Thursday, December 29, 2005

Since I Can't Stop You..........

Here 's a new photo of Rain taken at his Taiwan Press Conference. Omo, omo, he looks cute in that pose but again!!!!!!!! what's with the bow tie? I guess you're really fond of wearing them so I give up. I thought of giving you something else for the holidays but I changed my mind......

Instead, here's my Christmas Gift For You

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

RAIN'S 1st Pepsi Event

Aigoo! I love your smile!

I'm singing in the rain, I'm singing in the rain...... (promise I'm a better singer than Shin Mina)

Come they told me.... para pa pam pam, a new born king to see para pa pam pam ( don't laugh I swear I can carry a tune)

Monday, December 12, 2005

Rain's Message to Cloud

05/12/10 : Rain to Cloud new message

My dear Cloud Members,
Hello, I am Jung Ji Hoon.
Have you been living well my cloud family?
The weather is vey cold now, hope you didn't catch a cold.
Now because I am shooting a drama, I am very busy.
Even though I am tired, but because there is all of you here, I put in my best effort to do it well.
Regarding everyone who is looking for me and those who gave me presents and support, thank you very much.
I don't have much words to say, my expression cannot express myself. I'm so sorry.
Even though I'm like this, people still find me and support me, I thank you very much.
The year 2006 is fast approaching and I will work harder.
Everyone please believe me and support me.
And let your year 2005 end well. At this chilly day, be careful not to catch a cold.

Everyone's Jung Ji Hoon.

source: rain.jype

Friday, December 02, 2005

RAIN Joins Pepsi

Korean's pop star Rain officially joins Pepsi. End of next month, Rain will attend the contract-signing ceremony in Hong Kong, inviting two to three thousand fans to witness the event.

Rising pop star Rain gains popularity swiftly. He only took a few months to gain fans from Hong Kong. Rain was offered quite a hefty sum for joining Pepsi, becoming the tenth artiste in the family which includes Jay Chou, Jolin Tsai, Jerry Yen, Vic Zhou, Ken Zhu, Vanness Wu, Louis Ku, Edison Chen, and Nicholas Tse.

Coming December, Rain will attend the contract-signing ceremony in Hong Kong. To welcome the star, Pepsi decides to rent a big space to hold the press conference and invite two to three thousand of fans to attend the ceremony sharing the joyous event. Will Rain and Jay collaborate together?

A reporter clarified with Pepsi's spokesman and she admitted that Pepsi has successfully gotten Rain to join their family. She mentioned that the details will be announced in late December. Rain's work schedule will start next year.

Credits: InitialJay, Dong Fang Daily
Translated by: Starylosophy @

Just thinking of switching my favorite soda makes me sad. I've always been a coca-cola drinker for most of my life, there is something about the taste that makes me crave for it every now and then even if I know it will ruin my on again off again diet. How I wish coke is more aggresive in getting Asian endorsers like Bi (sighs again......).