Friday, September 23, 2005

A New Drama A Whole New Look

The poster for his new drama This Dammed Love. Finally the boy is turning into a man.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Nice "cheeks"

Why of why are you teasing me this way....

TIME Magazine (Asian Edition)

You have definitely gone a long way to have an article written about you in the Asian Edition of Time Magazine.


Friday, September 09, 2005

Super Abs

I was rendered speechless once again!!!! Those abs are to die for

It's Raining, Best Seller at Odysey


Wednesday, September 07, 2005

It was this clip taken from his guesting at YSMM that started the whole talk on peanuts at soompi. I just want to credit charisse for letting her creative juices flow.

Bi short drama: Too hot to handle"
scenario in plane...

starring Bi: passenger
me : flight attendant
Bi is reclining, watching a movie in his small tv screen and covered with a blanket

I walk towards him and slowly takes his blanket away.

Bi is suprised.

"Excuse me miss, why are you taking away my blanket?'

Me: "Sir, you're too hot."

Bi: "Excuse me?"

Me: "Sir, you're too hot already as it is. Don't use the blanket."

The flight attendant turns away with blanket.

Banjun soompi version, episode 2

Plane flying back to Korea:

Starring Bi: passenger
Me : very helpful flight attendant

Bi has a bunch of peanut packs placed on the wide arm rest of his chair. He is happily munching on the peanuts while watching his small screen tv.

He notices the stewardess who was walking pass eyeing him disapprovingly. Bi is puzzled what he could be doing wrong. When she sits down, he is relieved not be under her scrutiny.

Almost finishing his pack, he sees the stewardess standing from her seat and making a straight line towards him. His eyes widen when she stands in front of him.


“Yes?” Bi gulps nervously.

The stewardess’ hand slowly lifts and Bi sees it coming down on his chest.

“Oh my god, is she going to cup a feel in public?” Bi is shocked. Then he feels her hand brushing against his shirt front. “Sir, you have crumbs on your shirt,” the stewardess says.

Bi is embarrassed for his indecent thought.

“Thanks,” Bi says.

The stewardess smiles and was about to leave when she suddenly stares down between Bi’s legs. “Sir you have a big nuts between your legs!” she exclaims.


Her hand descends down between Bi’ legs. Before he could do anything, her hands are there, between his thighs and…

“Here, these nuts fell you didn’t notice. I’ll throw them away.” She takes the two peanuts that fell on Bi’s thighs and throws them away.


Monday, September 05, 2005

Can It Go Any Lower Than This?

I now declare my love for low cut jeans, especially those worn my Bi. Boy, you made my heart skip a beat and silently wishing it would fall down, down, down.... hahaha

Rain in Philippine Star

050904 Philippine Star: All for Love star's CD out

Philippine Star
Entertainment Section
page E-10

Thursday, September 01, 2005

If You Have Nothing Good To Say Shut Up!!!

I have a relatively easy day but someone has to spoil it. I was reading through Bi's thread in soompi and what do I see????? Someone commenting that he looks like an alien and don't know how to act. He admitted to being a fan of another k actor which is fine with me but why go to Bi's thread just to make that stupid comment. I just have to say my piece ------ GO AWAY AND STAY IN THE THREAD OF YOUR FAVE STAR!