Wednesday, March 21, 2007

At The Hong Kong Film Festival

Rain at the Press Conference for his movie I'm A Cyborg at the Hong Kong Film Festival yesterday.

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Rain for Nikon

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Taiwan Concert News

Rain will go to Taiwan on 31st March for his 2006/07 Rain’s Coming World Tour concert. The tickets, price range from NT$ 800 to NT$ 6,000, is scheduled to be on sale next week. The venue will be at Taoyuan County Stadium, Taoyuan county. The organiser has planned to open two-third of the stadium and is targetting 25,000 people to attend this concert.
Rain will probably stay in Taiwan for 5 days - 28th March will have a press conference, rehearsals until the actual concert day (31st March). And he will include a secret guest for his concert in Taiwan. The organiser will also donate some of the ticket sales to charity.

credit: blossomblue of Rain's soompi thread

Cyborg Will Be Screened In Vietnam

VietNamNet Bridge – Cinema-goers in town will have a chance to see the well-known Korean pop star, Bi-Rain, in the romantic comedy film 'I'm a Cyborg but that's OK' which will screen in HCMC on March 16.

The film tells about a girl who thinks she is a cyborg and is admitted into a mental hospital, a shelter for people who have had an unfortunate childhood or been shocked by a tragic accident. In the hospital she falls in love with another patient who is a kleptomaniac.

The film is directed by Park Chan-Wook. Actress Im Soo-Jung has been cast in the role of the cyborg girl and Jeong Ji Hun (Bi-Rain) plays the part of the man with kleptomania.

The film will be screened at the following cinemas in HCMC:

Galaxy: 116 Nguyen Du Street, Dist.1;

Thang Long: 19 Cao Thang Street, Dist.3;

Toan Thang: 102 Chau Van Liem Street, Dist.11;

Dong Da: 286 Le Hong Phong Street, Dist.5;

Tan Son Nhat: 186 Nguyen Van Troi Street in Tan Binh District.

(Source: SGT)
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Monday, March 12, 2007

World Tour - Vietnam Concert

I just got back from reading about what happened in his concert in Vietnam. From the photos of his arrival to his tour of the streets and the presscon, I have a feeling the Rain enjoyed his stay there.

I just finished checking the fan accounts of the concert last weekend and I had mixed feelings about it. According to accounts the first night was half full even if the concert producers lowered the prices of the concert ticket. Some say it's because the ticket price is way beyond the budget of his local fans. Although the second night was more successful in terms of attendance it was mainly attributed to the free tickets given to sponsors of the concert. I just hope those free tickets were given to Rain fans who can't afford the tickets but were dying to see him perform. The venue was big and having two concerts may be too much of an expectation.

What made me sad and from what I gathered also made Rain sad, was the fact that people started leaving the venue even before Rain finished his last two songs. According to those present during the concert the reason why people left early is because it's hard to get public transportation in the area. While others jostled for positions backstage so they can see him up close. But if you paid your hard earned money to someone who is giving you a performance worth every cent then it's but natural to get the most out of it. Rain is well known to give encore performances if his audience ask for it. But then again, maybe it's their culture to seek artist leaving concert venues but I would have been better if Rain was advised to expect such situation.

But most importantly, it's disheartening for any artist who gives his all in his concert and have his audience leave before he even finishes. It's like saying to the artist that the concert was not worth it and his performance below your expectations.

I know his Vietnamese fans love him and respect him and that the actions of some is not reflective of the entire country. Let's just hope there will be no repeat of such incident if he ever comes to Vietnam to perform again.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

3 More Hours Before Rain Hits Vietnam

The concert venue:

source: rainvietnam
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Bi-Rain: I will ride a motorbike to a “PHO” restaurant

Rain at a press conference held at the New World Hotel in HCM City.

VietNamNet Bridge – Bi-Rain talked with Tuoi Tre Newspaper on the occasion of coming to Vietnam for his liveshow “Rain’s coming” in HCM City on March 10-11.

What is the happiest thing happening to you in your world tour “Rain’s coming”? And what tires you the most?

The happiest thing to me is to meet fans from all over the world and see the warm feelings they have for me during the tour.

Arriving in Vietnam, I was touched to see young fans waiting for me at the airport in the middle of the night. I have just walked out of New World Hotel to say hi to hundreds of young fans waiting for me on the street for the whole afternoon. And perhaps having to travel too much has been tiring me.

The two Hollywood stars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie rode on a motorbike to see HCM City. Do you plan to do so too?

If I have any free time, I will certainly ride a motorbike to a pho restaurant in Saigon. I absolutely have no worry about doing such an interesting thing.

If you’re invited to be Vietnam’s tourism ambassador, will you be willing to introduce Vietnam to people in the Republic of Korea, Asia and the US?

I’m willing to talk about your country. I consider my trip a chance for me to learn many things.

So what will you say about Vietnam?

I’ll say,”Vietnam makes a lot of good impressions on me. The Vietnamese traditional dress and cone hat for women are very beautiful. And this country’s cuisine is great with many excellent dishes.”

Where does your success come from? What should the young people who dream of becoming a star like you do in order to succeed?

I think that in order to succeed, you have to try your best in your work. You must believe that it is you who are best in what you’re doing.

What are the three most important things in your life?

They are to love myself, to love my family and to have good relationships with people around me.

What made you want to organize the Rain’s Coming world tour?

The American musical market is the centre of the world. But I think Asia has its own cultural features. We can conquer the world with our cultures. The purpose of my world tour is to introduce to the world the beauty of Asian music. I also want to bring to my fans an impressive and unforgettable programme.

Why did you want to be a World Vision ambassador to help AIDS patients?

I’m a small person who doesn’t know what to do to help AIDS patients. Through my songs, I hope to ease their pain.

Why did you choose an angel’s wings as the symbol of your Rain’s Coming tour?

Through the image of an angel soaring, I want to send the message that peace always defeats war. The world in which we’re living always hopes for peace.

(Source: Tuoi Tre)
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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Vietnam Get Ready To Be Drenched by RAIN!

Rain arrived at Tan Son Nhat Airport, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam last night at around 10:30pm for a series concert and was welcomed by about 500 fans at the VIP entrance.

I do hope more people can watch him perform especially now that the concert producers decided to sell discounted tickets. And to my blog readers who will watch the concert, please share your experience with us here.

photo credit: fenomeno of rainvietnam

Monday, March 05, 2007

Photos from the Fan Meet

Rain had a very good time during the fan meet and we has all smiles in most of the photos. Saving some here for posterity.

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Tidbits from the Fan Meeting

1. Jihoon was really happy today. He laughed from his heart.

2. Received many presents, mini-bike, electronic organ, wallet, toys...
Organ was from Benamoo. Jihoon was a little taken aback. Did not expect so many expensive gifts. He was really happy.

3. Our adorable mister said he likes wearing tight underwear. Because of his vigorous dancing, he needs more protection. Everybody broke their back laughing at that one.

4. Said his reasons for existence were his children, his family, his collegues, his fans, and food! Delicious food!
Said he loved delicious food too much, and wanted to spend his life tasting delicacies from all over the world.

5. When Jihoon was cutting the cake, Jaedong asked him how old was he. He said in a child-like voice, "5!". Then he turned red. Cute!!

6. Jihoon described how fans from all over the world address him: Local and Taiwan fans go "Rain!" The voice is a little loud and rough. Japan fans go "Jihoon-ni~~!" in a soft and gentle voice. Then he said local fans are so full of vitality, and the China fans shouted his name loudly from behind too (Very energised too!)

7. When fans were performing, the Taiwan fans performed "I'm Coming". One fan wore his face mask, and that tickled Jihoon a lot. The girl in the middle danced really well. Jihoon noticed her a lot and then said, "fantastic!"

8. During the performance, they imitated Jihoon's Singapore interview with a spoon. Jihoon ran to the back of the stage and laughed.

9. A Singapore fan wrote a letter, saying that she's a loyal fan. She wishes him happiness forever and will always supports him.
The content is something like that, but her Korean was a little harsh. Especially her use of "loyal" and "support".

Credit: CloudChina | Jinlees@soompi
Ch to Eng: rayndrop of soompi

Rain Glazes Over Slanderous Report With A Smile

With regards to the rude and arrogant Singapore report, "World Star" Rain adopted a maganimous attitude and glazes over it with a smile. Rain held a press conference in Seoul this afternoon for his '07 Meeting of Rain's Fans event. Not long after the commencement of the press conference, Rain revealed, "I've seen similar reports in the internet. These reports which are based on twisted facts are meant to stir up trouble. Those people do not give objective reports, but simply criticise and give negative reviews because the subject is a Korean." Rain also said, "Replying to those malicious reports will only end up giving me a headache. Working hard and showing the public my potential is my best answer to these reports. Many Korean artistes have developed bad reputations because of these malicious reports. The best way is still to glaze over it with a smile." He further added "I want to attain better results and show those them."

04 March 07, Sina Entertainment | Mydaily News
Kr to Ch: blueberry@biwithrain
Ch to Kr: rayndrop @ RainSingapore

Some of you may wonder what this is all about, there was a previous article that came out in Singapore claiming that Rain acted arrogantly during his arrival for his Singapore concert by refusing to line up at the immigration counter and made complaints about security and food in the hotel where he stayed. I'm glad he is taking it all in stride and I know he will not take it against his Singapore family.

Rain Pours Out to Fans

K-pop star Rain met with 3,000 fans from 20 countries during a special fan meeting event held at the Weight Lifting Stadium in the Olympic Park, southern Seoul on Sunday. The meeting titled "Rain's Friend _ '07 Meeting of Rain's Fans" gave the pop star an opportunity to become closer with members from his fan club. During the meeting hosted by popular MC Kim Je-dong, Rain spoke candidly about his life and career, much to the delight of his fans. Fans were allowed to ask Rain some questions. One fan asked how he felt about the negative comments and rumors about him circulating on the Internet. Rain said anyone can be hurt by bad comments, but he sees this as a strong motivation to work harder and prove his detractors wrong. Rain also talked about the five reasons for his existence _ first, the hope of having a daughter that resembles his future wife, not him; second, to give happiness to his family, who went through tough times; third, for his mentor Park Jin-young, staff and close friends who support him; fourth, his fans and fifth, food. When asked about his ideal type of woman, Rain said he is attracted to a pretty face, knockout figure and a good personality. He said that if he has a chance, he wants to get married as soon as possible and have three children. Around 3,000 fans from Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, the United States and the United Kingdom attended the event.

Source: The Korea Times/