Monday, July 31, 2006

Happy For A Friend

Those who frequent Rain's thread in soompi may have read dear friend and Voltes Team member Rizza's account of her experience at Noel's Concert last Friday night. She was so overwhelmed to be so close (an arm length away) to the stage and if she was brazen enough, she could have touched Bi. I'm sure she will consider this as one of the highlights of her 3 months stay in Korea. In fact she was so excited she was crying while I talked to her on the phone and stayed up to morning chatting online with Paulette.

As you can see from the photo, our boy seems to be in a good mood. He sang I Do and It's Raining to the delight of the crowd. You can view the performances here and here. His 4th album contains a lot of dance tracks and I can't wait to see him explode on the stage with his latest dance moves.

credits to rizza for the video clip
and pau for uploading it.

RAIN may show up in American CFs

Asian Top Star RAIN is counting down to enter the major advertisement (or CFs) industry in USA!

Recently, Rain received a 'love call' from a famous American company, to be the model for their electronic products. The related personnels have met each other for discussion. The details and contract conditions (whether Rain will agree) shall be finalised during Rain's latest visit to US.

JYPE spokesman said, "Further negotiation between us and the company was done in this trip. The person in charge is highly interested in Rain, so we believe that good news is coming soon..."

Rain was selected as "The 100 most influential people in 2006" by TIME magazine, which dragged the world's attention to this young Korean artistABC Channel also described Rain as "An artist who is able to connect Eastern and Western pop cultures"showed their interest in him. Thus, more and more American advertisement/CFs may look for Rain since the local society starts to concern about him.

Korean artists who are active in US, such as actor Jin Yunzhen, singer He Lixiu had signed up for cosmetic CFs in US. If Rain signs this contract, he will be the 1st Korean artist that becomes model for branded electronic products. Also, the advertisement/CFs can be a strong stepping stone for Rain to enter US market in the future.

"The CF contract is not yet confirmed, so we can't tell more details at the moment," said JYPE. "However, this BIG commercial company shows their great interest in Rain.. They express their high expectation to Rain's development in US... which is quite encouraging for us..."

Rain will release his 3rd Japanese single on 9th Sept and his 4th Korean album in October.

Translation by liusu33@cloudchina (Kor to Chi)
Translation by jjbug@MJJH (Chi to Eng)
Credit : nana555@Bi's Kingdom(

Jihoon in the eyes of a JYP dancer's mother

Credit: jinlees@soompi
Kr to Ch: wwrain
Ch to Eng: Rayndrop

I bumped into the mother of Gyu Sang, who is currently a dancer for Jihoon.
I got to know her through someone else.

Gyu Sang was one year senior to Jihoon during High School.
He's often with Jihoon, and as a mother, she does not get to see her son a lot.
He's mother said, "Because he's the only son, he is quite pampered."
In the past, he used to cause his parents much worries.
Because he's practising dancing with Jihoon every day,
His parents feel pained in their heart.

Gyu Sang used to get scoldings from his parents a lot in the past.
But now, he's doing really well, and acting much more like a good son.
"Ever since he's been with Jihoon, he seemed to have grown up a lot,
and seemed to be more understanding now."

His mother expresses her thanks to Jihoon.
Says the mother,
"Our son came home and told us, Jihoon often told him, he should treat his parents well.
When it comes to dealing with issues, Jihoon is a lot more matured than her son."

She kept praising Jihoon, I stood straight with pride.

She also said, because of Jihoon, her son is capable of earning money now.
Jihoon is really a rare child.
Her son used to have some income, but not as much as what he is making now.

He is an adult now.

As we know, Jihoon frequently sacrifices his sleep to practise.
His dancers are not having it easy too; sleeping very little as well.

I told Gyu Sang's mother, "Jihoon does not have a mother. Please take care of him more like a mother to a child."

Gyu Sang's mother said, "Jihoon's very matured. Sometimes he considers more than me, a mother."
Isn't our Jihoon great?

Gyu Sang's mother is worried that once the concert tour starts,
she will not be able to see her child for a long time.
She is also worried about his health.

Also, Gyu Sang's mother is really moved by the passionate fans.
She said, she's never thought the fans will protect Jihoon like that.

Jihoon is a very lucky person indeed.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Rain and JYP make BMW short music video

reporter Kim wonkyeon
from cloudchina, kr to chi by liusu33

Asia star Rain and his boss JYP will perform together in a short music video.

Auto brand BMW korea says singer Rain and JYP will make a part of "BMW Meets Music" , a sports short music video "BMW meets truth", together.

The details of this short MV is not clear yet, but MV of brand promoting image media has been released.

Rain and JYP and the director of the short MV PArk Shenming(sound) and the group of staff plan to hold a producing conference in BMW shoproon on August 3rd at Seoul Jiangnan(sound), by that time they will introduce the producing contents.

Rain is filming the last part of his first move"Cyborg", and in October he will release his 4th (korean) album. This december he will start his Asia tour.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Jolin dancing with RAIN in new Pepsi CF

Source : Sina Entertainment, China
Up by
Edit and translation by jjbug@MJJH

credits to tyty 6 7 of soompi

In the filming of new Pepsi CFs, again it's a gathering session of Asian super stars like RAIN, Louis, Jolin and Edison. In terms of rewards and treatment, what RAIN enjoys is same as the others. All the super stars exhibited their team spirit and practised hard to show their best in the CFs!

Several guys were training like mad in the filming location. Jolin who was relatively free , was walking around with the cameraman and explaining what the guys were practising. She also teased Edison because he failed to hold the cans on his chest. Poor Edison had never been successful until he felt like giving up! Louis's action was the most challenging - playing with leather whip!! Hmm, seems like it's not easy for them to get over the training~

How about Jolin herself? Well, she will dance with Rain! It should be a piece of cake for her... So their practice was rather relaxed, but the effects were perfect!
Among four of them, RAIN was the most relaxed. He had made funs around and took the chance to learn some Cantonese~~
If you want to watch a clip of Rain and Jolin filming the CF then click here.

Lumpsugar's Premiere

It seems the cast of Cyborg is serious in their bid to get more publicity because after being seen in the VIP premiere of The Host, Bi attended the premiere of Lumpsugar which stars Im Soo Joong (the female lead of Cyborg). He seems to be in a good mood and his get up is just right though the shirt is a little tight but whose complaining? I'm not

Here's a transcript of the short interview after the screening.

Q: Your reason for attending the premiere?
A: Because we filmed together so I came with director to support. I heard the movie is interesting, sounds good. Today I will watch it (until the end) then go back home

Q: ISJ's charisma?
A: very kind, no faking

Q: to partner ISJ...
A:"you did this well...if the movie sells well it would be even better"

Credit: jinlees of soompi
Ch-Eng : PapanpadaBi

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Rain's X-Note CF Making

have more time then how about watching a clip of his Japan fan meeting with english subtitle here

An Appeal To Rain Take 2

Dearest Rain,

You included our country, Philippines as possible venue for your Asian Tour. For my peace of mind at that of your countless fans, I plead that you take note of my humble suggestions when you start negotiating with a local promoter.

  • Do not accept live tv guestings especially on noontime shows, game shows and gag (comedy) shows. A taped interview will be more appropriate for you.
  • If it cannot be avoided makes sure that they will assign a credible host to conduct the interview.
  • Ask your manager to give them an idea on how interviews are being done in your country. Make them aware that physical contact like hugging and kissing are not the norm but handshakes will not be a problem. Although we are asians, our culture is different from yours. We are more western in our ways but then again if you want to prepare for your entry in the States then go ahead and give us the signal that it's ok to give you a peck on your cheek.
  • We will highly appreciate if they can arrange for a meet and greet but it would be better if it can be coordinated with your legitimate fan club(s) here in the Philippines. Sadly when such things are left in the hands of the promoter, only their friends and relatives will be present and your real fans will be left outside crying buckets of tears for having missed the opportunity to see you.
I'm sure my fellow filipino biers will have a say on this and will make their own comments so if you happen to come accross my blog please read their contributions as well.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Fan Account: Meeting Bi outside JYPE

22 Jul 06
Credit: lengqingluoxue@biwithrain// sexybi
Kr to Ch:
Ch to Eng: Rayndrop

Some Korean fans saw Jihoon outside JYPE too. His expression was a little tense.
Today some Korean fans went to JYPE on hearing news that Jihoon is around, and they met him there.
Jihoon went to an internet cafe after his practise.


Our eyes were fixed on the internet cafe's door.
About 20 minutes later, a figure in yellow approached from a distance.

His hat was white and hair curly.
He was wearing a yellow t-shirt with pale colour jeans.

Jihoon looked like he was in high spirit.
He was wearing his ear phone all these while, and we thought he was talking on the phone.
Later, we realised he was talking to his assistant.
He turned around and bragged to his assistant, "Anyway, I won."
So cute.
He even did the "firing a gun" action in his Vita500 CF.
Like a little kid, he was very happy, a smile hanging on the edge of his lips.
(How's that! You guys haven't seen that before, eh?!)
We were really happy to see him in such high spirits too.

Very quickly, he was surrounded by a group of people.
I quickly went up too, "Your autography please?"
Jihoon, "OK".
I took out the card I've prepared and got my autograph.
Then somebody took out two albums and gave him a pen.
Jihoon said, "This pen won't work."
The person only stared at Jihoon and didn't hear him.
I quickly passed him my pen...
Many others got his autograph too.
There was one red rash on his right cheek.
His whole face was flushed red and looking very cute.
There were red rashes on his chin too.
He shaved today.
Did he shaved too quickly?

There were hair on his arm, all the way from the centre of his arms to his hands
But the length was ok, very tamed and clean
(The Korean fan really looked in detail, didn't she?)

His skin colour was different from the "Monster" premier pictures.
He was very fair.
[Rayndrop: she going to give us the size of his pores too?

Then he got on a black car (not his artiste van)...with a swoop...

Friday, July 21, 2006

Knit Me

Bi and her Cyborg co-star Im Soo Jung attended a premiere night of the movie "The Host". It's a good way to call attention to their movie. And that knitted top he's wearing is getting mixed reaction from his fans.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

[Photo] Move On

Presenting the cover photo for his 3rd Japanese single "Move On". Why do I get a vibes that is a sad song just by looking in his eyes. Seems he's ready to shed some tears here.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

An Appeal

Dearest Rain,

I've always known you to be the jealous type since you have said so yourself countless times before. But please be assured that you will never be replaced in my heart even if I've acquired a new set of panchan collectively known as Shinhwa. Can you be a little understanding like your hyung Yong Joon? He was the sole love of my life for a year until you came along but I still love him until now. I'm really hoping you can do the same. You don't have to make your presence felt everytime Voltes talks about Shinhwa because you are the reason we are together.

Thank you and I hope you are assured by my words,

With love,


Thursday, July 13, 2006

Rain, Jay and Louis, Finally Show Up In Pepsi

Rain is always famous for his superb nice body figure, but he never showed it in CF before. This time, Rain becomes the fly sword wielder in Pepsi circus. Together with Louis, Rain will show off his figure in his first CF with Pepsi.

Rain actually brought out several suggestions on the hairstyles and make-ups. During the costume session in Korea, Rain prepared some info and references regarding hairstyling, which surprised Pepsi staffs and the hairstylists.

Can you believe there're more than 18 metallic bead pieces on his chest

Initially JYPE did not allow body paints or any makeup on Rain's body, due to his allergy to metallic stuffs. However, Rain liked the idea very much! He insisted to have a try and even persuaded JYPE.

Pepsi had prepared a range of metallic materials and special glue. Rain exaperiment with more than 18 metallic materials on himself! The CF making took lots of time, thus his 'experiment' carried on for more than 10 hours
(p/s: omo this kid! dun forget to take care of yourself!).

Now what we see on his chest are pure silver pieces, they were pasted one by one. "We (Louis, Jolin, Edison & himself) look at our photos after finish the CF... They're really cool" said Rain.

Source: Sina Entertainment
Up by
Translation by jjbug@MJJH

Warning ~ Not For the Faint Hearted

Don't say I didn't warn you peeps, but these photos are just so HOT I feel like having a cola even if it's raining cats and dogs in my part of the world.

Still can't get enough, then how about watching a clip of his photoshoot.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Blame It On The Rain

There's nothing better than a rainy day to make my thoughts wander and what life has been for me. Of course we all have some rough patches to go through now and then but all those things are bearable because I have friends ~ true, genuine friends who I can count on to be with me in good times and in bad.

And who would have imagined that some of the best people that have touched my life will come from my admiration for singer/actor Rain. Along my constant search for what's the latest about him, I bump into random names in the net whose persona I've gotten to know after meeting them in person. For this reason alone I doubt if I could ever erase Bi from my heart. A few years down the road he may opt to do other things and live a life away from our prying eyes. Or I may outgrow this phase and move on with my life. But I will always treasure the "friendship" that I gained.

And as the rain continue to pound outside my window may the RAIN that inspire us find the same gift of friendship in those around him. And before I get to mushy here I leave you with this poem and hope you say a little thanks those who you hold dear to your heart......

There Are Some Friends We Hold Close To Our Hearts

As we walk our path of life,
we meet people everyday.
Most are simply met by chance,
but some are sent our way.
These become the special friends
whose bond we can't explain ~
the ones who understand us
and share our joy and pain.
Their love contains no boundaries,
so even when apart,
their presence still embraces us
with a warmth felt in the heart.
This love becomes a passageway
where even miles disappear.
And so these friends life sends our way
remain forever near.

- Lisa Pelzer Vetter

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A Quick Update

Rain is now in the States as earlier announced to prepare for his single with Omarion. Once he's done with his commitments there he will return to Korea to finish shooting scenes for Cyborg. He will also finish his japanese album, film some CF to include his newest endorsement for Giordano with Jang Dong Gun. And let us not forget his 4th Korean album and preparation for his Asian Tour.

Now that's one full packed schedule though I'm really looking forward to see him on stage for a concert and hear his new songs.

Rain's Documentary Distributed all over Asia.

Rain's Documentary Distributed all over Asia. Secret of his 4 years in Entertainment is Revealed.
10 Jul 06, Sina Entertainment
Koreaguy reports

Credit: Rainhk/ jinlees@soompi
Ch to Eng: Rayndrop

The documentary that shows the record of Rain's road to stardom will be exported to six Asian countries and territories.

"KBS Special- Rain, the leap through Asia (Rayndrop:title trans my own, not official)" which was aired on channel KBS1 on 30 Oct last year has been exported to China, Singapore, Phillippines, Indonesia etc.

KBS media, which is reponsible for KBS' foreign cultural communication says, "We've recently exported six documentaries to three European countries. This time, we've exported 24 documentaries, including that of Rain, to six Asian countries and territories. Documentaries and serial dramas are different. They are quite difficult to export. But Rain's documentary is still easy to export to other countries. This is an indication of his high popularity."

Rain is very successful both as an actor and as a singer. His serial drama with Song Hye Gyo, "Full House", enjoyed high viewership ratings of 50% and above in places like China, Taiwan, Phillippines, Singapore, Malaysia etc. In particular, the final episode of the drama achieved a viewership of 64% in Thailand.

Rain's documentary, "KBS Special- Rain, the leap through Asia" is made up of 4 parts, namely, "Asia is now submerged in happy times of Rain", "Rain, his journey to becoming an Asian Star", "A date with singer cum actor, Jeong Jihoon", and "Rain, from Asia to Global" (Rayndrop: All title translations my own, not official).

The documentary shows Rain's scenes of his concert overseas and some of the interesting backstage happenings. It also exhibits his 4 years in the entertainment industry, as well as his secret to success- sweat and tears.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Finally The Pepsi Tarps

It's another beautiful day for all the Rain fans. Thanks Pepsi!

credits to pluiebleue of soompi

A True Friend

I was away from the net the entire weekend but I was happy to read this posting when I went online morning. I glad to know that Bi has friends that can understand what's he's going through because they are from the same business and can provide a much needed support if and when he needs it.

by the way those photos are great, the filter effect makes the view more dramatic but Rain has that certain look on his face in that top photo. Seems he's deep in thought about something.

Friday, July 07, 2006

I Want, I Want, I Want......

Pepsi and KFC China has a new promo that has the mobile phone chain shown above as a premium item. How I wish Pepsi will take advantage of Rain's popularity all over Asia and expand the promo to include the Philippines. Never mind if I love coke, I so want that cellphone chain that I'm willing to pile up more calories just to have one.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Rain will record song with US singer Omarion

source: Yonhap News

Asia star Rain (real name Jung JiHoon, 24 yrs old) plans to record duet with US pop singer and actor Omarion, and release digital single in Korean and the US.

Rain plans to end the movie shooting of his first movie, "Cyborg" , at the beginning of this month, and heading for US, where his music producer JYP is located, on the 10th, stay for 4-5 days, discuss the details of duet recording with Omarion, and meet with Asia tour representative.

Omarion is original the lead singer of R&B pop group, B2K. Now he has went single and participated in the movie"You got served" in 2004. Rain met Omarion when JYP was recording Omarion's record.

JYP representative says, on the interview on the 4th, that Rain and Omarion's collaboration will be a duet, and plans to release the recorded song in the form of digital single in Korea and US. It is very possible they will discuss this during this trip to the US, and finish the recording on the next trip to US. This time they also plans to discuss performance issues with the team working on the Asia tour that will start in December and tour 11 countries 35 cities.

The world famous stage designer Mark Fisher, who has worked for famous artists like Michael Jackson, Rolling stone and U2, and the choreographer, Jaime [Jamie?] King, who has choregraphed for Ricky Martin, Brannis Pierce(sound translate) and Madonna will be personally involved in Rain's Asia tour.

P.S. I guessed wrong, I was really thinking it was P. Diddy

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

What's Latest With Bi #2

This is the latest photo made public by the work staff of Cyborg. According to them the movie is 80% complete and will finish the shoot on July 10 and not 8th as I earlier posted.

translation to english by jinlees of soompi

Meanwhile Rain posted the following photos in his mini homepage at

Taken during his Rainy Day Concert in Thailand last February

Taken in Miami 2005

Rain, A Lion Tamer?

Finally the latest Pepsi advertising campaign poster for China, Taiwan and Hong Kong came out and I a sigh of relief escaped my lips. Why? at least he wasn't made to look like a clown. Instead he looks like a very sexy animal trainer in my eyes.

It's Raining in X-Man

I'm a huge fan of X-Man (a variety/game show) in Korea and I was really hoping that our dear Rain guest in one of their future episodes. Last week they showed a preview of Tony Ahn doing an impersonation of "It's Raining" so I was waiting for a youtube upload the whole day yesterday. Finally someone in soompi posted a link so just click and have some laughs.

Monday, July 03, 2006

What's The Latest With Bi

I've been taking it easy during the week-end not even going online to check on the latest with our man. Since I already blogged about Rain joining the screen quota protest last Saturday, I was expecting to see his photos upon going online but surprise, surprise..... no Bi in sight. So I checked on my fave Rain forums and Ranydrop kindly translated a news she found in

"About today's protest march, Rain's agency JYPE has pointed out: Rain will not be participating. This is because Rain's first movie is still in the making. It's really a little inappropriate for him to appear as a movie actor. Also, many senior movie-makers will be participating. Rain feels that he has never participated in any activities as a movie actor before. To stand alongside these seniors and making a stand, Rain feels that it is inappropriate in terms of social etiquettes. Hence he has decided not to join the march."

I will take that explanation with a face value since it's reasonable enough. After all Cyborg is his first movie sotaking a stand this early can be interpreted negatively by some. But I'm also thinking that since he has plans of promoting himself in the US it would be unwise to be too vocal in protest actions against the screen quota cut. Just to refresh your memory, such action was taken by the korean government as part of their Free Trade Agreement with the US.

On other news, Rain will finish his shoot for the movie Cyborg on the 8th and will go to the States on July 15. During his scheduled 10 days stay, Bi and JYP will discuss about the new album and how to break into the US market. Bi will have collaboration with a famous TOP STAR, but no name has come up as of this time (just a wild guess ~ P. Diddy). I just hope he can also get some much needed rest while he's in the States because he looks worn-out in this photo taken from a japanese article.