Thursday, November 30, 2006

2nd Trailer of I'm A Cyborg With English Subtitle

Rain world tour in Bangkok Poster

NEW LG Xnote official Gif

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

06.11.27 Rain's message on Joyplace, at 22:17

How's everyone doing? I'm Jihun~~ In these days, does everybody doing well? I'm Jihun... In this extremely busy period, the weather turned cold... Hope there's noone in our family get cold and suffer for it, okie? You get cold? Well~~ Come! Let me fight against it for you ^^ Now, the publicity activities for 4th album are over All the fans I'm proud with and stay with me until now It's because of you, I can decide and I'm determined to work harder and spend more efforts, that's why I can go on until today. I always appreciate you all, you know about it, right? Soon, the world tour is going to begin with many supports, so you'll come to see me ya? I'm working on to let everyone watch my best Please wait patiently... I'll run to you all shortly ^^ Oh ya! My debut movie will be shown soon Hope you all can support.... ^^; Here, I sincerely pray everyone who loves me stays healthy and happy Alright, for the sake of everybody's health, 아자아자 화이팅~~!!!*^^*

Chi translation by wwrain@Baidu RAIN bar
Eng translation by jjbug@rain-malaysia

Monday, November 27, 2006

Rain wins Best Male Solo Award at MKMF!!

Congratulations Rain for winning the Best Male Solo Artist Award from last Saturday's MKMF Awards. Too bad he was not present to personally thank those who supported him but his good friend MC Mong accepted the award on his behalf.

credits: Photos from newsen

Friday, November 24, 2006

Increasing overseas ticket selling!, for Seoul "I'm Coming"

The demand for concert tickets in Seoul was ncreased drastically, especially among overseas fans!

According to the representative of NetWorkLine (Seoul concert organiser), "Considering the benefits of Korean fans, we are quite conservative in overseas ticketing... However, we can't keep these overseas fans waiting so long since they kept on calling about Seoul concerts. Thus, the call & service centre was quite busy with overseas enquiries starting from Nov 21..."

Even though Rain's world tour is going to cover some countries, overseas fans also showed great interest in the first concert - Seoul concerts.

Rain who is probably still practising in USA, expressed his happiness after hearing this news "I really wanna thank Asian fans for their supports, and I'll work harder to perform the best on stage."

Rain's Seoul concerts will be held on Dec 15 & 16 at Jamsil Olympia stadium.

Source: Innolife
Translation by jjbug@rain-malaysia+tyty6 7 of soompi

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Self-directed drama by Rain? No, it's a big loss to him!

Singer RAIN has expressed his decision to take legal action against those involved in the spreading of his unreleased new song. With regards to the comments from internet "This is just a self-directed drama..." "They just wanna make up some news", Rain's entertainment agency JYPE has denied these comments and said they are ridiculous!

Other than overseas websites, this song is also widely spread around most famous Korean websites. This is a duet song between Rain and Omarion, a famous American R&B singer.

From a telephone interview with JYPE spokesman on Nov 21, "It was like a precious being stolen from us, how can people say 'they purposely want to bring up news'? Rain and Omarion both experienced losses... This song is composed by Park Jinyoung, even great singer like Chris Brown is deeply impressed by his talent! An artistry work between Eastern and Western genius is simply wasted like this... Originally, we plan to produce this song as an international single, as well as filming MV. Also we intend to include this song in Rain's next album or sell to USA pop singers... Yet now everything is gone.. "

So far, JYPE determined that the master copy might be released accidentally in foreign countries, and they are now tracing the possible exposure channels of master copy. Meanwhile, JYPE also issued official investigation document to the related personnels (from Sony BMG and TUG) that handled master copy.

Source: Innolife
Up by mandy@rainhk
Translation by jjbug

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Director Park: Drenched by the Rain

19 Nov 06, Chosun Sports
Kr to Ch: wwrain
Ch to Eng: rayndrop

Jihoon in Director Park's eyes:

1. Carefree
2. No vices
3. No secrets
4. Down-to-earth
5. Smart with fast reflex
6. Great acting skills

When the movie "Cyborg" was about to show, Director Park Chan Wook kept smiling. This is not his first his first or second movie, but this time, it feels like he's awarded with a special prize. That's because the censorship board rated this movie as "12 and above". Director Park has been working hard to make this a movie which fathers can take their daughters to. In the past, he had believed that "Sympathy for Lady Vengence" would be rated 15 and above, but he was dealt with a blow. So this time, it's double joy for him. To Director Park, this is a new challenge - his first attempt to film a movie with a youthful theme, and at the same time, it's Rain (Jeong Jihoon)'s first big-screen movie....(omitted)

Q: This time, the participation of Rain attracted much attraction. How did you two first meet?

park: I got to know about Rain through Park Jinyoung. Once, when we were having dinner with some other people, Park Jinyoung started handing out CDs, one for each person. The CD says "Rain". I thought it was the name of the featured song. Later, I learnt that it was the name of the singer, and I thought, "What a strange name." I think it was the time he made his debut and was starting his promotional activities.

Q: How did you first discover Rain's acting skills?

Park: During one of the movie award ceremony, I saw him dancing with Lee Hyori. You could tell the kind of vitality he possesses. He doesn't just dance well, but has a showmanship like that of Michael Jackson. You could easily imagine him in a movie. During the ceremony, I saw the looks and unwavering attention the actresses were giving him, and I thought, "He is a charismatic youth indeed!" But at that time, I thought, "When can we work together? I guess the possibility is not great..." So I let it go at that...

Q: How fated are you and Rain?

Park: During the sound dubbing for "Sympathy for Lady Vengence", Rain came to visit our production team. After work, we went for a drink together. We had drinks together again during the VIP movie premier. Because Sung Kang-ho and Chol Min-chi like him a lot, so I unconsciously, I trusted him too. At first when I was preparing to film a movie with youthful theme, my mind was all filled with images of Rain. I didn't have time to go think about other actors. It's exactly the same case when I was filming "Sympathy for Lady Vengence". The first person I thought of was Lee Young-ae.

Q: Now that you know Rain, what do you think of this person?

Park: Carefree, no vices, no hidden secrets, very down-to-earth. He's exactly who he is when you see him normally. There's no feeling of a dark, hidden side. His character is uniform inside-out. I want to let all these show through the movie.

Q: How's Rain as an actor?

Park: He can feel very well. In acting, it is very important to be able to grasp the moments. Because he is very smart, he understands what I tell him very quickly, and can express the things I want.

Q: What's the story behind choosing Im Soo Jung as Rain's co-actress?

Park: Rain suggested it. He said he hopes for Im Soo Jung to take up this role. I naturally agree with him.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A Walk For The Love Of Rain

We finally got the Eternal Rain posters promised by MCA Music last Tuesday and we (Cloud Ph members) decided to post some posters of his Eternal Rain album in the korean establishments in the area that is known as "Little Korea" of Makati.

Meeting place was at Mc Donalds Jupiter so we can distribute posters to those we bought their album without the free poster. After an hour we went started our walk in groups of two.

We went and talked to the owners of internet cafe's, korean restaurants, grocery stores, video rental shops and karaoke bars to request that they allow the poster of Rain to be placed in the facade of their stores.

It was a long tiring walk but with friends around to keep you company, it was all worth it.

Till next time ladies and gentleman.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Rain is going to proclaim war against the illegal ticket selling!

According to NetWorkLive's annoucement on Nov 17, they will sue the persons involved in illegal ticket selling or entering the concert hall using illegal tickets. NetWorkLive is the organiser of Seoul concerts at Jamsil Olympia stadium on Dec 15 & 16. In the first round of ticket booking on Nov 2, all 10,000 tickets were sold out shortly. The server of ticketing even went down within 3 minutes!

Although there's no high price illegal ticket so far, they are worry that some people may resell the concert tickets to fans at unreasonably high price, especially those who are not able to buy ticket in the second round of ticketing on Nov 20, 4pm.

In fact, the free tickets for Rain's Showcase on Oct 13 were also sold at 250,000 Won to fans through internet.

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Translation by jjbug@rain-malaysia

Friday, November 17, 2006

Bi-Kyo Shippers Are Now In Cloud 9

News about Rain bringing a kimbap/lunch box which he especially made for Song Hye-Kyo at the shooting of her latest movie Hwangjini is spreading like wild fire. Rain arrived at around 11:00pm last November 10 while everyone at the filming site was eating snacks. As expeced everyone was surprised by his visit specially the girls who were there were envious of SHG. As a sign of appreciation and thank's SHG accompany Rain to the parking lot.

Of course reactions are mixed, some of us who've been waiting for the confirmation of their relationship are now jumping for joy that he is slowly, slowly testing the waters. But there will be fans who will take this a just a ploy to promote Hye-kyo's movie or dismiss it as just a friends casual visit to a previous co-star. Whatever! Nobody can rain on my parade ~ la la la la la

Actor Rain

In his latest film, director Park Chan-wook has chosen love as his subject matter instead of his usual theme of revenge. The main actor of the film, Jeong Ji-hoon, also known as "Rain," also made an interesting choice: film instead of TV soap operas. His film debut is drawing a lot of attention. The movie has not yet been released, so his performance in the movie will be judged later. But after a four year TV career as a singer and an actor, his screen debut as the main actor of "I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK" directed by Park is stimulating the curiosity of movie-goers. He may have felt pressure, expectations, and challenge. But when he was interviewed, what he mentioned first was about how great director Park was. "What do I think about Park? He is the consummate Korean movie director. Many people asked me about the pressure, but I was just grateful for this opportunity. That was all I felt during the shooting. As you may know Park is really kind and gentle. He didn't criticize me much and I had fun." The first thing he had to do as a film actor was to forget his persona as a singer "Rain." The first thing he had to do for the role was to shake off the image of pop star Rain. He played a role as deranged Park Il-soon and had to hide his voluptuous muscular body beneath a baggy patient gown in the movie. His messy hair also expressed the extraordinary character he played, similar to the way actress Kang Hye-jeong did when she was featured in the movie "Welcome to Dongmakgol." He learned to yodel from singer Seo Young-rul to sink into his role as one who mimics others’ talents, like yodeling and playing ping-pong. Given this, it is not like he gained his film opportunity for nothing. What else did he do for the movie? He answered properly as usual. "It is not like I got the idea from other films or novels. I was just immersed in the role. I was Park Il-soon, not Jung Ji-hoon, during the shooting. That’s how I forgot my ego as a singer." He said he had no accidents or funny incidents during the shooting. The atmosphere was so quiet that it made him feel confused whether he was on the movie set. But he said he only had pleasant memories. He almost seemed to murmur like Park Il-soon, "I am a new comer, but I was OK."

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Rain And The Year-End Daesang Awards

Those who are into k-pop are eagerly anticipating the various Music Awards given at the end of the year. Winning the much coveted "Daesang" or Artist of the Year is every singers dream and fans go all out in supporting their favorites. From buying original cds and dvd's in Korea so they can be counted in the total sales necessary to be nominated in the awards to voting 24/7 once the links to people's choice are posted in various music awards website. It's a frenzy and I should know because I've been voting too.

But last week accusations have been thrown against one of the biggest if not the biggest management company in Korea for vote buying to rigging the online polls. It's now causing some supporters of other artists also nominated in the awards to bombard the award giving bodies with calls and letters expressing their anger and protest. And what I find surprising in all of these is the fact that a lot of the fans of the boyband are also against the management company. They want their idols to win fair and square with to cloud of doubt hanging on their heads.

Now news of major stars like our own Rain, Seven, Boa and even Shinhwa not attending the awards are making news. How boring will it be if all my fave's will not be there to receive their awards just in case they won.

I guess it's a wake-up call for them to clean their acts and I'm still hoping that Rain and his 4th album will get recognized.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

14/11 Message From Rain

Credit: // biwithrain // RainSingapore
Kr to Ch: Natsuki@biwithrain
Ch to Eng: Rayndrop

Hi ~~~ everybody...^^

I'm Jihoon

Long time no see, dropping a note of hello

Have my Clouds been well?

It looks like winter has really arrived

It's really cold, huh? Put on more warm clothes...

Don't catch a cold~~health is very important...understand??^^

Recently, I've been leading a very busy life

Going on variety shows, preparing for my movie which is soon to premier, and preparing for my concert...

Because I'll like everybody to see my desire to perform better...

Please anticipate...

Just like how I'm putting my heart into the preparation,

I hope everybody is living life to the fullest whethere in school, at home or at work

Students in the third year of high school...I hope you achieve good results as what I anticipate

Don't be nervous, maximise your potential...understand?

Although I cannot greet everybody regularly

My heart will always be with you, got it?

Everybody who has been loving me,

I will always pray that every every one of you are happy.

Everybody, Fighting~!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

There is a 'somebody' in Rain's heart!!

According to Korean online media MyDaily, Rain did mention that he would like to kiss with his beloved on Christmas. And also, he revealed that he has someone in his mind!!

Rain attended KBS 2TV which was released on Nov 14 at 11.05pm. In this programme he mentioned that "I have someone in my mind, but haven't told her yet... I'm prepared to love someone but always lack of courage to tell..."

He continued, "If I have a girlfriend, I would like to go shopping with her, buying some clothes. In the evening, watching the beautiful night scenes with her, and enjoy a wonderful dinner..." He really wished to enjoy normal dating like others.

"I heard that there's a place in Seoul (around Ming Dong area) will switch off all lights so that couples can kiss there... I would like to try..." Before he said more, a singer commented, "Go there in this Christmas and you can kiss with Rain..." Immediately the audience laughed~~

Translation: jjbug@rain-malaysia

Sidenote: I would be happy if he finally reveals that he's inlove for me and my friends already had an inkling about it for a long time now. But I guess he forgot that he won't be in Korea on Christmas eve, he'll be in Las Vegas for his concert ~ lol

Monday, November 13, 2006

Up In The Cloud!

We just had our very first "Cloud Philippines" fan event last Saturday, November 11, 2006 and YES it was a success! Thank you to those who attended the event, it was nice to see new faces and of course it was a joy to be in a room with people you have already known from all those meetings we had two months back.

Oh my vegetable!!! Lai and Charity were such great host that we kept laughing the whole time they facilitated the games and games. Now ladies you have to brush up on your english and japanese so you won't complain of having nosebleed from translating your spiels.

Charity making a dramatic entrance, nice hat bestfriend!

Lai and Charity laughing at their own jokes.

I know we only have a week to rest our minds and bodies before preparing for the next fan event but if the crowd is as fun and appreciate as the ones who came, I'll say bring it on!!!

Just one of the groups who was at the event.

credits to Pau for the photos

Friday, November 10, 2006

Bi (Rain) Jung Ji Hoon, "Filled with a message of hope"

Director Park Chan Wook's newest film 'Cyborg, but okay' (Moho Film Production) held a production press conference at the Seoul Imperial Palace Hotel on the 9th.

This is the first film that fulfilled Director Park's wish of directing a melodrama movie. The genre is also a romantic comedy. The overall plot and expressions have gotten much brighter compared to his previous film as well.

This movie gathered attention as the 'world star' Jung Ji Hoon (Bi) and Lim Soo Jung who is known for her well-acted roles were casted as the main leads and is Jung Ji Hoon's first appearance on the big screen.

The movie is set in a mental hospital and is about the love story of Young Goon (Lim Soo Jung) who believes herself is a cyborg and Il Soon (Jung Ji Hoon) who loves her regardless.

At the press conference, Director Park, Jung Ji Hoon, Lim Soo Jung, and others were present.

Director Park said he created a movie that seems like it would smell fresh and fruity while Lim Soo Jung commented that she considered Young Goon to be a sheet of white paper and acted freely to create the character.

Jung Ji Hoon who plays the role of Il Soon said, "The Director, my partner Lim Soo Jung, and all the other staff were so great that it was a fun production."

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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Cyborg Presscon Photos

credits: newsen for the photos + orengi of soompi

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Rain For Esquire Korea

I love the instense look in his eyes, sexy without words spoken. Makes you crave for more? Then point your browser here,here,here and here.

source: Esquire Korea
credit:khanakham@soompi +purplerain of cloudph

I'm Having Headaches

Cloud Philippines will be having it's 1st fan event of Saturday and being a part of the core group the started the whole thing I'm now deep into the planning and preparation for the whole event. Considering that most members are young students we took into consideration their finances in setting the fee for the event. We also used as a guage the attendance during the previous launch and events by Rain fans a few years back and made assumptions the venue we chose will be enough, aigoo we assumed too much.

Lai, Cha and I finally sat down last Friday and started a working budget. We had 26 people paid and confirmed members so we made a budget for 35 people the max that the place can accomodate. We made list of the food, drinks and utensils and was shocked that the total is already 80% of the amount we charged (Php200/USD$4.00). We made a promise to have freebies for everyone but with just a small change I opted to donate one of the items we are giving to the members so that the budget can cover for the other item. Good thing we decided before we made collections that the cost for the venue will be shouldered by Voltes.

Now for the fun part, we moved the deadline from Friday last week to Tuesday (yesterday) to accomodate the members who will be paying online. But Filipinos being fond of beating the deadline, we got calls and sms messages from members deep into the night pleading that they be allowed to attend the event. Our hearts are torn because it's after all an event organized for us Rain fans and those people making appeals are fans that we know from way, way back. But how can we squeeze them in an already crowded room. And even if we wished to get a function room in that hotel to accomodate more people, we have no budget to cover the expense. Even if Agent P, Lai, Cha and I exchanged text messages till 1 a.m. we can't find a workable solution.

It's another day and more pleading from members, huhuhu...... I wish we can come up with something tonight or an angel will suddenly fall down from the heavens and solve everything for us.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Some Cute Rain Cartoons

By: Orangestar@biwithrain

Credit : joyplace/jf_jjj@Bi's Kingdom (

Giordano Seoul's New Facade

source/credit: Joyplace/rainlove+aimen@Rain-Asia
+ orengi of soompi

I'm Liking The Cyborg Poster

Saturday, November 04, 2006

A Spark of Hope For Bi-Kyo Fans

Rain plays lead in Pepsi-sponsored Major Drama, "The Furthest Distance"

03 Nov 06
Credit: jinlees@soompi
Ch to Eng: rayndrop
credits: SexyBi//Cph

Pepsi has invested in a KBS collaboration to build the biggest drama sensation in Asia for 2007. This serial drama is named and based on hit novel "The Furthest Distance" which was released simultaneously in 7 Asian countries. The drama starts filming in the spring of 2007 with main casts consisting of the superstars under Pepsi as well as popular artistes in Korea.

Rain will lead Jay Chou, Jolin Tsai, Louis Khoo, Edison Cheng, Jerry Yan etc Pepsi Stars together with Lee Jun Ki who will lead KBS stars such as Song Hye Kyo, Hyun Bin, Kim Jeong Hoon to attend the casting audition of "The Furthest Distance" early next year. Audience response to the final cast will determine Pepsi's new generation of endorsers.

The story tells of a young lady, Jun Hee, who likes to dress herself as a boy. While secretly spying on a gang fight, she was killed when she was pierced by a unidentified object. At the same time the soul of a girl called A-Jin left her body. With the secret arrangement of a messenger from Hell, Jun Hee's soul secretly entered the body of A-Jin. This secret of exchanging souls led to another genetic-engineering plot involving several mysterious young boys. They appeared simply appeared around Jun Hee who is now occupying A-Jin's body, intertwining their fates....

Pepsi has decided to make a "concentrated" version of this drama and turn it into the Stars "Spirits" CF for year 2007.

Singer Rain, drilling a hole in his skull for double-eyelids

03 Nov 06,
Kr to Ch: irbi@biwithrain
Ch to Eng: rayndrop

Singer Rain (original name: Jeong Jihoon) discloses his inferior complex about his single eyelids.

While participating in MBC TV's "Come and Play", Rain said, "I went to a plastic surgeon because of my eyes. But I was told that the structure of my eyes don't allow me to do the double eyelid operation"

"It's not because I have no fats in my lids, but because my eyes were protruding, giving them a weird, swollen appearance. They will be difficult to operate on. If I want to have my operation done, I'll need to cut a hole in my skull and withdraw my protuding eyes a little. That will be insanely expensive. Rain, who has the body of a westerner if not counting his single eyelids, decided to go for plastic surgery because JY Park said his eyes were lifeless onstage.

Kim Tae Woo, who was in the show with him, consoled Rain saying, "At least he wanted Rain to go for operation. He had one look at my eyes and immediately asked me to put on my glasses." Then, he looked into the camera and said to JY Park, "We're all under the same agency. Why are some people asked to go for operations while others are asked to put on glasses?"

After that, he added, "When Rain was making his debut, g.o.d's popularity was at its peak and made some big bucks. The agency's financial situation became better because of that. So they took the money g.o.d made and gave it to Rain for double eyelid surgery." That comment elicited a round of laughter from the audiences.

Rain said, "In comparison to women, I still like food better!"

"This is the result of Park So-and-So (JY Park)'s strict training and starving of the trainees! In particular, singers under that agency share a common trait--If they look down or unhappy, simply offer them some food and they immediately cheer up and start laughing again."

This programme which Rain and Kim Tae Woo appeared in will be broadcasted on SBS on 3rd November at 9.55pm (Korea time).

source: SoompiForums

Thursday, November 02, 2006

MV - In My Bed Live Perf.

Rain shows his caring for orphans

Global artist RAIN is joining the photography exhibition with a theme "Save And Help The Orphans". "The Letter from Angels 4" which was attended by Rain, was first started together by Korean Social Welfare Society and photographer Cao Shixuan (pinyin). This is the 4th year holding this event to assist orphans in finding a new family to adopt them. The exhibition was meant to show love and caring. Singer Rain is busy with his world tour yet once he was aware of the purpose of this event, i.e. to find a good family for these orphans, he agreed to participate. Rain was arranged for photoshoot with a young baby who is less than 1 month old. Initially he even did not know how to hold the baby~~ According to the team, when the photoshoot was going to end, the baby suddenly peed on Rain's clothes! Probably he was not used to the new environment . However, Rain was not annoyed, instead he said, "Hmm, child's pee is tonic and good..."

Source: Xi Man Ni
Up by azafighting@rainhk
Translation by jjbug@rain-malaysia

RAIN "Misunderstood as gay in USA"

Super star RAIN (Jeong Jihun) has been misunderstood as gay during his activities in USA.

In SBS show program "HeyHeyHey Season 2" broadcasted on Nov 9, Rain was asked about his comments on gay. Thus, Rain talked about his experience when he went to USA.
Rain loved dancing since his high school. There was once he received a namecard written "Come dance!". Without thinking much he went to the club... In fact, it was a gay club.

Rain was not aware initially and he just danced happily with his friends. When he went to washroom, he noticed that the washroom was available for both guys and ladies, and he even saw a 'lady' with mini-skirt peeing...

On the other hand, similar experience in USA as well. One day, Rain wore a plain bracelet without any design and shopping around. There was a guy approaching him to show his 'interest' on Rain. Well, he thought Rain was gay, too.
In addition, Rain and Jin Jingen (pinyin) also tried to imitate the model couple of "HeyHeyHey" in this episode.

Source: MTStarnews by
Chi translation by EunHye@BiwithRain
Eng translation by jjbug@rain-malaysia