Friday, October 27, 2006

Rain Storms Coming to Las Vegas This Christmas

K-pop superstar Rain hopes to take Las Vegas by storm this Christmas season. He will be appearing at the Coliseum at Caesars Palace as part of his quest to make inroads into the North American market.

The decision to stage the concert at the 3,800-seat venue is understood to have been made at Rain’s insistence. Of the many places that U.S. entertainment firms offered to the artist, it was where both Celine Dion and Elton John played that Rain thought he should kick things off.

After the opener in Vegas, Rain’s world tour will span 35 performances. This time the artist has taken on some of the world’s top concert producing talent for this make-or-break tour, including stage director Jaime King, lighting specialist Roy Bennett, and visual director Dago Gonzalez. Online reservations at Ticketmaster ( have already begun. Seats range from US$98-$260.

To get his blood pumping for his assault on the U.S. mainland, Rain will warm up to the always-affectionate home crowd with a serious of concerts Dec.15, 16 at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena in Seoul.

( )

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Rain to Meet with U.N. Secretary General-elect Ban Ki-moon

Pan-Asian star Rain will hold a meeting with the 8th U.N. Secretary-General-elect Ban Ki-moon on October 28 in North Chungcheong Province at an event congratulating Ban for his election.

Before performing in a congratulatory concert, the singer will meet with Ban for about 20 minutes so the two can thank and congratulate each other on their respective achievements in raising Korea’s status in the international community.

Rain, whose fourth album sends a message of world peace, said he will be honored to meet with Ban, whose new post will endow him with the ability to realize the goal of attaining world peace.

On October 29, Park Jin-young, who is Rain’s producer and the CEO of his agency, will represent Asia at the U.N. Youth Leadership Summit in New York.

The meeting between Rain, who in February was selected by the U.S. magazine Time as one of the 100 most influential people in the world, and Ban, who won a unanimous vote to take the post of U.N. secretary general, will represent a ray of hope for Korea’s future.

Organized by Gyohyeon Elementary School, Chungju Secondary School and Chungju High School, Ban’s alma maters, and the Chungju municipal government, the event will be attended by some 10,000 Chungjju residents and heads of local government offices. The congratulatory concert will be broadcast live by local cable broadcaster HCN. The pre-recorded version of the concert will go on the air in China, Japan, Taiwan and the Philippines.


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Confirmed Premiere Date: Rain's Debut Movie "I'm a Cyborg, but that's Ok"

23 Oct 06, Sina News (Original News from
Credit: biwithrain//sexybi//cph
Kr to Ch: irbi@biwithrain
Ch to Eng: rayndrop

Rain's first movie, "I'm a Cyborg, but it's Ok" has finalised its premier date. The production company revealed on the 23rd that the premier of this movie is on 7th December. The movie is based in a mental asylum full of fantasy and imagination. It tells of a girl who thinks she's a cyborg, and the guy who she is in love with. Although he is a real human being, she is ok with that. Because it is the first collaboration between singer, Rain, and "Old Boy" director, Pak Chan Wook, the film has been the focus of attention to many viewers. Recently, the few posters and clips released by the production company has been a roused even more interests in the audiences. According to one of the persons-in-charge at the film site, "With Im Soo Jung, who has a cute yet mysterious charisma, together with Rain, the multi-talented artiste who is making his debut on the big screen, they'll will definitely make the perfect on-screen couple in Korea this 2006."

Monday, October 23, 2006

Warner music pays million dollars to get back the distribution rights

Warner music pays million dollars to get back the distribution copyright of Rain's new album . Warner music finally won the battle by paying about Hong Kong dollars of 7 digits, to grab the copyright in Asian region from Universal music.

3 years ago, Rain was still new and his debut album was released through Warner. Although Warner spents lots of money on publicity, the sales figure wasn't satisfying as was not shown that time. After FH and Asia Tour, Rain gained strong pupolarity in Asia but the distribution right was in the hand of HK Universal. Thus Warner was upset about it.

The contract between Rain and Universal is expired soon. So, Warner immediately discussed with Rain's manager about the new contract, and finally took back the copyright by paying 7-digit HK dollars.

In order to show their emphasis and sincerity, Warner in HK and Taiwan are going to put in efforts for publicity. CEO of HK Warner mentioned that the publicity cost is yet to be finalised but it's sure that they will put in more than million dollars for him. Whereas Rain's HK manager, Chen Jiaying was unaware of this issue as it was fully in charge by JYPE.

TW Warner is preparing for the distribution of in Korean is more than 100,000 copies and became NO.1 of selling board.

Source: Lianhe Bao
Up by BiwithRain
Traslation by jjbug@rain-malaysia

JYPE Announcement: About Rain's Seoul Concert

20 Oct 06
Credit: // biwithrain // sexybi
Kr to Ch: irbi@biwithrain
Ch to Eng: rayndrop

Hello everybody, this is JYPE.

We are very grateful for everybody's support towards the Rain World Tour Concert in Seoul.

Rain, who has crossed international borders to become a global artiste, will strive to bring his audience the highest show quality in the first station of his Rain's World Tour, Seoul. In the production process, we have been making adjustments and improvements. Amendments to matters regarding the pre-order of tickets are as below:

-Ticket Pre-booking Commencement Date: The original 23rd Oct has been postponed. We will announce the date in due course.
- Ticket Prices: There has been changes to the seating plan, so there will be changes to the ticket pricings.
- Official Fanclubs will get pre-booking discounts and priority in seat bookings.

To those who have been waiting for the pre-booking, we are extremely sorry. It is with little choice that we amend the content of our previous announcement. Please forgive us.

At the same time, we guarantee that we will be presenting our best work to the audiences. Every member of the production and performing team will give our very best and strive hard to the last moment.

Thank you everyone.

Friday, October 20, 2006

JYPE is expanding overseas market for RAIN!

Many film producers from Hollywood expressed their interest in RAIN, during the 11th Pusan International Film Festival (PIFF). Rain's entertainment managing company, JYPE had set up booth to publicise RAIN to foreign film producers, as a multi-talented artist. These Hollywood film maker showed greater interest when they knew that Rain is the male lead in director Park's latest movie.

Source: Mydaily
Up by azafighting@rainhk
Eng translation by jjbug@rain-malaysia
from: tyty6_7@soompi

Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Times Exclusive Hails Korean Culture

The British daily The Times has printed a twelve-page exclusive on Korean culture describing how the country has blossomed culturally after shedding its authoritarian past through democratic reforms.

Noting how South Korean music and cinema has influenced all of Asia and that Korean films have triggered explosive interest in Britain, The Times predicted that Korean pop music would follow suit.

The paper also profiled the singer Rain, who was named one of the most influential people in the world by the Time magazine, noting how he overcame poverty and prejudice to become an international star.

The report also said that Korea's zeal for English education is contributing to bilateral ties and that a Korean cultural institute opening in London this year will serve as a base for promoting Korean culture to Europe and Africa.

Source: KBS Global;key=2006101917

Rain's October Calendar

source: joyplace
credit: j.lee/orengi@soompi +thepepoy of cloudph

Feedback from Showcase Crews

There were 5 days of preparation in total
19 were stage crews
It was tough, hunger always stayed with us due to the continuous rehearsal... Sometimes it carried on until 5am, couldn't even have a good sleep either, and blisters came out as we kept moving the props and equipment

The lunch time was about 12pm
Dinner at 11pm, i.e. the harden hamburger...

On the first day of preparation, Rain did not come.

On second day, Rain came in around 7pm, started his first rehearsal...
It was very impressive: He greeted every crew and staff once he reached...
Since he's a super star, so probably he might be arrogant or impolite...
But he didn't, Rain is really a humble and honest person.
Anyway, he just followed up on the flow and sequence of performance...

Third day was the formal rehearsal.
When it was about to begin,
Rain was running in front of me (I kept staring at him)
Jumping to the stage
and suddenly he knocked his head on the big screen!!! (It was the screen at the middle of stage, to show rising helicopter)
He stunned there for about 2 minutes, not moving at all
Only some crews and I saw it... We were too shocked and stoned there...
His manager and dancers did not notice...
Rain holding his head for about 2 minutes, and one of the dancers asking if he was okay....
Seemed like he was very hurt...
Later, his assistant and manager quickly came over.
To be frank, I think he might feel too embarrassed to stand up instead of great pain.
Fortunately nothing happened, so we continued with the rehearsal.
Lots of problem because it was our first time.
From that day, we only had 2-3 hours of sleeping time everyday

On the forth day, the showcase time was nearer
In our last rehearsal, all crews and Rain were worried and nervous,,,
Rain is a perfectionist, isn't he?
He wasn't quite satisfied and requested for another round

In addition, for the song
He sang together with children...
Alright, kids are not that easy to handle...
Some of them didn't sing, just turned back to look at Rain
Very naughty
If it were me, I would be angry...
But Rain was different...
"If you listen to me, I give you CD with autograph~"
he didn't give any actually...
He talked to children with great patience
An expert to handle kids in fact

Source: Forrain
Chi translation by Baidu RAIN bar
Eng translation by jjbug@rain-malaysia

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Rain's Coming "Seoul Concert"

New Photos For A Magazine

Rain is planning his 5th album to enter USA market next year!

Rain is going to release his 5th album (World Wide version) in the 2nd half of 2007, mainly targeting at USA and the rest of the world.

According to Rain's recent interview by Starnews, "5th album will be released next year as world wide version, as it's part of the plan to enter USA market..." "Mini concerts will be held to release of new songs, and combined with World Wide.... The event(s) shall be organised in S. Korea and other countries..." Rain added, "The initial stage of brain-storming for 5th album was completed.." So let's look forward to it~~

Rain also mentioned that this album mainly includes English songs so that it can be simultaneously released in S. Korea and overseas markets. It is a totally different concept compared to License Album. "Like what I normally did in the past: Conceptualization for 4th album was done during the release of 3rd album... Therefore we have the ideas for next album after the release of 4th album." said Rain.

"Rain's World" was officially released on Oct 13, and created 100,000 copies of sales record in first day! The figure is still going up indeed. In the meantime, Rain began his publicity activities from MBC SHOW! Music Centre on Oct 14.

Source: Chosun & Starnews
Chi translation by irbi@BiwithRain
Up by mandy@rainhk
Eng translation by jjbug@rain-malaysia
Credit : nana555@Bi's Kingdom ( + khanakham of soompi

MV - I'm Coming

Presenting to you Rain's first MV from his 4th album Rain's World.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A Radio Interview of Rain.

question:If there's any song that you would want to sing? Bi:I want to sing "Bogoshippta by Kim bum soo

I didn't catch the whole show.geeshhh.
The announcer asked him to wink at her but he said,with this eyes you wont see if i wink. There was a time when he was on a plane and the lights are off and he was lying down and watching tv,the stewardess put the blanket on him and turned off the tv thinking that he was asleep but he was not.

One fan asked from the internet if he can date ten years younger than him , he said no I can't.
But he can date a girl 10 years older than him.

If there's any character he would want to play/or next project he wish to make is a horror film/horror drama project.

He cried once in the US while he was practicing/rehearsing a song and a dance step. He said sometimes there's this thing that was hard for him. But he endured every pain and hard times he had.

Does he have any plans on doing Musical thing?

If ever there's an opportunity and time, Ii would love to do it.

He decided to have his hair short because he wanted to look younger.

About the ideal leading lady He said that every leading lady he worked with are great actresses From GYJ(sangdoo) to ISJ(cyborg), all are very professional.

The announcer told him that her favorite song in his album is "With you". 비 was excited to hear that so he promised her to sing that particular song on her birthday if she ask him too. And she said that'll be great!My birthday is soon.(ahahahaaha)

The announcer asked if he is dating anyone and he said he might sound hypocrite but he had a few only. They call thru his phone and the announcer asked how did they know your number?
Bi told her that he will not answer that question. (I think he was not ready for questions like that and avoiding it) hahaha

transcribed by j.lee of soompi
credits to purplerain of cloudph

Monday, October 16, 2006

"The Angel defeats the devil!", the concept of 4th album "Rain's World"

Naked upper body, his head turning to right glancing far away. Tint yellowish black hair and wearing army pants, Rain stands in desert and there is a pair of white wings behind. Also a star is drawn on his left chest. This is the 4th album that he throws away the jacket, standing alone in the sunset in a desolate desert. His eyes are firm, and there is a pair of wings behind him. According to JYPE information "This visual effect is personally requested by Rain himself, to make it the theme... Through this visual design he hopes to express the meaning of 'Natural rains to wash away the dirt and filth'... As a singer, Rain wishes he could contribute to purify the darkness in this world..." The STAR on his chest is a symbol to represents war, peace, pain, hope and love. JYPE said, "Various meanings will be presented in this album... The filthy world is described through each single word, and it suggests the method of curing." Rain held his World Tour Premiere on Oct 13, 8pm at Jamsil stadium. His 4th album will be first released in South Korea, as well as Rain himself will meet his domestic fans through events. Begins from Dec 2006, his world tour covers S. Korea, USA, Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, PHILIPPINES and Taiwan, totally 35 shows in 12 countries.

Picture provided by JYPE
Chi translation by wingya@cloudchina
Up by gogo1437@rainhk
Eng translation by jjbug@rain-malaysia
credits to purlerain of cloudphil.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Rain's Showcase Photos

That's just one of the many photos that's been uploaded by kind sisters since last night. I'm just selecting some of my favorites to keep in my blog so same routine friends. If you want to see them just click here, here, here,here and here

If you want to read a more comprehensive update of what happened during the showcase then visit Pau's blog.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Rain's Presscon clip

What An Angel

Rain's Message For Us

To everyone in CLOUD family ^^
2006.10.12 21:40

I'm greeting everyone in CLOUD family...
... Jihun is here~

How are you all?
Miss you all so much.

Not sure is it because of the windy and cold weather in these recent days...
it reminds me of your warm-hearts and caring~

Well, finally I can introduce my 4th album to you all tomorrow...
I'm a bit nervous, and I'm excited~~

Most important is that,
I hope no problem occurs in tomorrow's event...
and wish you all can go back safely after the showcase.

If everyone of you understands me,
then you should be disciplined... Do take care of your own safety ^-^

Because I miss you,
so I would like to tell you that
may the 4th album brings you great~~ fun!
That's why I write it here....

Yupe that's all
Let's meet each other happily tomorrow!
Chi translation by wwrain@Baidu RAIN bar
Eng translation by jjbug@rain-malaysia
thanks to purplerain of cloudph

Thursday, October 12, 2006

RAIN, Eric: Grade A transformation!

RAIN, Eric... etc, their identity changing from singer to actor is considered successful and qualified for grade A!

Rain (Jeong Jihun), Eric (from Shinhwa), Andy, Junjin,..... (skipped a lots of artists ) and there are alot to name, they are originally singers but later they expand their career into actor/actress. So how's the result?

Most of them are grade A in singer industry, but only a few can reach grade A as well when he/she becomes actor/actress. Rain, Eric and Jin Wandong (pinyin) are considered to be super grade A.

Through KBS 2 TV dramas , and , Rain performed his excellent acting skills. Recently, he finished his debut movie , starring by Im Soo-jung as well.

(skipped non-related....)

Up by azafighting@just rain club
Translation by jjbug@rain-malaysia + khanakham of rain's soompi thread

RAIN "Lack of sleep is a great agony!"

"On the way to become Asian Top Star, lack of sleep is the toughest experience." said Rain. Rain attended the press conference at Imperial Palace Hotel this afternoon. During the Q&A session with media, this was his answer when being asked about the most tiring thing in his showcase preparation. "I always have to fight for the sleeping time... There's no word to describe the great pain of lack of sleep..." Later, he thought of the time when he was not that famous. "Compared to starvation, this pain is easier to be handled... Movie and album were done gradually when I'm lack of sleep..." continued by Rain. "It's been two years, and everyday is meaningful to me. I'll do my best in this new album, too." We can sense strong confidence from his words. "I hope I have a month just for sleeping after my world tour. Now I have to fight for every minute and second." Rain's showcase is held at Jamsil stadium on Oct 13. Then, he'll start his album publicity in the following day.

Chi translation by wingya@cloudchina
Eng translation by jjbug@rain-malaysia
Credit : nana555@Bi's Kingdom ( + khanakham of rain's soompi thread

Rain is wondering if he should enter into US market or stay in Asia

Rain is wondering if he should enter into US market or stay in Asia. He was tormented by both choices!

Singer Rain attended a press conference at Imperial Palace Hotel, Seoul on Oct 11. JYPE representative and Star M representative were present, too. They announced news about the showcase on Oct 13 and the planning of world tour.

Due to his previous successful concert in New York, Rain was selected as 'TIME100 Most Infleuntial People'. However, immediately there are 2 diverged pathways appear in front of him:
One, he received invitations from many US music companies. If he signs the contract, he will officially step into US market.
Two, his wish to meet with more Asian fans. Through his concept of world tour, Rain expressed, "I wish to practise my languages and techniques, so that I can present the best to my fans."

He gave up the chances to enter US market, indeed he selected world tour concert. "I hope to show Asian and international fans everything that I've done in the past two years. So, the showcase on 13 is free."

World Tour "Rain's Coming" is corresponding to the release of his 4th album. From Dec 2006, S. Korea concert will be held on Dec 15 & 16, followed US (Dec), Singapore (Jan), Japan (Feb), Thailand (Feb), Vietnam (Mar), China (Apr)... totally 35 shows in 12 countries.

Source: Innolife
Up by mandy@rainhk
Editing & translation by jjbug@rain-malaysia
Credit : jinijung@Bi's Kingdom ( of rains soompi thread

"World Tour Concert is the greatest challenge in my life!"

2006/07 World Tour Concert held its first press conference at 1pm today, at the Imperial Palace Hotel, Seoul. The title of tour Rain's Coming will be publicised together with his 4th album release, and the tour will start from December and continues for 6 months.

The tour will begin on Dec 15 and 16 in S. Korea, followed by USA, Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Phillipines and Taiwan, totally 35 shows in 12 countries.

Rain will hold a free showcase to publicise his new album at Jamsil Olympic Stadium on Oct 13, 8pm. This free showcase will be presented in musical style, involved more than 200 production staffs and more than 250 tonnes of equipment. The 4th album shall be released together with his showcase on the same day.

Source: Newsis
Up by rainhk
Translation by jjbug@rain-malaysia
Credit : jinijung@Bi's Kingdom ( khanakham of rains soompi thread

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Rain's Coming Press Conference Photos

I'm been missing that chinky smile of his but I'm not sure I'm digging the outfit though.

I Wanna Be A Millionare FAST!!!

Just read the latest update on the coming World Tour of Rain. The Singapore leg will be on January 21, 2007 so I was happy since it's my Option B if they can't make it here. But my happines was shortlived when I saw the ticket pricess that will range from SG$188 to SG$888, I was With the current conversion rate of SG$1 to Php35, seeing him perform live will remain a dream for now.

I know a lot of fans are pissed with StarM, the producer of the tour for assuming that all Rain fans are millionares with nothing on their minds but spend, and spend with no regards for tomorrow. In the end it will be Rain who will suffer if he cannot fill those venues. I just hope JYPE and Rain himself can do something about it.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Rain and BoA model for KB credit card CF

4th Oct 06, Lianhe eNews
Credit: Blueberry@biwithrain
Ch to Eng: Rayndrop@rainsg

The KB credit card CF which features top singers, Rain and BoA, will be broadcasted starting this month. Rain and BoA's youthful images complements the unique privileges offered by KB credit cards. This is the reason why Rain and BoA became models for the card's CF. This CF is entirely different from other commercials. Not only does it feature top singers, the selected background music is also fast-paced, fully exhibiting the youthfulness of youngsters. The stars and flower patterns that appear alongside the dance moves of Rain and BoA are all handmade, and then digitally enhanced. This is the first time a CF of such difficulty degree is being made in the Korean advertising industry. Accordingly, in the process of modeling and filming this CF, Rain and BoA choreographed and came up with new steps from the start to the end, displaying a lot of passion.

Monday, October 09, 2006

The Stage Is Being Set

The venue for Rain's upcoming showcase.

source: joyplace
credits: unazai of soompi

Just Sharing Some Photos

Just curious though if he can really play with that keyboard.

he looks tired but his smile can still mesmerize.

credit: rain4jg/joyplace/sexybi/cloudph

Rain, expect a perfect stage in his world tour premiere

Rain has no other plans but to prepare for his world tour after the Chuseok holiday. Rain will be performing 4 new songs in his showcase on October 13.

Rain, after the Chuseok holiday and simple services for his ancestors, will continue his practice for his showcase.

Rain, whose album will be released on the 13th, has finished filming the music video of his album's title track "I'm Coming".

Rain, on the 14th, will be in Show! Music Core. On October 15, he will be in SBS "Ingigayo".

Source: Innolife + Digital YTN + Joynews24 + NEWSIS

Friday, October 06, 2006

Designer Ralph Lauren Bought Rain's CD

Last September 29 in the Seoul Ritz-Carlton hotel, singer Rain participated in the Ralph Lauren Black Label Launching Event "Ralph Lauren Friends".

"I could not believe that I received an invitation from a world-famous designer", Rain expressed. "I also heard that Lauren bought my CD and after listening to it, he invited me to go to New York Collection." Rain answered that if he has time, he will certainly go.

Kim Sung Su, Lee Seung Hyun and Lee Yo Won also came to the event.

Source: newsis + innolife +
credits: kpopper//sexybi

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Rain Vows to Take the World by Storm

It looks like at any moment the pink T-shirt holding in his bulging muscles will be able to contain him no more: shoulders that look as if they have spread another 10 cm in the last year from a new and deeper confidence in his words and ways. K-Pop’s brightest star Rain, who will kick off a world tour at a release event for his fourth album at the main stadium at the Jamsil Olympic Stadium on Oct. 13., agreed to a chat with the Chosun Ilbo.

“What happens now will determine whether I’ll be taking a big step forward or staying where I’m at," he says. “If you just grasp a handful of sand, it will only slip through your fingers. You need to sprinkle water on the sand to make mud, which can then become cement and be made into a building.”

“This world tour is the biggest opportunity I’ve ever had in my life,” says the pop star, who has prepared for it as much as humanly possible. The biggest difference between this and his last tour is that a top crew that has worked on the shows of all the top U.S. and U.K. stars has been assembled for the show. “Things that no Korean musician has yet been able to do are happening now,” he says. “Even when those who come to the show reach their 40s and 50s, they will automatically think of it whenever it rains, that’s the kind of masterpiece that I will make. When I was drinking with (tour) producer Jamie King, he said, ‘I’m the best there is. If I can’t make your stage the best, there’s no reason for me to be here.’ It was like a spark.”

After wrapping up his Madison Square Garden concert back in February, Rain had two choices. There was the perhaps too hasty fast track: putting together an album in English and heading guns blazing into the U.S. market. And the slower and surer option: heading back to Asia to cement his popularity with a world tour first. He went with the second option. “I thought that the first order of business should be giving a big gift back to the audiences in Asia. Towards the end of next year, I’ll officially release an album in English, and then I’d better get up on those Billboard Charts,” he says.

“I don’t have the words to express how ready I am for battle. Usually, once the curtain goes up, the roars of the audience shake me like a wave and electricity surges from head to toe. But now I’m in that state of excitement even though the concerts haven’t started.”

Rain's ambitions as an actor are not too modest either. He recently finished work on the latest film by director Park Chan-wook, "Cyborg Girl." In the midst of all that, he has also been putting together his fourth album and preparing for the tour, putting his daily schedule a long way from comfort. "I sleep for one or two hours," he admits.

"In my days as a backup dancer, a mentor of mine who was the drummer said something that always stayed with me: 'When you lie down in bed at night, if comfortable sleep doesn't come to you, you haven't put everything into your work that day." These days, when I lie down for bed, I am often uneasy. I struggle to think of just what it is that I've done wrong, then finally, I just get back up and practice dancing and singing again. It seems like I may have some kind of an obsession."

Even though Rain lives as though there are 48 hours in a day, he still meets his friends from time to time. But he confesses, "After just the first shot of Soju, I start asking myself, 'Is it really OK for me to be messing around like this now?' and then it is difficult for me to just enjoy small talk." His "obsession" with work is more than your garden variety self-motivation. "Yes, I'm a workaholic."

"When I think of how I wasn't able to even buy a meal, or a bouquet of flowers, for my mother who left this world after she couldn’t get adequate treatment for her diabetes, I realize that I can’t spend one minute or even one second in vain," the singer says. "People who have gone five days without food see the world with different eyes. A lot of my older friends tell me that I should spend more of my money."

The album, to be released at the event on 13th, has his fans all over the world on pins and needles. "In places that have been ravaged by war and starvation, the falling Rain brings the sprouts of peace and love," is the theme that was chosen to base the album around, explains the singer.

In August last year, Rain donated enough to have 50 wells built in Kampot, Cambodia. “It was such a small thing, but many people helped, so we had good results.” Recalling the Time 100 party last May, where the singer rubbed shoulders with some real big-timers, he says, “I was introduced with the phrase, ‘In North Korea there’s Kim Jong-il, in South Korea there’s Rain,’ and I was together with Condoleezza Rice and Jerry Bruckheimer, it was like a fantastic dream. I was infused with a new energy when I returned home.” Back in my days as a dancer, whenever things became overwhelming, I used to head up Mt. Namsan, he says, closing his eyes.

“Then I said to myself, ‘Someday every single one of those people down there will know my name.’ These days, when I think about the U.S., it brings back those memories. Now is only the beginning. Soon the day will come when everyone in the U.S., the home of pop music, will also recognize that Rain is the top star.”


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I Wanna Ride With You

I'm loving these new photos from Giordano, he loooks HOT!!!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

We're Back On The List

We are back on the list of countries for Rain's upcoming World Tour, hurray!!!

Monday, October 02, 2006

The Different Looks Of Rain Last Week

Arrival photo, Sept. 28, 2006 Hong Kong

At the DHC Event, Sept. 29, 2006 Hong Kong

At the Ralph Lauren Event, Sept. 29, 2006

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Rain arrives in Hong Kong; Fans scream and lose control

28th September 06, Mingbao
Photographer/ Journalist: Liu Yong Rui, Huang Jing Hua
Credit: Blueberry@biwithrain
Ch to Eng: Rayndrop

South Korean pop sensation, Rain (Jeong Jihoon) hasn't been to Hong Kong for quite a while now. He arrived in Hong Kong from Los Angeles last night for the DHC opening ceremony that's taking place at Metro City Plaza today. Yesterday, about 50 fans gathered early at the airport. When they saw Rain with his aura of matured musculinity and a face full of stubbles, they screamed excitedly and proceeded to run after him, causing quite a chaos indeed.

Chaotic scene; Rain takes the wrong route twice

Rain's flight arrived half an hour earlier ahead of schedule. He walked out of the airport at about 7.15pm, wearing shades, camo cap and dark green long-sleeve tee. He wore his tee-shirt cape over his cap, covering half his handsome face; a chin full of stubbles gave him a manly look. He was carrying an LV bag and holding his passport and handphone. 6 dancers accompanied him. When he saw his fans, he said "Hi" in a friendly manner, causing his fans to go crazy and rushing forward to surround him.

He originally wanted to leave by the back exit used especially by hotels or travel agencies, but the scene was so chaotic, he took the wrong route twice and was eventually surrounded by many fans. When he lowered his had and held his passport to his chest in defence, some fans screamed in excitment because they managed to touch him. After much difficulties, he finally managed to get on his artiste van. In between, some fans gave him dolls as present. His manager received the dolls on his behalf.

Rain and Im Soo Jung kissed in the Mental Institution

Other than this, "Cyborg Love", the movie directed by Pak Chan Wook, which Rain is co-starring in, has just released its trailer. The most attention-catching portion in this 2-minute trailer is the kiss scene between Rain and his female co-star, Im Soo Jung. "Cyborg" is a romantic comedy based in a mental institution. The story tells of Im Soo Jung's character who believes that she's a cyborg, and Rain's character, who often imitate other people because he fears he may disappear. The two eventually fall in love. In the movie, the two dons white patient gowns. Im Soo Jung seemed to have shaved off her eyebrows and Rain gave up his sauve hairstyle in exchange for a bowl-cut and a pale look--both made sacrifices for the sake of art. The movie will be screened in South Korea early this December.

Rain arrived in Hong Kong all covered up. A chin full of stubble gave him an aura of musculinity