Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Rain is nominated for the best actor in 2007 Asian Film Awards

On March 20, 2007, the Hong Kong International Film Festival will roll out the red carpet for the Asian Film Awards (AFA).Rain is nominated for the Asian best actor

The list of candidates for the Best Actor ~
1. CHANG Chen ( The Go Master)_Chinese mainland
2. RAIN (Jung Ji-hoon) (I'm a Cyborg, but That's OK)_South Korea
3. Shahrukh Khan ( DON) India
4.Andy Lau ( A Battle of Wits)_ Japan / Hong Kong / Chinese mainland / South Korea
5. Song Kang-ho (The Host)_ South Korea
6. Watanabe Ken (Memories of Tomorrow)_Japan

credits: les2000 of soompi

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I'M Coming In Myx Hit Charts

We got word from Warner Music Philippines that "I'm Coming" will be released in a few days in all major record stores. And to make the promo more exciting, the carrier song just entered the hit charts countdown of MYX, the premier music channel here in our country.

So to my fellow filipinos please make your presence felt by voting for the song everyday. Let's make "I'm Coming" the number 1 song in the countdown.

Monday, January 29, 2007

A Shining Moment In Malaysia

Arrival in Malaysia
At the Press Conference
A photo from his concert

I've been reading some fan accounts of his Malaysian concert and it seems it was a resounding success not just in terms of ticket sales but more so with the interaction he had with his audience.

He really improved in his ability to connect with his fans, no more memorized english script. To those who were there, he appeared very spontenous in his approach. He called them babies and said "I love you" a lot. I'm sure all the ladies in the audience were in cloud nine.

To lina, thanks for sharing your experience here. Hope the other ladies who were there can share accounts of the concert too.

photo credits to Izzat and Luvashley

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

For Rain Fans In Malaysia

There are news posted that Rain will arrive in your country on Friday, January 26 and will have a press conference the following day at 11:00 a.m. He will then have his concert later in the night.

Hope you are getting ready to give him a warm welcome. Can't wait to see his arrival photos.

Money All Used Up; Singapore Fans See Rain Off In Tears Last Night

Rain hid in his room and watch DVD yesterday

Korean pop idol Rain loves seafood, doesn't talk much, but often ask after the staff working with him.

We asked the Singapore concert organiser, Xu Shan Jun, about the things that Rain likes, she said, "Rain loves seafood like octopus, squids, sotong. He also loves pandan cake."

After his concert last Sunday, Xu Shan Jun said Rain asked her to buy him a cake. He then went with his crew for dinner at a Korean restaurant, followed by a one-hour celebration at St James Powerhouse. It was 2am when he reached his hotel, so he aborted the idea of going for a swim and went back to rest in his room instead.

Rain is here in Singapore for the first time since his debut as a singer. Other than going to Jewel box at Mt Faber for his press conference and cable car ride, rehearsing at the Indoor Stadium, going to the celebration party at St James and having meals at the Korean restaurant, he almost did not go anywhere else for sightseeing. Xu Shan Jun said, "This is because it's really troublesome for him to go out. He has to have 10 bodyguards accompanying him; It's very tough for him to go out on walking on his own. That's why he was in his room most the yesterday, probably watching DVD."

Talking about her impression of Rain, Xu said," I feel he's a very hardworking artiste. He doesn't talk much, and doesn't put on superstar airs. Every time he rehearses, he says 'Thank You' and 'Goodbye' to the crew members. Although his arm was injured, he did the full works during the concert and didn't make any special requests."

Korean artistes are particular about their privacy. The media wanted to interview his manager to understand his schedule, but his manager rejected the interview.

Teary fans bid goodbye to Rain

On the fans' side, local fanclub moderator Lu Fang Mei said, "His performance was fantastic in Singapore, and he was very happy. Perhaps Rain saw how passionate his fans are. Taiwan fans said that the atmosphere at the Singapore concert was better than the Hong Kong concert. From Rain's performance, you could tell he was very happy. For examply, he threw his bouquet and towels to fans off the stage. He also interacted with smiles and looks. The only drawback was that the concert was too short!"

Lu Fang Mei said, Rain even shook hands with his fans before leaving the venue in his car.

After the concert, Rain fans were busy trying to get the concert merchandise. Lu said "I spent S$150 on a t-shirt, two calendars and a keychain accessory. I heard some fans spent more than S$200, and all the merchandise were sold out."

Fans were waiting at the airport at 7pm yesterday, getting ready to see their idol off. Lu said she didn't prepare any special parting gifts, "Because we have given whatever present we can give, and spent whatever money we can spare. So all we could do was see him off in tears."

23 Jan 07, Lianhe Zaobao
Credit: Kevral@Rainsingapore
Ch to Eng: Rayndrop

Monday, January 22, 2007

It RAINed in Singapore

Rain arrived in Singapore last Thursday (January 18) to prepare for his Rain's World Tour yesterday (January 21). Based on all the fan accounts I've read it was a resounding success. And to think that the ticket prices were higher than those sold in other countries.

The only thing that bothered me were the fan accounts that mentioned how he was hurting from a previous injury in his left arm while performing "I'm Coming". The hairline fracture on his arm needs complete rest, but we all know he can't afford to do it so the only option is prevention. But Rain being stubborn continues to do the entire routine that only aggravates his injury. I hope somebody can talk sense to him. A slight variation in his dance routine can ease that pain.

To my blog readers who attended the concert please share some of your experiences here.

2nd Cloud Philippines Fan Event

I assure you it will be a fun event with with lots of surprises awaiting those who will come. The major raffle price alone is worth the entrance fee especially for those building their collection.

For more details you can also check on the Move On thread of Cloud Philippines

Friday, January 19, 2007

Rain Message from JYP 16/01/2007

I'm home everyone!
2007.01.16 16:16

I'm home.
While i was away are you all alright?

I've successfully completed the HK concert, even though I had a little accident and I had a slight injury in my arm.

I heard that everyone was very worried about it. Don't worry about me, I'm okay.

Don’t worry~

To my cloud family,you've always give me strength, after a few days i'll be leaving for Singapore.

I will do my best in Singapore!!I will try my best to be worthy.

My proud cloud family, please take care of yourself and be healthy.

Everyone together..Fighting!

Source: soompi
Eng trans: J.Lee

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Bi Leaving Hong Kong Wounded

The other day (Jan 15, 2007) at 11:15AM, Rain arrived at the airport, wearing T-shirt, jeans and black framed glasses, he left Hong Kong on an airplane with his picture painted on it (I’m assuming this is the plane for his World Tour). The airport bureau placed two parapets in advance. Rain entered the airport security check area as usual from the staff member line. Before entering the security area, to the 100 waiting fans, while smiling, he waved goodbye. Singapore concerts are not affected Rain was injured at the Hong Kong concert, should he buy insurance and obtain compensation? Rain’s Hong Kong manager Chen Chiaying expressed that Rain bought insurance, but would not disclose the amount of insured value. Chen Chiaying expressed that Rain’s wound condition would not greatly obstruct, will not influence next stop on tour, Singapore's performances. And regarding rumors that the concert’s 2nd night did not sell out and the handing out of free tickets? Chen Chiaying expressed that this was not her responsibility, and was not sure about the situation, she was only responsible for taking care of Rain.

Reporters: Yang Min Li, Lin Tsuchieh
Source: Ming Pao, Jan 16, 2007
Translation by fumi@SexyBi

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Rain Gets Speeding Ticket in Hong Kong


A car carrying Korea's top pop star Rain was stopped by Hong Kong police last Thursday for violating the speed limit, according to reports.

Rain, who has become an Asian heartthrob, was in Hong Kong Jan. 12-14 for concerts. It was part of the 25-year-old's World tour titled "Rain's Coming." The tour started in Korea last December.

Rain's car was chased by a horde of paparazzi, who have closely followed the star since his arrival Wednesday, reports said. In an attempt to escape the pursuers, Rain’s car sped to 100 km/h exceeding the speed limit of 80 km/h.

As police stopped Rain's car, the following cars of the paparazzi and fans also halted, creating a major traffic disorder. The police charged the driver about 450 Hong Kong dollars, or 54,000 won ($58).

Despite the incident, Rain's Hong Kong concerts thrilled fans with extravagant stage effects and the clean-cut singer’s flashy dance moves, reports said.

Source: The Korea Times

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Rain's Hong Kong Arrival

Rain's Bangkok Concert Is Officially Postponed

We have been hearing about it since Monday but we were still hoping that it will push through. See we have a delegation from Cloud Philippines who are watching the two nights concert and they have already paid for their tickets and airfare last month.

Yesterday they finally got the news that the concert will be postponed for June (no exact date given). Security was the primary concern, not just for Rain and his entourage but for the thousands of fans expected to troop to the venue.

Maybe some of you also purchased a ticket so if you want to get a refund you can get refunds at points of sales from January 22 to February 4. Fans can go to the counter service outlets if they've obtained tickets from them. For those buy through, they must go to Major Cineplex Ratchayothin branch during the designated period.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

It's RAINing in Hong Kong

Bi departed Incheon airport at 8:40am on flight KE603 together with 70 of his crew/staff. A total of 288 people boarded the flight, that is 218 other public passengers. The flight arrived in HK at 11:46am but fans there reported at 12:07pm that he had not come out yet.

I will post photos once I get them, I heard he is scheduled to have a presscon two hours from now so let's see what we can source out.

Source: Yonhap News/Daum
credits: orengi of soompi

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Korean Air to support Rain's World Tour

Jan. 8, SEOUL, South Korea -- Asian heartthrob Rain (L) looks at a Korean Air airplane model bearing his image during a ceremony in which the popular Korean singer sealed a tie-up agreement with the national flag carrier at Hyatt Incheon on Jan. 8. At right is Kim Young-ho in charge of the airline's passenger service. Korean Air will fly airplanes bearing the image of Rain and provide free flight and cargo services to some 80 members of the singer's staff during the "Rain's Coming World Tour" slated for January through May this year. (Yonhap)


Tickets for Rain’s Hong Kong Concert Sold Out

Singer Rain, who is gearing up to conquer the world stage, has sold out the tickets for his Hong Kong concert as part of his world tour “Rain’s Coming.”

As a result, Lee In-kwang, the president of Star M Entertainment, which is in charge of Rain’s world tour, has expressed confidence that the tour will become successful.

“We put priority on concerts in China and the U.S. in this tour. Due to the successful concert in Las Vegas, more concerts can be planned in more U.S. cities including New York and LA, and China is one of the new markets we can explore,” Lee said. “I will do my best for the planned tour to serve as a stepping stone for Rain to rise to world stardom.”

Rain signed a partnership deal with Korean Air for his world tour on Monday. At a press conference held before the signing ceremony, the country’s largest carrier released an airplane bearing the singer’s picture, which will begin flights to coincide with his Hong Kong concert.

Having decided to sponsor Rain’s world tour as part of its win-win strategies, Korean Air will operate the flight from January to May. It will also provide free flights for some 80 tour staff members and 20 tons of concert equipment.

The “Rain’s Coming” world tour began in Seoul on Dec. 15 and 16, with the Las Vegas concert held on Dec. 23 and 24. The Hong Kong concert is scheduled for Jan. 12 and 13, followed by Singapore on Jan. 21, Malaysia on Jan. 27, Thailand on Feb.3 and Vietnam on March 10 and 11. Other nations on the tour include Taiwan, China, Japan, U.S. (LA and New York) and Canada (Toronto).

Source: KBS Global

Monday, January 08, 2007

Seaching High And Low

Yesterday should have been just a typical Sunday morning for me. Wake up late after a marathon watching of whatever drama that took my fancy, have a late breakfast while watching television and then start house cleaning. It took an sms message from another Rain fan to get my ass moving out of the house in my house dress while the sun is up and shining (boy it was hot). Now I'm digressing, the message was that Rain is being featured in one of the biggest newspapers here in the Philippines, not it the enternainment section mind you but in the main section of the paper. And as an added inspiration, they used his recent photo.

So there I was checking out all the newstand that I know in my community at 11:00 am without an umbrella because I was so excited! But my excitement was shortlived, for some unknown reason all the copies of Phil. Daily Inquirer was sold out. I would like to think I have lots of unknown Bi fans in my neighborhood, hehehe....

So I went home frustrated, tired and thirsty...I really want a copy of that newspaper. I may have looked really downcast because my mom suddenly volunteered to check if there are still copies left near the church and the market. So there goes my mom with an umbrella (smart move) and my four year old nephew in tow walking in broad daylight just to get me a copy of the newspaper but sobs...they came back with a big bottle of cola but no PDI.

Good thing Sharlene scanned the paper and posted it in Cloud Philippines. So for those like me who was not lucky to get the paper, here's a short transcript of the article.

King of K-Pop

"The year 2006 has been very eventful for Korean pop star Jung Ji-hoon, better known as Rain to his legions of fans.

In February, the 24-year old king of K-pop sold out two shows at the Madison Square Garden, New York City. Thanks largely to his killer body and flash dance moves, Rain has successfully built up a reputation in America, although some critics argues that he owes much of his immediate success to American pop stars such as Michael Jackson and Usher from whom he draws out inspiration.

Two months after his US debut, the multitalented star was named as one of the world's 100 Most Influential People by TIME Magazine, along with Condelizza Rice, George Clooney and Russell Crowe. In a related article the US Weekly called him a "Korean Justine Timberlake" and the face of "Pop Globalism".

On Dec. 15, he embarked on his "World Tour" that features 35 concerts in 12 countries over 5 months. Rain also made his big-screen bebut in Director Park Chan-Wook's "I'm A Cyborg But It's Ok" which is now showing in Korea.

The weather forcast is that it's gonna be wet for K-pop fans."

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Rain Voted Most Likely to Dominate 2007

The singer-actor Rain has been named the male celebrity most likely to make 2007 his year. In an online poll by the Sports Chosun, a sister publication of the Chosun Ilbo, between Dec. 25 and Jan. 1 asking which male celebrity will make the year his own, Rain came top with 32 percent. In 2006, he rose to stardom on the global stage beyond Asia, making it onto the list of TIME Magazine's 100 most influential people as the first Korean entertainer, and performing at Madison Square Garden in New York in February, a first for an Asian singer. His popularity is to continue this year, too, as he has embarked on world tour he named "Rain's Coming" to coincide with the release of his fourth album.

The nos. 2 and 3 were Song Seung-hun with 24.1 percent and Yoon Kye-sang with 17.2 percent; both just completed their military service. Song started his schedule officially when he visited Japan in December and is currently looking at screeplays. He is expected to stage his comeback either in a drama or a movie soon. Yoon already decided on his first show after his discharge. He is to co-star with Lee Mi-yeon in the SBS drama "Crazy for You", which starts airing in February. Seven, another singer who has taken up acting, was ranked fourth with 12.5 percent. He will star in the MBC drama "Palace S-Prince House", to be aired in October this year, alongside Heo I-jae and Park Shin-hye.

Source: Digital Chosunilbo

Signs of More Rain In The Philippines

The new year for us Cloud Philippine members seems to be off to a good start. Full House will be making a comeback to our local tv station for it's 3rd run very soon. I personally did not see the trailer but my mom did and it made her day.

And starting yesterday we are going to see him at MTV because he is being featured as Artist of the Month. Is it the sign of his upcoming World Tour to our country? I sure hope so.

photo source: MTV Asia
credits: pau of cloudphilippines