Thursday, April 20, 2006

Rain on Time Magazine Poll

Rain is doing us proud again by being included as a nominee of this week's Time Magazine Poll on the Most Influential People in the entertainment industry. With such distinguised people included in the list like U.S. actors George Clooney, Clint Eastwood and Philip Seymour Hoffman, talk show host Jon Stewart, singers Kanye West and Daddy Yankee, and writer J.K. Rowling, who created “Harry Potter" I feel it's already an honor and I won't feel bad if he will not win. I'm not saying I'm not voting because I do but I won't feel bad if he will not get the top position. You can read more about it here

Sunday, April 16, 2006

A Beautiful Easter

Wishing you bright spring sunlight,
Wishing you sparkling fresh moments,
And many beautiful memories.
Happy Easter everyone!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

News of Rain in Korea 08 Apr 06

Credit: ca0825@biwithrain/jinlees@soompi
Ch to Eng: Rayndrop

Discreetly talk about Rain's schedule for a bit
The need to be low-key is because info is not allowed to be transferred out from Cloud Japan
So I haven't been able to put up some recent news on the happenings lately
So simply said, and in a very, very low-key manner
Here's some news of what Rain's been busy with other than filming
I'm going to clean my sweat a little from doing this bad deed

***About PV shooting for his 2nd Japanese single---

Filming for 2nd Japanese single starts. Location: Rural area of Seoul. On the afternoon of 4th April, Rain gathers with his dancers there for the filming. The director filming this PV is the same one who filmed the Pantech commercial. The PV filming came to an end on 5th April, 5am

The new song is of a completely new style. It's fast and upbeat, and the dance-steps are never seen before. According to sources, the dance is so good, the staff onsite who were dozing off all woke up suddenly in surprise, all sleepiness driven away...

Image for the PV this time is based on pure white and pure black. The PV for this new song is completely different from Sad Tango. It is heard that Rain's smile could be seen from the beginning till the end, and the gentle atmosphere gives everybody a happy and satisfied feeling.

Please support Rain's new Japanese single!

***Regarding the AFLAC filming

This commercial was filmed in March at Chiba-Ken, and Chiba-ken is really cold in March. Because the commercial was trying to express the feel of Spring, so it was neccessary to wear Spring season clothings, making the filming process more tedious for Rain.

The funny part was the staff said to Rain with a friendly smile, "we'll have the rain effect further in front of you so Rain will not get wet, please do not worry". In the end during the shoot, the wind was so strong, all the rainwater flew straight into Rain's face. And Rain, who was concentrating on his acting, did not dodge at all. On the contrary, it was his manager and the make-up artiste standing at the side who panicked. Thereafter, there were many retakes, but since nature cannot be controlled, Rain continued his acting in the bitter cold wind

And there's something else which touched me:

The duck in the commercial, that little toy, the youngest staff who was a stylist didn't get one, so Rain secretly gave his to the stylist after the shooting. This is the endearing side of Rain as an oppa and a senior.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Latest Update on Rain

latest news from korean cloud youjin...April, 5th
translated from korean to english by mayumi
and posted by jinlees @soompi

Rain's work is under wraps. he doesn't appear in front of TV or media recently. He's is now working in Busan, but the security is very tight, cloud members couldn't get any news. We only hear rumors that he is working in this and that place..

31 Mar

A korean cloud member saw Rain at a beauty salon (she's a staff there). She said that Rain came with 2 other guys from JYPE. The 2 guys went for haircut on the 1st level while Rain went to the 2nd level for his haircut. As the hairstyle is a secret, she doesn't know how he looks after that. Tthere was a report today from JYPE that Rain's hairstyle isn't the one in the group photo (thank you Lord).

News from a cloud member who stays in Busan. R ain and his Manager went to a seaside restaurant at Busan to eat sashimi. Koreans like to eat sashimi and most will eat that whenever they go to the seaside. The best wine to go with sashimi is soju. Seems that Rain saw a new brand of soju and drank that very happily.

April 4

Saw the news report from JYPE. Rain is now in the studios in Seoul, will be going to Busan to continue his filming on the 5th. So he in seoul now, no wonder, it's raining the whole day today.

A very thrifty Rain.

I heard it from the radio and it's very funny. On 23 March, the guest for the program was Boom, (a korean vj who's very humorous).

He said that he and Rain were both from Anyang High School. Wwhen they were schooling, both were going thru hard times. At that time, Rain was already a member of dance group fan club while Boom was a member of another dance group. As they were both sitting at the same table in class, their relationship is quite close.

After graduation, Boom was going thru a desperate period while Rrain is getting more popular and becoming a big star. one day, Rain told him -> i've been looking for you.

Rain also said, for friendship sake let me give u a treat. Boom said that it wounded his pride at that time, but he missed his friend and also he is looking forward to the sumptious dinner.

So together with 3 other friends, Boom went to a certain high class restaurant & bar in Seoul to wait for Rain.

Aat that time, a Benz stopped in front of them, Rain wound down the car window and asked them to hop in so they went in and chatted.

Rain drove and brought them to a "meat and vegie" restaurant. Boom and his friends thought, "wow, a sumptious dinner tonite!" but then, they realise that the main dish was pork not beef! and it only cost $3000 won per person.

Actually, it's not easy to find a cheap restaurant near that class high restaurant. The average cost is around $6000-8000 but Rain is so resourceful and cute. He was aroud 20 yrs old at that time. Cheaper restaurants are normally near universities so it's really not easy to find a restaurant that sells pork at only $3000 won.

That time they were a bit disappointed but Rain was clueless about that. He smilingly told them, "it's my treat, eat up"...

When the DJ heard the story, he smiled.. just imagine the scene, it's so cute!!!

Boom also told the dj another story. When they were shopping at Dongdamun, Rain will definitely carry a small notebook and write down the price of each shop. He will only buy the clothes after comparing which shop is the cheapest. So because of this, Boom was also able to buy cheaper clothes.

That dj is also close to Rain. She said that Rain's thriftiness is famous in the entertainment scene. Because he has been thru hardships, he is careful about how he spends every single cent. but he is not a stingy person, pls don't misunderstand

Monday, April 03, 2006

Rain On A PSP Game

Bandai will release a PSP softgame of Asia's No.1 Korean R&B singer "Rain(Bi)". The PSP (Playstation Portable) game is titled "RAIN WONDER TRIP". (Limited Edition : 9980 Yen, estimate,tax included, Normal edition : 6090 Yen, estimate, tax included) It's scheduled to be release in early July 2006 & on sale simultaneously in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc.

'Rain Wonder Trip' will allow the player to feel Rain's charisma as a singer and an actor with his video clips and the game will start with the player going out into town to have some fun with Rain! There also will be a section called 'Shop Shop RAIN' and 'I do theatre'. The will have 5 different channels for the the player to enjoy Rain's video clips, songs and many informations about Rain.