Thursday, February 23, 2006

Arriving in Bangkok

Finally some photos of his arrival in Bangkok. I'm getting really excited for my friends.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

His Love for Japanese Women

Sounds intriguing right? Some of the ladies in soompi just commented on how he gets along well with singer Ai and now with Aiko. I have to agree because I never seen him so relaxed in quite a long time. How I wish this was a real date for him. Those interested to view the entire video here's the link for download and I'm also posting the transcript so you understand what they are talking about.


please give a big THANKS to yumeaki of sexybi for this great translation
*When Ai steps onto the stage*

Ai: (In Korean) Annyeohaseyo. I’m reporter Ai Kobusshi. Tonight, “yoroshiku onegaishimasu” (No, I never know how to translate ‘yoroshiku’ into English. She’s speaking in Korean anyway. So some of you may understand the meaning)
Rain: (In Japanese) Onegaishimasu (Just an expression to reply back to her greeting)
Ai: Tonight, though in shame, I’m going to bring the Rain that everyone loves around Tokyo to show him the night life.
Fans: Ee~~ (Tone of dejection)
Ai: (shock expression at the tone of dejection from the crowd) No. I will definitely definitely not have any ulterior motive. Hence, please warmly send us off.
Rain: (In Japanese) Ikimashou. (Let’s go)
Ai: Let’s go.

(Next, male narrator talks about start of the night tour where Rain will go to tsukishima kawa sambashi)

Ai: What is your impression of Japan?
Rain: Because there’re many delicious food, I have a good impression of Japan.
(In Japanese) Sushi o suki desu (I like sushi)
Ai: Sushi? Ah, it is delicious. I’m also delicious.
Rain: Ee…Ah~…Sumimasen. (Yes…. Huh?... Sorry…(for his ‘non-response’?))
Ai: Today, to let Rain experience more of Japan’s atmosphere, we are coming here!

(Scene showing a River boat and narration on where the boat will go)

Ai: It’s a river boat. Do you know that?
Rain: No. Sugoi desu (No. Looks great)
Ai: It’s great. Let’s go in then!
Rain: (In Japanese) Ikimashou! (Let’s go!)

*On the boat*

Ai: What do you think of the atmosphere here?
Rain: The atmosphere is very good. This place is suitable to express love to a girlfriend here.

Ai: I can’t stop my nose bleed since yesterday.
Rain: Why?
Ai: It’s because I will be meeting Rain.
Rain: Ah… *clap* Arigatou gozamai can't reada (thanks)

Ai: The river boat is pretty right?
Rain: It’s pretty. In Korea, there is a river where you can also take a tour boat to go round the river.
The night scene in Korea is also very pretty. Next time, if you come to Korea, you must definitely take the tour boat.
Ai: Yes. Together?
Rain: (In Japanese) Hai. Wakarimai can't reada. (Ok, I understand/agree)
Ai: Happy!

(Next, Narrator talking about the two cheering to mark today’s event)

Rain: (In Japanese) bi-ru o suki desu ka? (Do you like beer?)
Ai: I like beer.
Rain: How old are you?
Ai: 21 years old
Rain: *Surprised look* …….
Ai: Eh? What’s that expression for?
Rain: You look really young.
Ai: How old do I look?
Rain: About 17 years old.
Ai: Happy!
Rain: Happy?
Ai: Happy!
*Rain brings glass towards Ai’s for a cheer*
Ai: Ah. Cheers!

(Next, narrator talks about them passing by the Rainbow Bridge and reaching Odaiba where they will have the dinner)

*food served*

Rain: (in Japanese) kore, kore wa nan desu ka? (What’s this?)
Ai: This is called “monjyayaki”
Rain: Monjyayaki?....Ah….Otsukaresamadei can't reada.
Ai: Huh? Huh? (Shocked that Rain said ‘Otsukaresamadei can't reada’. Not surprising since this is not the phrase to use at this time)

(Narrator talks about the different types of monjyayaki available and Rain chose the “mentaiko mochi monjya’ and is going to try making that)

Ai: This is Rain’s first experience in making a monjya.
Rain: This is hard.
Ai: Hard right?
Ai: Looks good….(in ‘chopping’ the mentaiko)
Rain: It’s ok?
Owner who’s teaching Rain how to cook: Done. Now pour the sauce onto it.
Ai: Are you alright? (Cos Rain looks really hot from the cooking)
Rain: (In Japanese) Daijyoubu desu. (I’m alright)

(Narrator talking about the monjyayaki being done and whether the taste will suit Rain)

Ai: Use this (the spatula) to eat like this.
Ai: It’s hot.
Ai: Please.
Rain: (In Japanese) Hai. Douzo
Ai: I start first?
Ai: It’s delicious…..the taste is good.
Rain: (In Japanese)um… oishii ne.

(Next, Narrator talking about strawberry milk monjya as the dessert next)

*Rain eating the strawberry milk monjya*

Rain: It’s really really “happy”….no, delicious. (Wanted to say Oishii (delicious) but ends up saying “Ureshii” (Happy) first)
Ai: Really delicious?
Rain: (In Japanese) Oishii desu
Ai: (In Korean) oishii yo
Rain: Correct (in saying delicious in Korean)

Ai: Please teach me other Korean words.
Rain: (in Japanese) Okane kudasai (Please give me money)
Rain: (In Korean) Tonchusei yo.
Ai: Tonchusei yo.
*Rain LAUGHS at Ai’s expression*

Ai: What type of girl does Rain like?
Rain: Appearance doesn’t really matter. It’s good if the girl has a kind heart.
Ai: Thank you.
Rain: You are pretty. (In Japanese) Anata wa ikiteru ne (you are sexy/turn-on)
Ai: Ikiteru?
Rain: Hai
Ai: I have not been called ikiteru for along time.
Ai: Because I’m just 21, I want to be called “Ikiteru”, “naui” (up-to-date) more often. However, no one call me that.
Rain: ikiteru ne, ikiteru ne, ikiteru ne.
I will tell you 10 years worth of that. Ikiteru ne, ikiteru ne
Ai: So that means that for the next 10 years, no one will call me that.
Rain: Ah…sou desu ne. (Yes. You are right)
Ai: *shocked*…..

(Narrator next talks about them going to T.G.I Friday at Roppongi and Rain ordered the “Gold Medallist” cocktail there)

*At the bar counter*
Ai: Cheers. Um…the drink is good.
Rain: I often drink cocktail.
Ai: What do you do during night time when you are free?
Rain: Watching midnight movie; Go to bar and order a cocktail.
Ai: You are the type who will go out at night?
Rain: I often go out during night time.
Ai: Today’s a good night.
Rain: (In Japanese) Hai. Sou desu ne. (Yes. You are right)
Ai: Happy because I’m here.
Rain: Really happy.
Ai: Really Happy.
Rain: Tonchu sei yo
Ai: Tonchu sei yo
Rain: *LAUGH*

Ai: Do you have any dream for the future?
Rain: To study more about Japan and then to spread the excellence of Korean and Japanese culture to the world. Thereafter, to show more of Asia’s excellence.
Ai: Rain. I hold you in high esteem.

(Next, Narrator talks about the performance show in TGIF where Masaya and Zen displays their juggling skills in concocting cocktail)

Rain and Ai: Sugoi desu ne.
Ai: Are you interested in this kind of performance?
Rain: (In Japanese) kakko ii desu (It’s cool)

Narattor: A cocktail will be made for Rain. Rain’s request is?

Rain: Like the new single “Sad Tango”, I would like a red, sour taste long cocktail to be concocted.

Bartender, Zen: Ok. First, this is a passimon liquor. Because this is a passion liquor, the color will be red.

(Narrator next talking about the ingredients used in the liquor and how the bartender is juggling the glass)

Bartender: Next…..shake this.
*Rain shaking the container*
Ai: Ii desu ne, Kakko ii desu ne (Looks good. Looks cool)

(Narrator talking about the cocktail “Sad Tango” available at TGIF until Feb 17 and customers who quote that they know about this cocktail through this television program will get 10% discount off their bill)

Rain: (In Japanese) Kyou wa ureshii desu, tanoshii desu, otsukaresama dei can't reada. (Today is happy and fun. You have worked hard today)
Ai: How is Ai kobusshi?
Rain: Seeing that you work hard to make me happy, I’m really grateful for that.
Ai: Fans. Please do not forget that I really have no other ulterior motive.

*Back to studio*

credit:yumeaki of Sexybi

Monday, February 20, 2006

Our Pre-BKK Send-Off Party

Originally uploaded by marissa_p.
It's a few days to go before Rainy Day Bangkok and we can't let Flor go without a proper Voltes 5 send-off. Click on the photos to see more and check out my other blog for a short story of our happening.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Pantech Shoot in Shanghai

Everyone whose a fan already knows that Bi is now is Shanghai to shoot for a Pantech CF. His trip was been a hot topic for more reasons than one. From his supposedly snubbing for fans who waited for 5 hours at the airport which I will no longer waste space because Pau already made a good one about it. To the hair style he's sporting in the shoot. Hey, I'm digging it after all I'm as 80's gal too!

I'm happy that he was able to explore the city on his own and even hailed a cab on his way back to the hotel. Yesterday being the Lantern Festival in China, he had fun lighting some firecrackers but was later freightened by all the noise. So no Filipino New Year for you? Too bad, it's one of the merriest time here.

Since he's still under the weather plus a very hectic schedule, I'm really hoping that he can muster enough enery to give my girlfriends who will go to BKK a trip to remember. Fighting!!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's My Friends!

To the lovely people who finds time to check out my page,
I wish you all a life filled with true love and
Here's wishing you can give the love back to those who needs it the most.
Happy Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Finally A Voice of Calm and Reason

JYP's message to Cloud members

Last week, the greatest storm in my life hit me.
"Rain marches into US, Korean wave hits US"

One year ago, I successfully entered the US market by getting involved in the production of Mase and Will Smith’s albums. But how did things get blown up like that now?
Come to think of it, it's the influence of the US media.
We worship the opinions of the US media, even more than the Americans themselves.
During our long period of hard work, the US entertainment media can release some factual news about Rain.
But the performance this time is not for the US media. Nor is it for the US public.
The concert was meant for Rain's fans and some record companies in the US.
The people in these record companies all know about Rain’s songs, dance, and some of the music he has done in the states.
They've heard Rain’s CD, and have seen his music video and concert DVD.
These are the people who invited me to work with their artistes in the area of music creation
They also have a clear idea of the kind of music Rain and I plan to develop in the US in future.

P.Diddy’s record company, PAPPER Mase, has bought a song that I've composed for his album.
They've also added some featuring to the song I composed for Omarion, and expressed positive interests in my music.
JOJO has also bought one of my songs for his next album.
Omarion has completed recording one of my song, and has requested me to write two more songs for him.
Their record companies know my songs and have bought several of my compositions.
Jive record company also entrusted me with production of the album for their 4-member pop group "Deep Side".

It seems like these people in the record companies are not affected by the US news reports.
They are no longer concerned about the articles written by the US media.
There are only two things on their mind

1. They want to see Rain in the flesh, to experience his LIVE performance and his popularity
2. They want to know how serious is Rain into learning English

After the concert, their response was that Rain possessed the charisma and style of a megastar.

Certainly, there are many areas where Rain will still need to improve on. However, they were very impressed by how hard he tries to use and learn English.

We're not ignoring the opinions of the US media, but we are concern about Cloud members who are worried for us with regards to this matter.

So I'm telling everyone now, please don’t worry about us.

Lastly, no matter how huge this matter blows up, we will not let the fans down.
I want to thank Rain, and tell him how proud I am of him.
Rain often tells me, "between the two of us, one of us will surely collapse soon."
But I tell Rain, "this is not the time to collapse yet. Hold on! We must hold on!!"



credit jinlees@soompi
Kr to Ch: Rainchina
Ch to Eng: Rayndrop


I've read a lot of comments and angry retorts from Rain fans in various boards I visit in response to the negative reviews for It's Raining" in MSG. Some even went as far as writing the critics but in my opinion there is truth to some of the things written. I'm relieved that finally JYP has decided to post the above-mentioned message. I know it a long, hard journey if they really want to make it big and catch the attention of the american public but reading between the lines, they are willing to take the challenge.

I'm looking forward to his next album and will continue to support the artist that I came to love ----RAIN----

Friday, February 03, 2006

Rainy Day New York - Day 1

Thank God for small miracles, my ISP finally allowed me to log on to soompi just when the news about his concert started filtering in. Hugs to cecilia for keeping her phone open so that Karen and Rizza can do a live relay of what's happening inside. By all accounts the first day was a success. I'm still waiting for reports to come in from newspapers but in the meantime here are some pics (have to find an album hosting soon).

The facade of MSG with the billboard announcing the details for the concert (note: sold out)

The entrance gate

The concert hall waiting to be filled.

Some awesome shots from the concert.

Tonights gf for the night looks cute but the more newsworthy part is that he gave her a peck on the cheeks and a hug. Everyone who ever saw clips of his concert will know that this is a first.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Presscon Pics For His MSG Concert

The "I'm pretending to smile" look.

Batman and Robin, my heroes!

Can you come to my concert? Bu.... please buy the ticket (said with a twang).

Bi thinking, "Oops, did I say that right" (never mind your so cute)