Tuesday, January 31, 2006

One Step Higher

In just two more days, Rain's dreams of breaking into the american music scene will be a reality. And what better place to showcase the his talent than by performing at the famed Madison Square Garden in the mighty Big Apple (New York City). A place that saw the fulfillment of a lot of dreams and the the bitter taste of defeat for others.

To most of us, MSG is where the most memorable and biggest fights were held, including many of Joe Louis, the Roberto Duran-Ken Buchanan affair, and the first and second Joe Frazier-Muhammad Ali bouts. Before promoters such as Don King and Bob Arum moved boxing to Las Vegas, Madison Square Garden was considered the mecca of boxing.

Most large popular-music concerts in New York City take place in Madison Square Garden. Particularly famous ones include The Concert for New York City following the September 11 attacks and John Lennon's final concert before his murder in 1980.

Many musical acts released seminal live albums from MSG, including Led Zeppelin, Bruce Springsteen, Frank Sinatra, Billy Joel, Phish, and Elvis Presley. Pearl Jam released a DVD of a concert at the Garden.

I can imagine the tension that Bi must be feeling as the d-day draws nearer but I have the confidence that he will give it his all surpassing all his other performances if only to prove that he got what it takes to be the first Korean artist to make it to Hollywood. So to you my dear ~ FIGHTING!!!

Monday, January 30, 2006

I'm Still Having Nightmares

It was a special friday night because I'm with the company of 5 awesome gals who loves Rain. Dinner was at Min Sok where Cha regaled us with her anecdotes of her trip to Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore complete with pictures (don't know if I can do those poses). Pau told us that the grocery assistant in the nearby kmart is missing us so we just have to drop by and buy, buy buy. By the way the Soul Milk is good but I'd rather eat kutsinta than the ricecakes. Then off to Starbucks in Rockwell for our usual nightcap of coffee and dessert and endless hours of chit chat about our fave guy.

Our topic for the night is very intriguing and so controversial that I'm still having nightmares thinking about it and would rather die than post it here in my blog. I'm really hoping and praying that it's just an observation without a hint of truth..... pleeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzz. And Flor if your friend ever confirms it in Bangkok, can you break it to me gently? I need to be mentally prepared ok?

Friday, January 27, 2006

Twisted Toungue, Twisted Mind

To enable him to perform in the USA with ease I'm sure he studied more english songs and added more spiels for his english speaking fans. At the same time he is also studying Japanese so he can promote his japanese album "Sad Tango" more aggressively. In fact he made a good impression on his tv guestings this week because he only used Japanese so he can reach out to his fans better. This morning, there is another talk that he will target China in a few months time with a Mandarin album and tv commercials. I can only imagine how hard it is to learn all those things simultaneously. So don't worry, although you promise to study Tagalog for us we won't be hurt if you cannot do so. One phrase will be enough ~ "mahal kita" .

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Rain @ MTV's TRL Studios

Finally, Rain's promotion for his concert in New York is on high gear with the announcement of his guesting at MTV's TRL (see complete announcement below). I can't wait to hear his spiel in the show, will it be in straight english (keeping fingers crossed) ? But more than anything, I can't wait for the response from of the mainstream american viewers. Here's to his success!!!

Dear All the Rain's fans in the world,

We'd like to announce both great news and big chance to you.

On the 3rd of Feb., the one and only Rain will have an exclusive interview and performance

at MTV's famous TRL studio, Broadway, New York City.

As you know, streets around TRL studio's usually crowded with the people and fans who want

to see their favorite celebrities do some performances.

This Feb., You can show your great support and ovation to Rain on the broadway street.

Please come there til 1 in the PM.

10 fans might be chosen at the location and brought into the studio.

Others can see Rain through the window.

This show will be on the air all over the States by MTV news, MTV Chi, MTV K.

And broadcasted all over the world by MTV international later.

If you are a real fan of Rains, just come to the street and get the great chance to be with Rain.

Time : 1 - 4 PM , 3rd, Feb., 2006

Location : MTV Stuidos, 1515 Broadway, New York City.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Bi and JYPE, Why Exclude the Pilipin????

With all the interviews of Bi mentioning the "Pilipin" (Philippines) and announcing that he's trying to learn "Tagalog", I was very much surprised when we were not included in the list of countries that will draw lots for the VIP standing tickets for his Bangkok, Thailand concert. Why????

It's not that I have made plans of going but I know some friends who made plans last month. I've been a witness to how hard they are trying to secure tickets so they can confirm their bookings but to no avail. I thought it was just Cloud Korea and Japan who gets the priority in securing seats but it seems the other fan clubs found ways to secure those oh so precious tickets. Was it lack of communication with JYPE on the part of Rain [Ph] or just a presumption since we have never made our presence felt in his other Asian tour.

I hope the situation will be remedied soon, good luck gals! Fighting!!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Sad Tango MV

I've Got a Crush On You

This photo is the embodiment of what my "type" of guy when I was in HS and college. Chinky eyes with glasses. But oooooh, those lips are just so kissable!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Daddy Groovy

I'm happy to see pics of his dad it's rare to see celebrity parents unless they are in the business themselves while Bi did a concert in Taiwan.

Giving him a massage before a show, his smile is reminiscent of FH.
Having dinner in a chinese restaurant.

Having a Good Time

The photo was taken inside a club in Taipei last Jan. 2 and was posted in a lot of Rain fan sites. Personally I see no problem with him enjoying some time with friends after a gruelling day. I did the same when I was his age (that's only a few years ago, hehehe) because dancing and a little booze is a good way to unwind. But some fans are "concerned" about his actuations. To them I say ~ Give the guy a break.

Monday, January 02, 2006

A Look at 2005

Before I plunged full force to year 2006 let me look back at the year 2005 and thank some people along the way.

My dear friend Christy for insisting that I watch Full House and even lent me her copy because according to her "You will fall in love with Rain". That was in February but did I fall at once? Nope it took me another week after watching FH to start missing that cute face and the smile that makes his eyes almost non existent. Then she told me about the site www.rainphilippines.com and there was no stopping me from that time.

To the lovely ladies of rainphilippines who welcomed me in their site (bambi, rica, elle ziel)! Thanks for making a feel at home and being my primary source of info on Bi.

And of course the friends I've made through the site ~ Nimfa and cindy (the video shoot was more fun because of you gals). Anne, bedazzled, marta, ceej (your collection of pics are just awesome), liezle, aileen, flor, charity and paulette.

I hope the coming year will see that fulfillment of our wish for Bi to finally visit our country!