Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A letter to the clouds from Rain

Here's the translation of the letter read by Rain during with Fan Meeting with Cloud Korea last May 28
Credit: yunrain@baidu// jinlees@soompi
Kr to Ch: Yunrain
Ch to Eng: Rayndrop

A letter from Rain to Cloud

"Why are you laughing? Some music please!"

Before I met all of you, I didn't know how to love
I'm standing before all of you as "Rain"
When my heart is bursting with love from all of you
I understand the meaning of "this is the feeling of receiving love"

But when I am giving love, it seems like my method is somewhat wrong
And...there seems to be a feeling of distance

All these while when I was only receiving love, I was also very fortunate
But while your love in my heart is overflowing
I realised that my ways of showing love is very distant

During the 4 years I've spent with all of you
Ah~it seems like it is only now that I understand the meaning of love
Love can only be achieved jointly by both sides
To share whether in times of joy and sorrow

To everybody, my way of loving is
Whenever you are happy, sad, or in a special moment
it is my face and the image of me performing my best that will first come to your mind!
In order to be deserving of your love, and a name which you are proud of
I have always tried to put on my best performance.

Yup. In order for Rain to be able to continue being your source of pride in future;
In order for everybody to feel proud as a fan of Rain;
In future, I will strive to become the brightest light that stays by your side.

Rain: "Do you believe?"
Cloud: "We believe!"
Rain: "Too you believe?"
Cloud: "We believe!"
Rain: "Oh good! Thank you!

Monday, May 29, 2006

Fan's Account: Jihoon's Fan Meeting

Credit: jinlees@soompi
Ch to Eng; Rayndrop

Just got back. Quick Summary:

1. Opening performance: I do

2. Very sincerely discussed the litte side stories while he was performing overseas; his ideal girl; his take on marriage

3. He has no girlfriend, so he has no one to call. So he's depressed sometimes. But with the huge support of fans, he is able to proceed with many promotional activities, so he is very grateful

4. About 1600 clouds attended the event

5. He sang Sad Tango

6. Some fans asked curiously, and Jihoon replied honestly: I've watched some wild movies with no titles when I was young (rayndrop: what's wild movies?)

7. With regards to this fan-meeting, JH said: I'm thinking next year, the year after, or when I am thirty, what kind of feelings will I have about such events? Every time I think about this, I remind myself I must work hard so I can be worthy of treatments like this...

8. The event went on for 2 and a half hours

9. JH has gone back to Pusan for filming

10. Clouds sitting in the first row got to taste the rice dumplings made by JH

11. When JH was asked about the "wild movies" JH replied: I'm a man too... (Ok...I guess we know what a "wild movie" is now)

"When I go onstage, it's like going into battle. I'm the representative in the front line, and with my clouds as my back up troops, I feel very secure. No matter whenever it is, Clouds are like my armour, surrounding me..."
My thoughts:

The members of Cloud Korea expressly told their members not to post the happenings in any forum or website since it's an exclusive event meant to be enjoyed by members only ~ how discriminating to the other fans who are not members of Cloud simply because overseas fans are not yet allowed to join. I'm lucky to have a friend who got invited to the affair so I got an inside info but what about the others out there?

My Kind of Shirt

I'm not sure if this boy is aware that he is courting a lot of trouble by wearing that simple tee. Those biceps are already inducing a drool fest in all the major forums and fansites but does he have to choose that come-on line ?

Bevery Hills available for a Quikie

I know you're a tease but do you have to pose as if you are waiting for us to line up. Are you sure you are ready because there will be no turning back

Friday, May 26, 2006

Rain visit in Japan on 22 May: Behind-the-scenes

Credit: biwithrain/jinlees@soompi /low-key mysterious source
Low-key Jp to Ch Translation: ca0825
Low key Ch to Eng Translation: Rayndrop@RainSingapore //Spot-translating: Yun

Shortly after noon, Rain arrived at NHK safely. I was just thinking, "Rain is now busy with his movie. I wonder if he is tired?" At that moment, I saw Rain greeting the crew members with his usual bright smile. Has he been training during this period of time. He looks fitter than the last time he visited Japan. Looks so energized. The moment he entered the studio, he started rehearsing immediately. Rain has memorised every single word and pronunciation of the lyrics as well as dance movement for his song. All of us were shocked. Turned out he didn't want to disappoint his Japanese fans, so he only slept two hours last night just so he can do a final run-through for his Freeway performance. The people at the TV station were all very concerned about Rain. After this, they immediately travelled to the TV Station for his rehearsal and performance. There were many rooms prepared for Rain, but in the end, he still ran off to the smallest resting room to chat and joke with his dancers. After that, they set off again for NHK. In the resting room, Rain was having sushi, ramen, bento, eel fish cake and continued his rehearsal all the way until it was time for his performance. As Rain was the second last to go on stage, he saw many artistes with their different styles. However, he was actually very nervous, "I wonder if my fans will come today?"

The performance was early by about 10 mins. When it was time for his performance, when Rain stepped onto the stage, the cheering from below the stage was so loud it was never heard of before. Actually, the fans who have come to support Rain today have only heard the teaser version of his single's second song. Cheering him on should be pretty difficult. But who knew the cheers fror Rain would be so loud? After his performance, he expressed happily, "I'm very happy today. Really looking forward to the arrival of next month". On the way back, he started taking photos of himself making funny faces on the bus. He then showed them off to his dancers, and everybody had a good laugh. When the bus was on the roads of Aoyama, he saw a big scooter. He was inside the bus looking out the window like a kid, "Ah...That bike is so cool", "Ah...I want one so much!" and they all started to get all excited in the bus. After this, they had a good dinner at a Japanese eatery and went back to their hotel.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Lost Opportunity

Good opportunities sometimes knocks on our doors once in our lifetime so I was disappointed when I read this news.

It's noble and touching to know that he thinks highly of his fans but for a country that puts a lot of emphasis on honor I'm sure they are aware that his fans will understand if they will move his fan meeting on a later date.

Is he rethinking of his plans to have a career in the west because his sudden announcements and interviews gives me another idea contradictory to how I perceive his actions to be. It's turning to be a cliffhanger with his fans waiting with mixed feelings on what he's reasons are for the sudden change of heart.

Rain's Fourth Album would be released in October.

Rain's Fourth Album would be released in October.
19 May 06; Yonhap News

Ch to Eng: veronicaleung@sexybi

News released from Korea on May 19th annoucned that Rain will be releasing his fourth album in October. The album would be sold in Korea, China and other 11 countries at the same time. During the promotion period, famous musicians would be invitied to Seoul to participate in the album release press conference.

A representative from Rain's agency's JYP Entertainment said in October, when Rain releases his fourth album, the album would be sold in 11 countries at the same time and they would invite their Asia business partners and media to join the press conference hold in Seoul.

They also announced that at the end of the year, Rain will hold 35 shows in countries such as Korea, Japan, China, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Asian countries. They are planning to invest 400 billion Korean Wan for this project.

Famous producer, JYP is producing thalbum. As the album will be release among many countries in Asia, the album will include songs with various versions to fit the international market.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Who Are The People In Your Neighborhood

Ok chingus I know you've all watched Sesame Street at one point in your young life so sing along with me as we walk along the street of Sansaedong, in Kangnam-gu, Seoul.

"Who are the people in your neighborhood
In your neighborhood, in your neighborhood.
Now, who are the people in your neighborhood,

They're the people that you meet each day."

Ok now let's take a stroll down Bi's neighborhood and what do you see? Hhhmmm, that brick wall and gate looks familiar to me???? Think, think, think..... I knew I've seen it before. Right!

"Bae Yong Joon's a person in your neighborhood,
in your neighborhood, in your neighborhood.
Bae Yong Joon's a person in your neighborhood,
He's the person that you'll meet each day."

Hahaha..... I'm having fun but I know that is not what some of you are expecting right now. I'm just relaxing your vocal chords after all that screaming you've done right after reading that his newly furnished house is just 100 meters away from a certain ladies home.

"Hye-Kyo is a person in your neighborhood,
in your neighborhood, in your neighborhood.
Hye-Kyo is a person in your neighborhood,
She's the person that you'll meet each day."

Now that made your day right? Just a 3 minute walk will take you from his house to her house. I can already imagine the silly grin plastered on the faces of the shippers out there. Care to add another stanza to our song?

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Home Sweet Home

Rain acquired the house of Artist Hsu Seyuan and Hsu Senki located at Seoul Chiang Nan Area SansenDong and the final price is 3170 million and 40 thousand han dollars. The location of the housing is in a high class residential area with many artists living nearby. The house has a total of 5652 square feet, the building is 3492 square feet and had a basement plus two floors above ground. This house is located west of Kingki High School.

I'm glad that he's investing his money wisely and is on track in preparing for a future befitting his stature. But such move caused some of his fans to further speculate on his plans of getting married. Can't say I blame them after all he did express a wish of having a family of his own and living a normal simple life. But with his mandatory military service looming around the corner and his continued popularity not just in Asia but in the States, I think such dreams will have to take a back sit for a few more years.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Rain to Launch Asian Tour in Time for 4th Album

Korean pop star Rain is planning a series of Asian tour concerts to coincide with the release of his 4th album. On the tour entitled, 'GLOBAL PROJECT 1st CONCERT in the World / 'RAIN' Asia Tour,' Rain will perform 35 concerts to be held in 11 Asian countries beginning from the end of this year. On May 10th, the organizer of the concerts Star M Planning announced, “About 40 billion won will be invested in Rain’s Asian tour concerts.

Internationally renowned stage designer Mark Fisher who has fashioned concerts by top pop figures such as Michael Jackson, the Rolling Stones and U2, will participate in the tour. Also, Jamie King, the choreographer and stage director for Rickie Martin, Britney Spears and Madonna will be on staff for these concerts.”

The Asian countries that Rain will visit are Korea, Japan, China, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia. Organizers predict the 35 concerts throughout 11 countries will attract an audience of about 1 million total.

CREDITS: KBS + [url][/url]

Monday, May 15, 2006

Time 100 Reception Photos

All smiles upon arrival at the venue for the Time 100 Reception

Being interviewed by the foreign press covering the event with the debonair Appa Jeong looking on.

With mega producer Jerry Bruckheimer whom he was seated with at the reception for more than 2 hours. There's a related story about it here

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

When It Rains It Pours.....

2006/05/09 14:43 KST

ABC plans TV documentary on S. Korean pop singer Rain

NEW YORK, May 9 (Yonhap) -- The U.S. TV network ABC will likely film a documentary on the life of South Korean pop singer Rain.

"I was asked to be in a TV documentary about me by Rudy Bednar, an executive producer at ABC," Rain said during a meeting with South Korean correspondents in New York on Monday.


Monday, May 08, 2006

That Elusive Smile

I've been out of touch this week-end having spent it with the entire Voltes team (I will blog about it in my other site) so it was a welcome surprise to see the following photos while visiting soompi.

Departure from Seoul to attend the Time 100 reception dinner. He looks good in that tattered jeans.

Arrival photo in New York where he was greeted by a small group of his fans who are based in the States.

Although he nodded and shook hands with some of them, he did not flash his megawatt smile nor made an effort to pose for photos and sign autographs that caused some of those people to be a bit disappointed. Though I feel for them I was not surprised by his actions after all this is not the first time that he did it. I have come to accept the fact that Rain is the type who will put on a happy face when he's not in the mood for it which can be considered as a disadvantage to a lot of people. He is after all trying to penetrate the American music scene and having a huge fan base will help him make his presence felt. I do hope JYPE can discuss this with him but at least his fans got a treat because they were able to chat with his father and he even obliged to have his photo taken with them.

One proud papa!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Rain Latest Phone Interview on Time 100 Very Happy

Rain reveals his feelings about being in the TIME 100 in this phone interview.

"I feel like a frog who finally got out of the deep well. Now I have to decide if I want to go into the river or into the ocean." Rain, who was recently named as the TIME 100 most influential people of 2006, compared himself to a frog who just got out of the deep well to mean that he has so much more to do in the future.

Rain had this phone interview with Star News on May 1st. He mentioned that "He is very satified but also very anxious and that this is just the beginning so he is going to have to work harder."

The next is Rain's interview.

Interviewer: You are the first Korean Entertainment star to be part of the TIME 100, how do you feel?

Rain: I was very suprised when I heard the news. It is so meaningful to me. This is all because all of my Korean fans and all my staff who have helped me get here. At first, I thought of my mother, and Park Jin Young gave me a chance through the audition when I was nothing. JYP Entertainment staff have helped me in many ways for me to be here so I want to thank my JYP family. I am very glad that my entrance into the American market is off to a great start so I am very satisfied but also anxious. This is the beginning so I feel that I have to work harder.

I: Last February's New York concert and being part of the TIME 100 must be a totally different feeling.

R: I was very happy then, but I am so much happier now. TIME 100 list is comprised not only of entertainers but it also includes politicians and businessmen so I feel very honored.

I: What do you think was the highest scored quality of yourself that TIME has accepted?

R: I believe that my Asian tour has been a great asset for me. I have the knowledge that there are about 15000000 Asian in the US, and due to this huge population of Asian there is an influence of Asian culture even in the US. I also believe that my announcement of releasing an album in the US was a big influence. Seeing that I was able be included in the internet poll along with Director Ang Lee, I believe that Asians are becoming a cultural influence even in the US. Asian culture will soon be well excepted in the US so I will have to very work hard.

I: Your family and the people around you must have been very happy for you.

R: My father was very happy. He said that honor is the most important thing so don't become greedy and work harder and better. Even for me, receiving an award like this doesn't make my shoulders light, it makes it heavier.

I: Are you confident about entering the American market?

R: I was able to show them what RAIN has done so far. I feel like I am stil a newbie and I am glad that I have long way to go in order to reach the top. It seems that the name Rain has been spread very wide but it cannot be said that Rain is the best in Asia. America is a place where I can go in. I believe that American and Chinese media is thinking that since Rain is in the TIME 100, Rain will release his album in the US next year and do something very meaningful. In one way I am very nervous and confident about that idea but I am also very afraid. In the beginning, I remembered my first appearance four years ago, I think on April 28th, on Show Music Tank on KMTV music program. At that time, my only wish was to win a trophy by becoming 1st place, and now I feel like a frog that finally escaped the deep well. Now he has to decide if he want to go to the river or the ocean.

I: I think that being part of the TIME 100 list will help your release of an english album.

R: I think it will be greater than just help. Many people are wondering what kind of goal I have set and how I networked in order to get more votes in the TIME poll compared to famous Americans stars such as Kanye West and George Clooney. I think that they were very surprised. But I am very glad that I will be able to meet very many famous people at the TIME dinner party.

I: Will the American album be released in September as planned?

R: I think that it will be very hard for me to release and album this year. If I release an album in the US, I have to be active in the US for at least 6 to 7 months, but since I have already set up my 2nd annual tour to start at the end of this year and ends in the middle of next year I think the english album will have to wait till after my tour is over.

I: Michelle Wie is also part of the TIME 100. Have you ever met her?

R: No I have never met her, but I am proud because she is also Korea.

I: How is your english studies progressing?

R: I am hoping that by the end of this year, my english will be much better. Right now I am very busy with my movie shoots, so I am not able to have my private english tutor. I plan on starting the private lessons again after the movie shoot is over.

I: How is your first movie shoot?

R: Shooting the movie is very fun. Because the director is Park Chan Wook so I am very glad, and I think it's going to be a very fun moie. I am very thankful because I am able to shoot my first movie with Director Park Chan Wook and it is a lot of fun.

I: If there was a goal you set out for this year?

R: My plan was to "live like a normal guy." I wanted to find a girlfriend, hang out with my friends, and go out for delicious food. I also wanted to travel and enjoy the fun things. But I think it will not happen again this year because my schedule is packed till next year.

I: Lastly, a word to your fans.


from JYPE
Thanks to Jinlees of soompi for the translation

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Rain Makes TIME World 100 List

Singer and actor Rain has been selected one of the 100 most influential people in the world by American magazine TIME.

Rain is the first Korean entertainer to make the annual list, announced on Sunday morning, local time.

The 23-year-old singer-actor was also voted online as the second most influential person next to Oscar-winner film director, Ang Lee, in the "Artists & Entertainers" section.

The magazine held online voting for three weeks in April via its website.

Thanks to his killer body and dynamic dance moves which exude masculine charm, Rain has ridden the hallyu crest, the Korean wave, and has been looking east to the United States, working hard on English.

He sold out two shows at Madison Square Garden in New York in February.

According to Rain's agency, JYP entertainment, the American magazine said people for the list were chosen mostly based on the opinions of TIME staff and a jury, with online results being only a minor element.

Consequently, at an official invitation, Rain will attend the "TIME 100" Party at New York's Lincoln Center, May 8. Also invited are others chosen for the list including Nigerian Archbishop Peter Akinola and DaimlerChrysler chief, Dieter Zetsche.

Rain will head to New York on May 7.

The singer is currently filming "Saibogujiman Kwenchana," ("Although I am a cyborg, it's OK") in which he has the lead role. The film is by renowned director Park Chan-wook. It will be Rain's big-screen debut.

Other Koreans who have made the list include former Seoul National University professor and scientist Hwang Woo-suk, Samsung Group chairman Lee Kun-hee and North Korean leader Kim Jong-il.