But I see the lack of direction and preparation coming from your group as an indicator of what the future looks like for Cloud Philippines.

Lastly I did not express my thoughts in public because I want the position for myself. I will be the first to admit that I will fail in the first two (2) criteria’s I enumerated but I love and support Rain in my own way and I feel it’s to everyone’s good interest that I remain a paying member of Cloud Philippines.

Beyond the glory and prestige of being a Cloud Country Representative lays a big responsibility to JYPE, Rain and all the fans of Rain in our country. I sincerely hope that you will take your time to review your intentions act according to what is right for the entire group.

Sincerely yours,

Marissa S. Pascual

Eternal Rain Coming Soon!

Announcement, Rain fans in the Philippines! Check out this wonderful news from MCA-Universal!

ETERNAL RAIN will be released in the Philippines, with Move On as the carrier single.

It will be an exciting 3rd quarter for us so make sure to get copies and ask your friends to do the same!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Should I Save For An Airline ticket too?

Rain goes on World Tour with the organizers who put together Madonna and Britney Spears' concerts.

Singer Rain will hold his World Tour in 12 different countries, which will total 35 different concerts, with a team or concert organizers who have helped organized the concerts of famous pop stars Modonna and Britney Spears.

Rain will release his 4th album next month and in the coming December he will start off his World Tour in Las Vegas, US and will go through Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, China, and Korea for his second world tour titled "Rain's Coming". This is the largest world concert given by a Korean artist, and for Rain the staff that will be working for his tour are people who are best at their jobs in the world.

Jamie King, who is famous for working on Madonna's recent "Confessions Tour" and working with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera's choreography, is the man in charge as the Stage Director. Jamie King used to be a dancer for Michael Jackson. King choreographed Ricki Martin's "Livin La Vi Da Loca" the 1999 World tour, Britney Spears's "Oops, I did it again" 2000 World tour. Christina Agulera's "Stripped Tour", and he won the MTV best choreography award in 2001 for Madonna's "Drowned World tour".

Jamie King and Rain met in July in the US and they exchanged their ideas about the tour, and it seemed that Jamie King already knew of Rain's famous in the Asian countries and even in the US.

In addition to Jamie King, the staffing for Rain's World Tour is phenomenal.

Dago Gonzales, who is famous for his work with Britney Spears, Madonna, and Usher as a Video Director, will be working as the Video Director at Rain's World Tour.

In addition, Roy Bennet, who has worked on the MTV VMA as the lighting director, will be in charge as the lighting director at Rain's World tour.

But before the 5 months of his World Tour starts, Rain is presenting a showcase concert for free to his fans.

He is inviting about 40,000 fans to his showcase for his 4th album on October 13th at the Jam Shil Olympic Stadium. They assume that about 10,000 fans will be foreign fans from outside of Korea.

The showcase is planned to be operated the same was as his concerts for the World Tour, although the fee to enter the showcase concert is free, they will be collecting donations. The donations collected during the showcase will be given to the Art Center for the Handicapped "Beautiful Lamp". The donation will be used for the building of the center and providing support for education, culture, and religion programs that will be set up for the handicapped.

There will be donation boxes through the stadium for the attending fans to give donations, and when the showcase is aired through the TV, more donations can be given through the ARS system.

It has also been said that, Rain and his organizers are talking with the TV stations in each of the 12 countries included in the World tour to find a way to collect donations in order to give to the needy children.

StarM, which is the main organizing company for Rain's World Tour, the company's representative Lee In Gwang said "The collection of donations for the World Tour in order to raise more public awareness was an idea that Rain came up with by himself. Other than watching Rain's amazing performance, fans can add to Rain's good will by donating in order to help the needy children."

Source: from rain-usa/tokki
credits: jinlees of soompi

I'm happy to read the above article since it really gives us an idea of just how big and spectacular the concert will be. With big name personalities in the music business giving their talent to ensure that the audience will leave with a very good impression of what Rain is capable of achieving as an international arist. The only letdown for me is not seeing the Philippines in the list of countries he will go to perform. I've been excited for the past couple of months that my country is always in the list of venues for his World Tour so being excluded all of a sudden is a real bummer. Now should I have a plan B that will include travelling to another country just to catch the show?

World Tour Promo Posters

The promo poster for his upcoming World Tour is finally out verdict? I'm not liking ~ it sorry just my personal opinion.

I seriously hope he will consider a re-shoot. Ditch that Matrix like coat and do something about that hair. It lacks bigtime in sex appeal that I have come to expect from him.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Trailer MV Rain BMW Meets Truth

I'm so loving this MV, his acting has really improved leaps and bounds and JYP is a revelation too. I never knew he could emote.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Bi News - Sept. 2, 2006

02 Sep 06
Credit: viking830@Rainhk// jinlees@soompi
Ch to Eng: Rayndrop

According to "source", Jihoon's staff member said...

News No. 1: About Jihoon and Gaming
Jihoon loves gaming a lot. He goes gaming with everybody once he has time. When he wins, he'll be very happy and go around telling people with a happy look on his face. But when he loses, he'll become very quiet....

News No. 2: Jihoon and the way he eats...
The way Jihoon eats is very adorable. When he is eating, his lips are all pouty. On top of that, they're red and smeared with oil. Even food which looks unappetising in the first place becomes tempting to onlookers after they see the way Jihoon eats them.

About the new album:
Because of the new album, Jihoon usually goes to the office very early in the morning and only knocking off at 11pm...all the dance steps in his new album are newly choreographed, with a lot of new concepts. There's also Cuban dance...

About Rain and Cloud:
Rain's work is really tough, but he feels that it's all worth it for his dream and the ones who love him. Jihoon said, "If it's my dreams that brought me to this stage at the beginning, it is the clouds who love me that compels me to stay on this stage now."

About Jihoon and English:
Jihoon has been working hard at his English. He even tries to use English as much as possible when he's communicating with friends and people he works with, so his English has improved tremendously! US fans are so lucky~~~~