Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Look of a Cyborg

Director Park Chan-wook started shooting scenes for "I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK," in the southern port city of Busan last Wednesday with singer Bi as its male lead.

Billed as a romantic comedy, the film tells a story of a woman in a mental institution who believes she is a cyborg and a man who loves her, it said.

Though the said news is a welcome one, the major cause of discussion amongst Rain lover at the moment is his look for the movie. Check out the photo and you be the judge.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

KBS Apologizes For Their Blunder

A few days ago a morning segment of a KBS show about singers miming while performing caused an uproar amongst Rain fans check full story here causing a major jam in their swithboard. To all the Rain fans who called, aja, aja, fighting!!! I would have done the same if I was there.

Throw that accusation to Lee Hyori (my apologies to her fans), Britney Spears and Michael Jackson but never, ever say that about Rain. After all, it's one of the major reason why I like him and continue to support him. I've seen countless clips of his tv guestings, album showcase and concert and the guy sings live even if he sings his fast songs. It's not an easy thing to do but he strives to give only his best everytime he performs so you can't blame us for being really upset about it.

A public apology is the least the KBS can do to repair the damage though I'm still waiting for the official word from his management JYPE.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Fertile Minds

After the end of Rainy Day and after the deluge of vods and photos, all is quiet once again. Such calm can make idle wander, fertile imaginations florish and every detail not previously discussed will be examined to overcome boredom. Not that they are not interesting, in fact some are pretty awesome like the left-hand thesis of Pau check it here. Plus the various music videos and artworks that are lovingly created by fellow fans. But lately I've stopped commenting on a forum I frequent because their topic is "senseless".

Case in point the issue regarding his dancer Kim Hwa-Young better known to us as "Orange Girl". I can't believe that there are still people who insist that they are an item just because of this photo taken in New York of what seemed to be KHY touching Rain's waist. Even if I stare at the photo the whole day I can't for the life of me see any hint of "romance" that can signify love brewing between those two. Rain considers his dancers as his family so it's normal for familiarity to develop after all they've been together for years. Fans who always follow them around can attest that KHY is into a relationship with another dancer so give it a rest. JYPE already issued a statement to clarify the said issue so I'm kept my fingers crossed that we've seen and heard the last of it. But I guess my prayers are short lived because they posted another photo of him with one of his other female dancer in Phuket. Round 2 of discussion for this week?

Monday, March 20, 2006

The Seven Rainmakers Full Transcript

KBS Special: The Seven Rainmakers
Credit: Baidu// jinlees @ soompi
Kr to Ch: PKYO, Eunyue & wwrain
Kr to Eng (Opening + Rainmaker No. 1): Cloudnara @sexybi
Ch to Eng: Rayndrop

It's going to rain in New York today.
The photos on NY Times and NY Post reflect their interests
in Rain's presence in US

This is a certain studio in Manhattan.
It's one day from the concert, and Bi is having his press conference.
This day, not only are there US reporters and foreign reporters, many members of the music entertainment industry turned up as well,
leaving a deep impression on the reporters

Getting so much attention from the US reporters. How do I say this?
It's a real honour.
And father. It's the first time he expressed he’s proud of me.
That made me happy

[The seven rainmakers: Rainmaker No. 1]

Ah, well, I'm now going to present the first person who helped me get to where I am now
First of all, this person has long arms
This person gave me the first help and opportunity to get into this entertainment industry
Well, I think you've already guessed. Yes, here he is

[Rainmaker No. 1, Producer JYP]

[The first time Rain met JYP]

Oh, I was really scared, really scared,
And the first time he looked at me he simply asked
"You know how to dance?"
"Yes, a little"
"Dance". So I did
Really, after I put "repeat mode" on for the music,
I kept dancing without resting even once for 3 hours straight
When one place didn't worked, I moved to the other end. When I really couldn't anymore, I leant against the cupboard and moved
and JYP was watching me all the time till the end

[The first time JYP meet Bi]

He looked like a tiger starving near to death, although he looked really tired,
He also had an urgent look in his eyes, through his eyes you could see his eagerness
Only his eyes were still alive.

[When Bi was under JYP's training]

During training, JYP stood in front of me and told me "sing", and
while I was singing, he kept saying, "again", "again", "again",
I felt so bad, because he treated me so coldly it felt like he was hitting me.
It was Raining that day and I started to cry
"I...I'll do it," I said, I couldn't even breathe normally.
"Why are you crying? What did you do right?"
", it isn't that I did it right, I'll do it again"
I said, and continued

I usually don't praise so the person will keep improving. I don't praise,
because if you do well, and I say you are good, maybe you will not practice again.
To friends who do not success, I congratulate them,
but to the people who are successful, I keep challenging them.
So at the end, the people I really like and worry about deep down inside, think like, JYP hyung or JYP oppa
really doesn't like me, that will be how they feel.

Once, I was in this room full of singers, and suddenly
JYP asked me to bring the audio to sing in front of all this singers
but these artistes already knew that I was going to release an album.
I didn’t want to, but at that time, every word that JYP said to me, it was important, and I always obey him.
I did it, but I really couldn't sing. I was intimidated and embarrassed.
After I went home, I couldn’t stop crying
"Really, this is not what I want", I thought
I was motivated to do all these things perfectly,
because in my head the faces of this people staring and laughing made me mad.
"Just wait. I will sing better than you, and dance better than you!" I thought
but now, when I remember this, I know that JYP made me suffer like this,
So if I have to face something like this now, it wouldn't be a big deal, because I’ve already experience this before.
This was how he taught me.

[One year later]

And one year later, my first album was released.

For the first album, the songs, the dances, and his overall appearance
They were all above standards.

In second album needed more techniques.
Bi was already introduced, so we tried to dissect emotions with sad ballads.
Tried to create a sad and deep atmosphere by injecting his personal grief. It was really hard.

By the 3rd album, the expectations were too big, so we thought that we have to put on a new "face" for Rain, bring out the unique colours of Rain, the unique world of Rain.
So we asked him, "What kind of music would u like"? He said "Dancing has always been my passion. Although I like to sing, but I'd really like to have a hot-blooded song that would allow me to dance till like crazy."
So I said, "Ok, we will make that music." So I wrote "It's Raining" for him, and we let him do the rest.

[JYP in the eyes of Rain...]

I have no words to describe my gratitude, I am really grateful to him
From the beginning, JYP really, like, he doesn't cook the fish and give it to you.
From making the cane, to the way of fishing, to the way of catching the fish, he taught it all to me.
That's why I can do all this now.

At the end of the day,
A person with talent can become a star. But a super star is not made by talent.
There may be different reasons. Passion, ability to endure pain and the reasons to endure pain. Only this kind of people can be superstars.
Talent may be able to create a star, but endurance and tenacity create superstars. Singing and dancing talents are not enough.

[NY TRL, MTV Studio]

Many people have gathered before the studio, because Rain will be performing here today. It is rare to see so many fans gathering for a singer, here in US.

After a while, Rain appeared at the 2nd level of the studio. The fans went wild. Lastly, when Rain started singing "I Do", MTV’s film started rolling. At this moment, his face appeared on the huge screen on the wall of TRL. The is the first time Korean singer, Rain, appear before the eyes of US.

When my face appeared on the huge screen, "Wah, I'm really on it. Is this a dream or is this real?"
Last year, JYP brought me here and said, "We must work hard and appear on that screen".
Now that we've made it, there’s a sense of satisfaction.
I feel proud as a Korean, that is all.
I will work hard at my performance and go back there again.

[New York Concert 'D' Day: 3rd Feb 2006]

Good morning New York! Boarding the car and heading towards the concert location.

To the concert location

[The feelings of facing the concert...]

Since I made my debut, I've been working hard. I’m finally here on this huge stage.
It's good experience to have such a great challenge at a young age
It'll be great if I succeed.
But even if I fail, all these will still be a great help to me.

[The first time Rain was determined to become an artiste...]

The first time I had this determination was when I was in high school.
I felt that a leading a life in front of the camera was an attractive way to live.
At that time, there was a person giving me strength

[The seven rainmakers: Rainmaker No. 2]

He is somebody who recognized the potential in me, and gave me plenty of help then.

[Rainmaker No. 2: High School Teacher Kim Chul Hong]

Mr Kim Chul Hong was my drama class teacher in high school
I still can't understand now [Getting major roles means you are a good actor]
He gave me roles, said "You can act well. Your physique is suitable for acting".
All the other teachers usually gave rebuking remarks, and are always scolding me.
But this teacher was different. He gave me a chance, so I worked very hard.
After the performance, all the other teachers changed the way they viewed me.

That particular drama then was called "Sea girl goes on mainland", and it was a mere week away to the performance day.
A friend told me he couldn't do it, so I turned to Jihoon and said, "If only you can do this part", and tried to convince him to challenge the role.
Regardless of whether you want to become a singer or anything else, it will help for you to have experience acting in a drama.
In the end, Jihoon took the role.

In Anyoung Art School, when a person is performing, if the people beside them laugh, the performers laugh as well. This is not the attitude of a good actor.
But when JiHoon acts, when people laughs, he'll grow angry, saying "I'm trying to concentrate on my role. Why are you laughing?"
At that time, I felt this child was different. He had the concentration, a head-strong character and he cannot take mockery; so he’s really special.
"Sangdoo" was the feel of Jihoon. It’s the natural Jihoon, that's Jihoon's advantage.
I was worried about "Full House" because there the drama involved deep emotions, complicated relationships. Can he do it well?
But he slowly accepted and slowly digested his role. Because he is a hardworking and headstrong person. Standing in the viewpoint of a teacher, he put in countless amount of sweat as a singer, and endless amount of effort as an actor.
Whether as a singer or an actor, you need more hard work. This is how I see it.

[US Madison Square Garden, Concert, 1pm]

As a place that has staged many important political and cultural events in US, Madison Square Garden has hundreds of years of history and tradition.
Rain is the first Asian to be performing on this stage.
Here, the crew is busy with their first rehearsal for their performance tonight.

Director, there's no time. Let's start from the place where we made a mistake.

All staff quieted down. It's like the real official performance for Rain.

Ok, that's it.

[The Rain off stage is the coach cum the music director]

[The seven rainmakers: Rainmaker No. 3]

This is the man whom I've been with since I was preparing to be a singer, helping me, staying by my side. He is one of them. This is Rainmaker number 3, lead dance choreographer, Jeong Sung-Tak.

They're like special task force [communicate and organized like a special task force], like a battle drill, "Hyung, let's give him a call". Once we call the leader, he will contact the rest one by one, and they'll all assemble immediately.
No matter if they’re on a date or doing something at home, they'll all come. This is how we practiced.

["Nan" Dance Choreography: JYP Dance Team]

[Rain, in the eyes of the lead dance choreographer...]

Normally, for short choreographs, I'll just teach them and they perform thereafter.
[Rain's concept and movements for dance choreographies]
After Rain has observed many concerts, he'll tell us to do this, do that, design the movements and then teach it to us. After tidying up the choreography, we'll then put them to performances. This happens a lot.

[JYP "My girl" Dance Choreography: Rain]
[Rain before his album debut]

The part that demands the most attention when choreographing a dance is you have to make it different. There must be uniqueness and creativity. Costumes, movements, songs--all three elements must come together to produce the best effect.

[Rain feels his best dance choreography is...]

So, up till now, the best dance choreography is probably "Running Away From The Sun".
["Running away from the sun" Dance Choreography: Rain]

[Evaluation of Rain]

Rain has superb charisma on stage. He doesn't attract with big movements, but he emits a kind of lethal attraction when standing on the stage.

[One hour before the concert starts]

Hi everybody, we are now in front of the Madison Square Garden
Many fans are waiting for Rain's concert to start

[Raining Day, US NY Concert 2nd February 2006]
Finally the concert kicked off. With a loud bang, rain leapt into the air and landed on the stage.
He starts dancing to the music, and the 5000 audiences went wild as well.
To congratulate Rain in his first concert, P Diddy appeared as well.

P Diddy:
I have to come and see this for myself. I have so much respect for Asian and American movements that's going on. And also, this is the first Asian Sean John Model right here.

Following that, Jojo and Omarion both came to the stage and performed with Rain, exhibiting their great dance techniques.

Hello Korea. The concert was amazing, you know and Rain was amazing, and I mean, What can I say? U wasn't here, and there’s only so much I can tell you. You have to be here, so it was ok. I'm happy to be here.

This day during the concert, Rain performed more than 20 songs on stage, accessorizing the stage with his hot dances, cheered on by the loud screaming of fans. The concert this time attracted much attention. This is the first signal missile issued by Rain, and the first meaningful embark on this journey.

Everybody had a lot of expectations on me. In order not to fail these expectations, I did my very best. I feel very satisfied and happy.
This is an unforgettable memory.

US producer:
He made a lot of people happy tonight, and I was completely impressed.
And the support staff in the background of the successful artiste
And if you turn the camera that way...
...that way slowly

[After the concert...]

Both Rain and I feel that, all starts are difficult. Once we have a beginning, we will exhaust all our energy.
So because we have a start, we are very happy.
This concert is not our start. This concert is just a small showcase, an opening to entering the US market.
Whether we have the concert in Madison Square Garden or anywhere else is inconsequential. We want to take culture as a product and aim to take a spot in US as artists. We're just happy because of the start we have.

[The seven rainmakers: Rainmaker No. 4]

Rain: After my performance, many people come to my mind. One of them, he's huge, he's compassionate, and he's like a cute animal. Some people may have guessed. Yes, it's him.

[Rainmaker No. 4, Kim Tae Woo]

Before I made my debut, one Christmas, mum was really sick, so we had no money at home. I didn't have any money for bus fare, so I wasn't able to go home for five days. The bus fare was 500won, and I didn't want to ask money from other people. All the other trainees have gone home. With a (can't make out what this is), I survived for five days. In the end, I had a skin infection, and didn't have much to eat for 2, 3 days. At that time, I picked up the phone, and could think of three persons, one of which was Tae Woo. It was Christmas that day, and lovers were walking the streets hand-in-hand. There was smell of food drifting up from the Udong (noodles) store downstairs. I was so hungry, I even thought of stealing. At that moment, Tae Woo came in through the door, and asked, "What are you doing?" He brought a whole lot of bread. I thought a celestial being had descended to earth. My eyes lit up. There was a splendor about him.

The truth is, JiHoon is developing really great now, isn't he? That's why I was nice to him then...kidding.
It's like that. The g.o.d members also went through some hungry times before our debut. I know how tough it is to be hungry, and what I could get immediately at that time was bread. So I bought some and sent it over.

Those bread had a deep meaning to me. I was a nobody then, and g.o.d had already released their 3rd album, hitting a sales record of 2 million. They were very popular. I was very grateful he was able to come see me.

The first time I met him, he had this killer instinct look. You could see it in his face: Give me one chance, and all of you will be dead.
The JiHoon now: A junior who is able to realize his dream. Although he is my junior, but he is one worth respecting. He is like a discipline soldier, after working hard, he changed his dream into reality.

The city where the east meets west, Bangkok. In this place, the finale to Rain’s Asian Tour is about to begin.
Early in the morning, thousands of fans and members of the media have crowded in the airport, waiting.

[Bangkok International Airport; 23rd Feb 2006]

[Fullhouse hit a viewership rating of 64% in Thailand]
'exploding popularity in Thailand can be credited to serial drama "Full House", which achieved a rating of 64% in Thailand.
In eager anticipation of the waiting crowd, Rain finally appeared at the airport in his sunglasses and a white beanie.
In attempts to see him better, a struggle in the crowd began. Rain smiled at the approaching Thai fans. This moment once again ascertains the exceptional popularity of this Korean Wave star.

The busy schedule has finally come to an end, and Rain is at the beach with his dancers.

Every time I go overseas to perform, I hardly get any time to exercise.
Once I have spare time, I'll work out with my dancers and colleagues.
Once there's time, I’ll go exercise with my dancers.
When there's no time, dancing is also a form of exercise.
Talking about this, there's someone to be introduced here.

[The seven rainmakers: Rainmaker No. 5]

[The person who build healthy bodies, the one who has been helping me till now]
[Rainmaker No. 5, Bodybuilding Coach, Go Gwan Jang]

I only got to know Go Gwan Jang after my debut. He used to be Mr Korea
[Keep emphasizing on scheduling training sessions]
Dancers tend to have abdominal and pelvic muscles, so the curves are become apparent through the underclothing (translator: ok, ok…it’s underwear).

Abs, shoulders and bicep muscles. When wearing short sleeve shirts, the bulging vessels make the muscles look especially resilient. You can show your muscles off during the overseas concerts, very suave.

[Rain when working out]
The Rain who is working out is very vicious, very vicious with himself.
Once he sets a target, say 100 times, he doesn’t give up until he makes the number. Even when he's very tired, he will persist till the end.
The toughest thing in this world is battling with yourself. He has already won this battle.
[Winning the battle with yourself is winning the war]

[The seven rainmakers: Rainmaker No. 6]

She is someone who the mere thought of her makes you feel safe leaning upon her. She is like mother, a very amiable person.

[Rainmaker No. 6, Radio Broadcast DJ, Oo Mihee]

You know the kind of friend, even when you've only known each other for a month, it feels like you've know them ten years, hundred years ago. It feels like that with teacher.

[When was the first time you met?]

About three years ago, when I was on a radio show. She came across as being very gentle, just like mother. I don't know if I can put it this way. She's very good-looking, very pretty.

I was very uneasy then. Because our age gap was so great, it's very inconvenient doing a show together. What do I say to a child like that? I felt ill at ease, and that it was difficult. At that time, I gave him a postcard. The postcard's content was: A child held a piece of maple leave and said to his mother, "Mummy, a present". His mother took the maple leave and felt the arrival of autumn.
Rain finished reading the postcard, and I asked him, "What present are you giving to your mother this autumn?" His eyes moved a little and said, "Oh, mum has already passed away." Because it was a LIVE broadcast, I felt I was really mean, it was my mistake.

What could I have said then? She looked very embarrassed, very guilty. Actually I didn't mind it that much, many people have already asked me about it.
[There were already many discussions about this topic]
After I said that, teacher gave me a lot of helpful and supportive words.

I said, "Sorry, I had no idea". Rain comforted me instead, "Of course you didn't", and he also said, "The best present for mum is a beautiful wardrobe. I can afford one for mum now, but she's no longer around." After that, his eyes looked sad for a while, and that sad look gave me courage to speak. While we aired songs, we chatted a lot.

[Oo Mi-hee in the eyes of Rain...]

Meeting teacher, she gave me two feelings.
One, a feeling of nostalgia for mother, two, a criteria set for the kind of woman I want to marry in the future.

[Rain in the eyes of Oo Mi-hee...]

I've seen many artistes, in the music industry, in the 27 years of being a DJ, I’ve seen many "yesterdays" and "todays" of countless singers.
In my eyes, Rain is a very honest, down-to-earth singer.
Just like the Rain onstage, his life is also very honest. Our Rain is only slightly past 20, but he has found a strength within himself, because he is a wise man.

Finally, the finale to his Asian Concert Tour has commenced. Rain captured the visions of the Thai fans with his dynamic movements and enigmatic charisma onstage. The performance when Rain became one with the audiences concluded two hours later.

From the US concert to the Thailand performance, we finally see the end of the two-year concert tour.
As this is my first concert tour, there may be many mistakes. I'll do better in the future.
I feel I've gone one step up.

Whenever something major or important comes up, I'll always think of mum.
Actually, whenever I’m about to release a new album, or every time I’m about to embark on a new project, I'll go to my mother's grave and tell her,
"Mum, my I've just completed my new album. I've put in my best for it, so please give me plenty of help."
After each major performance, I'll also report to mother and say my thanks to her.

[The seven rainmakers: Rainmaker No. 7]

To me, the noun "mother" is the very meaning of my life, and the reason for me to live.
Mother is my religion; to me, she's like a god. So whenever I'm tired, whenever I face obstacles, I'll always think of my mother.

Mum seemed to have endured a great deal of pain. 15 days before she passed away, she was in a great deal of pain. Her whole body was so bloated she couldn’t move, and her leg was also seriously wounded, it was really very painful. But after discharging from the hospital, mum still went to the market herself to tend the stall. The days after that, there was no places on her body where they do inject on, so they had to instill 8 tubes on her neck.
At that time, I was very miserable mentally and emotionally. I didn't have much food, and was enduring hunger. But at that time, I thought the mental and emotional pain, and the hunger was nothing compared to the sufferings of mum.

Persistence and endurance, I think that's where I learnt them from.
Mum had a hard life. It will be good if she can live comfortably in heaven.
I think mum is looking out for me, and has always been by my side. As her son, I must work very hard.
Mum has always been facing hardship. I believe she is looking at me from heaven, and has always been by my side. I must strive hard to become a son she'll be proud of.
Also, I'll earn a lot of money here. When I meet you in the future, I'll buy mum a lot of good food.
I love you mum.

Perhaps it was the painful experiences; the Rain today is even more brilliant. Although everybody has their dreams, not everybody can attain that position.
To hold steadfast to this position, Rain is battling with himself even now. His courageous journey only begins now.

I have my dreams in my heart. In the future, no matter if it takes one year or ten years, maybe I won't succeed even at the end of the road. But I won’t concern myself too much with success or failure. I will simply do my best.
I will always stay humble. Please give me your assistance and support.

Actually the beginning of the road is really difficult. It's full of hardship. To be a singer in Korea, a representative singer in Asia; to bring so many people together in a concert held on the land of US; to open a bigger market; I'm proud of you. For the sake of many singers who will attempt to take the path you’ve taken, you must work harder to open the way.

To create my characters that will move people's heart, you must put in even more hard work than now. No matter at the end you are a singer or actor, you need to work harder and cultivate inner strength.

Running on without knowing what fatigue is, I think you can take a break sometimes. I hope he has time to recharge a little. He’s simply working too hard.

Although we haven't really seen each other in this brand new year and only communicated through letters, I've heard much good news. Whatever you are doing, FIGHTING!. I’ve always wanted to tell him, "FIGHTING!"

I hope he has no painful days, not even flu. You must stay healthy, let us see his healthy looks for the longest of time.

There's no need to say anything. I only hope for him to become the world's best singer, and bring the best performance before us.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Bi On His Body

Bi's comments on his body parts

Credit: 郑智薰亚洲网// jinlees@ soompi
Ch to Eng: Rayndrop

Rain's evaluation of various parts of his body:

Hair: I like black hair. Have it straightened, with a few strands of blond in between—cute and manly at the same time. Because I'm busy with work and sometimes may neglect to groom my hair, so I've fallen in love with hats. Firstly, to cover the unruly hair, and secondly, I think I'm pretty good-looking wearing hats!

Eye: When I was young, I hated my eyes. There were many times when I wanted to go get my double eyelids surgically done, but the plastic surgeon felt that my small eyes were kind special, so he won't do it for me. Who would know that these pair of eyes helped many people to remember me? Now to think of it, it’s lucky I go through the operation.

Hand: It is important for dancers to protect their hands. To fully communicate the rhythm and essence of a song and a dance performance, every part of the body must be flexible and agile, the hand is no exception. I wonder if everybody realized this, but my fingers are very pointed. If I don't become a singer, maybe I would have become a great pianist! *Laughs*

Waist: Shoulders, waist, butt, legs, feet -- these are the five crucial parts for any dancer, which should be protected like the dancer protects his life! But very often, they are problematic. When dancing, it is important to "open" your joints, and these joints are very vulnerable to injuries. When I first started dancing, I sprained my waist or leg almost every day. I had no idea using so much strength would result in injuries. Nowadays, when I perform on stage, some people will ask me how come my waist is so flexible. This is of course, the result of long-term training. There's also health elements here. For the sake of your health, everybody should also take note to train their bodies.

Forehead: When I was young, I often hear the adults say that people with high foreheads are very smart, and these people tend to be fast-learners. At that time, I thought I was doomed for life. My forehead is not high, so I probably will be terrible at school, and probably never learn anything well! In the end, it seems the adults' prophecy was fulfilled in me. Honestly speaking, my academic results were not very good. This is especially after I started becoming obsessed with dancing. I skipped classes almost every day. My results were horrible, but my dancing foundations were doing great instead. From this, it shows that I'm not stupid at everything. So even without a high forehead, as long as you practice doubly hard every day, you can still succeed.

Nose: I have quite a pretty nose. Look at my side-profile, isn't my nose nice and straight? I had a nose bridge surgical procedure done, and at that time, many fans were very worried. Everyone, please don't worry. I am very healthy. Please take care of your health too!

Mouth: Friends around me all say I have very full lips, and they look very sexy. Of course I'm very happy. Although I pretend to be very shy in front of them, but when I am alone at home, I'm secretly very gleeful about it.

Shoulder: I think men should have a pair of shoulders that allow women to lean with security. If I have a girlfriend, I will give all my love to her. I won't make her cry, upset her or allow her to get hurt. I'll block all wind and rain for her with my broad shoulders.

Leg: I'm tall, so my limbs are naturally long. When I have meals with friends, I don't have to worry about not being able to grab the goodies before they're all gone! *Laughs*

Bi And His Red Boxers

This is the translation of an interview done at the hostel where Bi is currently staying and is part of the KBS special "7 Rainmakers". Our Bi seems to prefer colored undies because I've seen pics of him before where his backside is showing way too much.

Kim: Is this your hostel?
Rain: It's my hostel
Kim: How long has it been since you've stepped into this place?
Rain: About a month plus
Kim: A month?
Rain: Yes, so when I bathe I'll use my feet and step on the underwear, wash them like this

(demo plus hand movements)

Kim: Ah, so as you bathe, you also wash your underwear
Rain: Yup. When you bathe, the soap water flows down your body to your feet, so you can conveniently wash the underwear as well
Kim: I see!
Rain: Yes, then you don't have to wash your feet. You can rub them clean with the underwear.
Kim: Ah, Rain must use dance steps to bathe, don't you?
Music starts, Rain demos "shower dance". Kim laughs. Rain finishes off his "shower dance" with a sexy look.
Kim: Is this your luggage?
Rain: Yup
Kim begin to investigate the content. Rain tries to stop him
Kim: No matter what hyung does, you just sit quietly beside me and watch, ok?
Rain: (Clutches onto his luggage) Hyung, hyung...

Kim pulls away Rain's hands, ask him to let go
Rain: These are socks. I haven't got time to wash them, so I prepare more of them.
Kim: Ah, socks. I see you like these sexy socks
(pulls out his underwears. Rain quickly snatches them over and hide them)
Kim: (Pointing to red underwear) I can see everything
Rain: (As he hides underwear away) These are...
Kim: These are the underwear you wash with your feet?
Rain: Yup

Kim: (Holding socks held together by rubber bands) Did you do these yourself?
Rain: Cute eh? I bought the rubber bands to tie them together.
Kim: There are spare ones too
Rain: I'm very meticulous. And very honest. Also...
(Takes out simple workout equipment from bag)
Rain: To save money, I always have my workout equipment with me (laughs)
Rain: This is for when you are watching TV. You train your biceps like that..
Kim: Ah, so the muscles are not from your usual training, but from crash workouts for the concerts (laughs)
Rain: (laughs) Yup. From crash workouts for the concert
Kim: So you're at the concert. Just before going onstage...
Rain picks up equipment and do a last minute crash workout (Laughs)
Kim: Then...ah. We've seen everything today...
Kim: (Takes out a notebook from bag and looks at the cover) I thought it's JY Park...haha
Rain: They're ballet dancers. I heard they only sleep 4-5 hours a day, training for near 20 hours. So that's how they practice, and I use this to push myself.
Kim: Ah, I see. You haven't have time to go home. When you look at the luggage, do you lonely?
Rain: Yes, very lonely. First and foremost, I feel very tired, working outside is very tiring. This is when I think of my fans and family. I have to work hard for the sake of my fans and my family. Regardless of whether I succeed or fail, I will go on...the music plays...

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

CREA Magazine Issue 0604 - RAIN Denim Story Translation

This is the article that accompanied my earlier posting.

CREA Magazine Interview
Jap to Ch: Mushi from biwithrain
Ch to Eng: Rayndrop of Soompi

World Standard
Year 2006. Rain who is about to continue his activities with zeal and resolution.
In his new single, his challenge of the all-Japanese lyrics still remains in our memory.
And he performs as the first Asian to hold a concert at New York Madison Square Garden
This "treasure of Asia" has set his sight to concur the greater world.
Presenting new images and sounds of the one who has been concentrating on his hidden fire of ambition, Rain.

After his first time successful concert Budokwan last year as a Korean artiste, Rain's popularity soared in Japan. He released his first Japanese single on Jan 25th "Sad Tango". At the same time, his concerts in NY Madison Square on 2nd and 3rd Feb received overwhelming responses. We ask Rain how he feels on extending his influence in Asia to the rest of the world.

You had quite a bit of activities in Japan in 2005. How was last year like for you?
Last year was different in that it was a year when we had many concerts in many places. First, I was happy that we met up with fans from several Asian countries. The performance in Bodokwan was great. Although I was asked if I had any pressure performing there, but there was really none. I feel that I can only perform well when I have confidence. The fans felt the warmth and glory as well. I was happy so many people turned up.

You released your single "Sad Tango" not too long ago. It’s a pretty sad song.
The song has a great feel. That's why I chose it. Because it gives people a feeling of sadness, that's why the lyrics are also based on a sad love story.

Were you thinking of anything in particular during the recording?
I was simply trying to demonstrate love through very sad emotions. I was jilted by my girlfriend in high school. I was very sad then. I thought about that incident and inferred to my feelings back then.

The lyrics implies lingering feelings for the girl in the story. Does that have any similarities to Rain?
Well...actually I am this kind of a person. So I felt the same.

Many guys seem to still have lingering feelings for the ex-girlfriends
Yes. Girls are very bad *laughs*

Oh so sorry. But when girls hear this it evokes their motherly instincts
Ah…I see *laughs*

The couple song (accompanying song for his single) "Slowly" has an erotic touch to it
Yes, it shows the original feel of R&B. People who doesn’t like R&B may not be able to take it.

You used elements of Tango in your new work this time and had some new challenges. Any other interesting things or things you’ll like to challenge in the near future?
I still want to do what I’ve been doing, that's R&B and Hip Hop. Working hard and persisting on is an important part of me, and I think this is the best gift to my fans. I want to add in my feelings for Korea in my work and create something new. That's the way I do it. In principle, it's centered on R&B and Hip Hop, but we've added Tango elements this time. We may consider other elements like flamenco in the future. As long as it's something new, I want to try it. I think it's my duty as an artiste, and this is where you get respect from others. I treasure creativity most. Without creativity, even if you produce new stuff, it may not be good.

It's said that you're venturing into US as well?
If you don't try you'll never know how it'll turn out, so I want to challenge US while I'm still young. If I succeed, I'll be happy. If I fail, it doesn’t matter. In my development in Japan, I don't just think of earning money and gaining popularity. I am developing here because I like Japan. I want to understand the culture here, know what the Japanese are thinking of, I want to absorb more of all these and take them with me on my journey to US, attacking US market with arrows from Korea and Bow from Japan, that's my strategy. If I can make it to the billboard, that would be wonderful. If I lose the battle there, I won't regret it. Japan is just my first step. As long as I know I’ve done my best before I die, then I will have no regrets.

In the last press conference you said you’ll be developing in Japan. What’s the current strategy now?
Yes, most likely that will be the case. Other than Japan, I want to continue developing in Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam…non-stop to many different places.

You'll need a lot of energy for that
Energy should not be a problem, but I may get tired mentally, so I need to do mind control from time to time.

How do you do that?
I don't think about anything else, just focus on my career. I don’t even have time to eat now, and no privacy. In order to learn English, I have a teacher with me 24 hours a day. Even sleeping seems to be a waste of time. But learning is fun *breaking sound-->he crushed his plastic cup in his hands*

Ah…you certainly have more than enough energy.
I've got plenty of energy! Next I'll be releasing some great singles, and I'll be working with some very brilliant artistes, such as in terms of production work.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Rain's cute stories from Phuket

Anyeong everyone!

I'd like to share a cute story of our chubby lion (kate666 - they call him this). Mind you it's very very cute.

Pals... you know what...besides PadThai that Rain enjoyed eating a lot while in Thailand, he also liked Mama (instant noodle) and Vitagen (milk with Lactobacilus spp.) very very much. Thanks to Nongsaopoojaidee who shared the story with me.

Rain told the Thai crews (organizers) that he liked Mama very much 'cause there are several flavours/styles. So, when he went to Phuket, the Thai crews gave him a large carton of Mama (several flavours/styles). At Phuket airport, Rain saw his belongings coming out on the rails, instead of reaching out for his luggages, he went straight to his carton of Mama before anything else. (LOL) The crews was surprised and then, took the big carton from Rain and said they could carry it for him. At Phuket, besides lobsters, Mama was his main dish and he finished all of that there! His bodyguard told him one day that after he finished his meal at MK Suki, there were fans collected his chopsticks. He replied " time I'll use only this pair of chopsticks" and after he finished his Mama, he cleaned the chopsticks and put them in his bag.

As for the Vitagen, Rain first tried one that he bought from the 7-eleven store at Khaosan Road and he liked it. So, the Thai crews went to get 2 bottles of Vitagen for him on the other day. However, when they tried to give this to Rain, they got pissed off by the bodyguards who refused to receive that. So, they put the 2 bottles in front of his hotel room. Next morning, Rain walked straight to the crews and tried to make it up for his bodyguard's carelessness.

That's not all!! On the second night's concert, Bi and his dancers had bet if any of them made dancing mistakes in tonight's concert, that one had to take care of snacks' costs, while in Thailand. And yeah, it was Bi that made mistakes in the show so when they went to Phuket, Bi exchanged his money into a big pack of 20 baht bank notes. And when his dancers would like to buy snacks, they had Bi pay for them. So, the dancers requested snacks more often than usual to tease Bi. LOL

At Phuket he woke up early everyday to hang around, one day he took a motorbike out without telling his bodyguards who were still in bed. The bodyguards tried to catch him later. Rain would like to get the watermelons but he forgot to bring his money, so he had to borrow from his interpreter boy. And when he saw the shopkeeper knocked the watermelon by her finger, he couldn't hide his curiousity, so he asked his interpreter why the shopkeeper did that. While asking, he tried knocking the watermelon by his finger too. His interpreter, a Korean boy residing in Thailand, had to ask the shopkeeper to find out that she did that to know whether the watermelon was ripe or not. After that, he tried to prove if that was true, by knocking the watermelon and then chop to open the watermelon to see inside. He tried this on several metermelons to finally know which ones are ripe. (very cute)

These are some tidbits of Rain at Phuket that I was told and I'd like to share with everybody how cute this guy is.

From : vivie ( & only4bi)
Source :
Translated by kate666 //

JYP representative Hong Seung Sun talks about why Rain is successful...

Rain the very hard working singer!
“비는 노력하는 가수!”

On March 10th 10 am, at the Seoul Yuh Hee Do 63 Building 3rd floor Sharon Hall, JYP entertainment's representative Hong Seung Sung talked about Rain's success. It was a conference about Korean Celebrity Music Business and Han Ryu (Han Ryun means the representative of Korea... kind of) development.

Representative Hong said "Rain's success is due the the amount of effort he puts into his work." "Rain only sleeps 3 to 4 hours a day in order to study different languages and cultures."

Representative Hong talked about the problems with sensoring of implicit advertisements(PPL) "In Korea, the music industry is the only area in which implicit acvertisement is blocked. If PPL was used correctly, it would be easier to make a global announcement representing Korean image and allow for better sales of Korean music." Hong mentioned that the sensoring should be removed.

In addtion, Representative Hong talked about how Korea is the only country that Mosaics our the clothing brand that the singers are wearing while theya re performing on tv shows. If there was permission to use PPL, it would raise the values of the brands and the profit will be promised to Korea.

Representative Hogn mentioned that "Rain, Boa, and SG wannabe who was present at the conference, are Han Ryun stars who are performing all over asia. Their performances are to increase awareness and value of the Korean brands but through the sensoring, we are blocking their success that can be greater.

At the conference, other than Representative Hong, were Jung Dong Young, Kim Gwang Soo GM planning director, Kang Seung Ho Korean performing production association director, and singer Tae Jin Ah and SG wannabe were some of the attendees who were there to discuss the Korean Celebrity Music business and Han Ryun Development.

English translation by tokki of

Friday, March 10, 2006

Exclusive Interview with singer Bi's father

Note: Although this interview was done more done a year ago, I thinks this is worth keeping since it gives us a glimpse of Appa Jeong's feelings for his son.

Exclusive Interview with singer Bi's father
Credit: Sammi@biwithrain
Kr to Ch trans: mynld
Ch to Eng trans: Rayndrop

Singer Bi is crying. Bi who got his "Artiste of the Year" award last year December 30th during the 2004 KBS Music Award ceremony said, "Thank you to those who helped me fulfill the promise I made to my mother who is now in heaven".

Tears streamed down his cheeks as he said this.

Three years ago, Bi made a promise to his mother at her dying bed, "I will succeed". It is un-imagineable how he felt then, how at the moment when he was given the award, between Bi’s promise to his mother and his excitement of becoming the best singer, his tears flowed for his mother who is unable to witness his success, and the pain of losing a loved one.

Bi's mother, who was worried for Bi up to her last moment, 2004 was the year when countless people fell for your son!

With the serial drama, Full House, Bi was also presented with three other awards in the KBS actors' category. His acting skills were considered recognized in this aspect as well.

It was at the KBS Music Award that this artiste who debuted just three years ago was given the highest honor of the "Artiste of the Year Award".

But his award was celebrated with tears. Unable to stop his tears, Rain performed his encore performance, "It's Raining", with his head down most of the time.

From the outside, he looks like the son of a rich man. With his well-built figure and splendid dance steps, he has captivated the hearts of fans from the age 10 to age 60. But what kind of a journey has he traveled to get to where he is?

After the award ceremony, we went to Bi's house at Seoul, Mapo. At the time when we visited, only Appa Jeong was at home. "I don't think my son will be willing. I have not done anything for him", Apppa Jeong rejected our interview politely at first. However, under our persuasion, he finally relented and started talking about the journey this father and son has traveled together.

"When I saw my son receiving the award on TV, I cried too. There was an immense pain in my heart. I knew why he was crying. When he finally came home holding his award very late that night, I held him for a long time, relaying what I felt to him."

Bi's mother was tormented by diabetes for a long time. As Appa Jeong's business failed, her condition grew worse. At that time, Bi was still a new-comer under JY Park's training. During a visit at Bi's place, JY Park learned about the condition of Bi’s mother and sent her to Seoul University Hospital, saying "don't worry about money". But Bi's mother insisted on checking out of the hospital, saying that she didn’t want to add pressure on her son. She finally passed on in December 2002.

"That was the most difficult time. When my son was training hard to become a singer, my wife passed away due to worsening of her condition. I went off to Brazil in hope of earning money. But I didn't find any job and finally had to come back, drifting around for a while. In between, the amount of money earned was negligible compared to my wife's medical expenses. You can imagine the difficulty then. During that period of time, my wife became blind due to the complications from diabetes. In the long term, her other body functions will also start to deteriorate. Because of that, my children did not receive one cent of pocket money at that period of time. To think of it now, I feel an incredible amount of guilt towards my children and wife."

Appa Jeong always felt that if only his career did not fail, his wife would not have been subjected to so much stress and leave the world so soon. Because of this burden of guilt, Appa Jeong gave up his habits of smoking and drinking.

"After my wife passed away, my son and I did not talk for a period of 2 years. Except for some routine daily exchange, we did not know what to say to each other. Both understood the pain that each other was going through, and they did not want to remind or be reminded of it. So subsequently, the words became lesser. As a father, my guilt grew daily in the face of a silent son."

Bi's mother said this even at her last moment, "You must do what you want to do". She was always worried for him.

"After my debut, when I become a top singer, I will bring my award to your grave". This is Bi's promise to his mother at her death bed. After his mum passed on, he practiced like mad in order to succeed; working so hard it was almost scary.

3 years ago, he started receiving good feedbacks with the song "Bad guy". "After my wife left the world, the family spilt up. I worked at somebody's millhouse, while Bi stayed at the hostel provided by JYPE and led his life. It was later that I heard he was eating instant noodles every day for months and practicing his singing and dancing like crazy. It was heart-wrenching for me."

"When he needed his parents by his side most, I did not give him any help."

After receiving the award, Bi went straight to his mother's grave at Gyeonggi-do. Even when his schedule was packed, he will put work aside during festivals or the anniversary and go to the grave with his family to visit his mother's grave without fail.

"On normal days, he will visit his mother's grave alone once a month. When I look at my son and compare him with other young men of his age, he is much more matured. Missing his mother so much, he has every reason to blame me. But recently, he has been keeping me company a lot when I’m at home alone. "Don't cope up alone at home. Go visit your friends or go exercise," he'll say. My son can't stay at home and rest for even one day. He'll usually come home only at 3, 4am in the morning." It is Appa Jeong’s wish to make his son a nice, hot meal.

Seeing how hard his son is working to death trying to achieve his ambition, Appa Jeong feels that it is not untrue to say 10% of his achievements come from his talents, and 90% from his hard work. When he sees how hard his son is working, he wishes he could help a little. But his son always finishes he own stuff and think of what he needs to do in the future.

"When I was young I didn't work as hard as my son. Sometimes I want to lead my own life, sometimes I want to have fun with my friends. This is the normal characteristics of young people. But my son, he keeps thinking of the future. Sometimes when he is resting at home, he'll keep saying he feels unease and then runs off to his practice studio again. I can't even stop him. This is when my heart aches for him."

Bi went to Rome with his father and sister on 17th Jan. They stayed there for a week befoe coming back. With regards to his son's popularity with the ladies, Appa Jeong is really surprised. Sometimes he goes online and is amused by the messages in benamoo café.

Onstage, Bi captures everybody's unwavering attention with his sexy dance steps and his enigmatic, unique voice. But he is never satisfied with himself and diligently strives to be better. Some housewives watch Bi on TV and forget to make dinner, causing them to quibble with their husbands. Some even went to the TV studio just to see him. But Bi doesn’t just shine as a singer. He is just as outstanding playing his roles in Sangdoo and Full House, getting great comments on his work and performances. Some even say he's the homerun of box office hits.

Why is it that Bi doesn't tire? Is it so his father can have some special and unique tonic? We're really curious.

" son is already busy enough with his own matters. Imagine how tired he'll be if he has to worry about mine too! He always tells me to relax, and is afraid I'll feel lonely by my self at home. Last year when he had to film his drama serial, I was so bored at home I actually fell sick! I never used to watch TV, but I watched every episode of Full House without fail. From then, TV became my life! (Laughs)"

Bi's father has already been resting at home for one and a half year. He was running his own millhouse and cakeshop until Bi was in junior high. At one time, they even had two houses. But all these ended during the IMF. He tried many other careers after that, but did not succeed.

Although his son did not request for him to not work and just stay at home, but seeing how hard his son works, he hopes to help a little by staying by his side. So Appa Jeong gave up working abroad. He hopes to make up for the time Bi needed him but he was not there.

"Whenever I say to take care of him, he'll ask me to first take care of his sister, who will be taking her entrance exam soon. Of course, this is because Hana is his only sister, but it is also because at his mother's deathbed, she told him, "I'm leaving your sister to you". His sister is retaking her exams now, and she is similar to her brother in so many ways, so she wants to get into the drama and movie major in university. But the course is incredibly competitive. Although she is retaking her entrance, it still remains if she can get in or not. Anyway, I got to go do something of my own after she gets into university. I'm only 50 year old. Can’t stay home the whole day at this age."

"The family trip to Italy on 17th Jan. Having ended his publicity activities for his third album, Bi is busy preparing for his first solo concert. He is going to release a single album in Japan in Feb next year, and will be going to Japan to promote this single. World-renowned fashion design, Armani, also extended his invitation and invited Bi to represent Asia in his fashion show, saying he'll be designing something especially for Bi then. Armani went considered many Asian artistes and finally decided on Bi based on his looks and charisma. On receiving the invitation, Bi said it's a good opportunity for the family to go for a trip together. It has been a long time since the family went on a trip together, and he doesn’t when they’ll get the chance to go holidaying together again if they don’t do it this time."

But they're embarking on this trip soon, and Appa Jeong is growing uneasy. During the course of interview, he seemed to have relaxed quite a bit now.

"I must share with my son the words I did not say during this trip. The feelings I bottomed up for so long."

Seeing that he is starting to open up, I asked the question I've been hesitating to ask. Appa Jeong is only 50 year old. Has he considered remarrying? Has Bi ever encouraged him to do so?

"When I think of my wife, it's impossible for me to think of remarrying. I didn't know of how dangerous diabetes was at that time, and went working abroad leaving her here alone without enough to cover her medical expenses…my son has never talked about this topic. Although I don't know how life will be after my two children get married, but there is no such intention to remarry now."

In Appa Jeong's mind, the first priority is his daughter's entrance exam and his son's matters. Although this is something in the future, he hope to see Bi complete his remaining two years in the university, and after his military services, meet a nice girl and build a happy family.

So what kind of a daughter-in-law does Appa Jeong wants? Having created a dream-like couple in Full House, I asked him if Song Hye-Gyo is the kind of daughter-in-law he wants. After all, it's because of their over-whelming chemistry and compatibility that tabloid news of them dating emerges.

"It is perfectly natural for two persons to grow close together because they work together in the film day in day out. Whether they are together or not, he did not tell me. I only know they are very close friends. But of course, having a daughter-in-law like Song Hye-Gyo in the drama is good…cheerful and healthy."

Appa Jeong believes that his son has a clear direction of what he wants to do, and will work hard towards it. He also believes that his son will eventually meet a nice girl of his dream.

Although the conversation seemed difficult at the beginning of the interview, but as we ended up chatting openly and sincerely for a long time! Of course, during the course of the interview, Appa Jeong keeps reminding the son he is proud of , "Just like the motto he made before he debuted, I hope he works hard and persist till the end, and stay as a humble person." With the strength of his family love with Bi treasures so much, I hope he strives forward courageously and meet no obstacles in his career path in 2005!

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Hot in Denim

Rain's diary 070306

The photo is captured from his webcam image while posting this message last night.


구름 가족 여러분~! 비 입니다.
너무 오랜만에 글을 남기는 것 같습니다.
그 동안 아무 탈없이 잘 지내셨죠~?

드디어 이제 저도 Rainyday 해외 투어를 마치고 한국으로 돌아왔습니다.
제가 1여년 동안 많은 나라에서 무사히 공연을 하고
또 미국 까지 갈 수 있었던 건 저를 여기까지 이끌어주신 여러분의 응원 덕분입니다.

표현력이 부족해서 그 동안 여러분들께 감사하다는 말도 제대로 못 하고
이제서야 감사의 표현을 하게 된 것 같습니다.
먼 나라까지 오셔서 저에게 힘을 주시고 응원해 주신 구름 여러분 다시 한번 진심으로 감사드립니다.

앞으로 저 비는 여러분께 더 발전된 모습을 보여드리기 위해서
많이 노력하고 또 노력 하겠습니다.
보다 더 나은 모습과 실망시켜 드리지 않는 비가 되도록 노력하겠습니다.

항상 건강 조심하시고, 행복하세요~!

여러분의 비 올림.

Credit :

Rain's diary 070306
English translation by Tokki from JYPE site


All the Cloud Family members! This is Rain.
I feel like it has been too long since I've written.
Have all of you been good with no problems~?

Finally, I have finished my Rainy Day tours and have returned to Korea.
The reason why I was able to finish all my concert successfully, even in foreign countries,
including the United States is due to all your support and cheer.

I am not very good at expressing my feelings so I have not been able to thank all of you properly,and I feel like I am expressing it now, a little late.
I want to thank all of you who travel so long just to see me perform. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

From now on, I want to show you a Rain that is better and improved.
So I will work harder and harder.
I hope all of you will see a better me and I will work harder to not disappoint any of you.

Always be healthy, and happy~!

Yours truly,

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Mesmerising Account

Note: I had a good laugh while reading this translated post at soompi.

Mesmerizing Account
10 Sep 2005
Tao Jie of Apple Daily (Mcwriter@Apple Daily)

Credits: shelleyshea @ Jinlees @ soompi
Ch to Eng: Rayndrop

The popularity of Korean newcomer, Rain, is rapidly escalating. Anybody figured out why, yet?

Rain's not good-looking at all. What he has, though is youth. A lift of his head, a pout of those lips and a cool "I-can't-be-bothered" look. It’s pretty annoying actually, but he follows that with a smile and a bite of his lips—his aloofness was just a joke. All women in this world fall for that kind of a face-changing playfulness and warmth.

Whether it's the 80-year-old granny, or the 8-yr-old girl, Rain is the highest common divisor in their minds. In the eyes of the old grandmother, he is the grandson who is about to enter university this year. Looking at him, she reminisces. It's almost like yesterday that she was still teaching the plump toddler his first steps in the park.

To the housewife, Rain is the son who is growing up into a fine adult every day. It's the age for this son to have his first girlfriend outside, and Rain evokes the vulnerability and jealousy of all housewives in the world—such a fine piece of work which she has painstakingly cultivated, who is soon to be snatched away by some strange young girl. She loves and hates this at the same time, and 70% of this jealousy comes from the unwillingness to let go. She makes him a bowl of soup, but it gradually turns cold on the dining table. This son who is starting to only come home after midnight strikes.

To the 28 year old single woman, she hopes to be able to be sexually harassed by Rain (Translator: I can’t stop laughing here). Those single-lid eyes emit a wildness that says "I don't want to go home". Rain is the dream lover of all those seeking an "elder sister - younger brother" kind of love. She loves his cheekiness and his wildness, his immense need for you to take care of him. In the night where there's no moonlight, although wearing a pair of Nikes, he'll quiet down, lie on the couch and leave you sitting on the carpet. He'll listen thoughtfully as you recount how you were broken-hearted in that sad relationship you once had. You'll be shocked at how quiet he is this evening, such a different person from his usual bouncy self. He is no love expert, but he will sigh heavily and wipe that tear from the corner of your eyes. Then he'll walk quietly into the kitchen and make you a mug of home-made hot lemon honey drink.

As for 18 year old girl, Rain is really quite a bad-boy, but in such a suave and sophisticated way. He'll be holding his luggage and waiting by the lamp-post outside your window, whistling to you in the night and asking you elope with him. Jump into that old Rover convertible, and only then will he announce he has but three thousand Taiwan dollars with him. In the moon light that night that hangs in the atmosphere like a layer of mint scent, to Taoyuan or Miaoli, Jiayi or Tainan…you'll follow him anywhere. All because that night at the dance floor, the way he shook his butt captivated you so.

To all the women in the world, Rain is a beautiful hoax. Those wanderers' eyes of his, those pouty lips, his abandoned primal dance steps, and that broad seductive chest of his…like a wild forest fire; how did all these get together in this fine piece of work? After careful thinking, you suddenly realize, "can all these be true?" and it dawns on you that all these are just feelings. But women need this little piece of oasis where the sun shines; when it's the dry, dull desert surrounding us, we crave for the cool, neutering rain, just like his name; a resonating word to stay in our minds and memories for good.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

An Affirmation

The last leg of It's Raining Concert Tour just commenced last Sunday at the Impact Arena in Bangkok. Though I'm not there to enjoy the show some of my friends including my fave chingu Flor managed to show that he is loved by the Filipinos. I was so excited to hear a firsthand report of what happened that I waited for Flor last Monday night but due to some unforseen events we she made it up for me the day after (promise I was not angry just worried).

The whole experience is memorable for her and I'm sure she'll be blogging about it so just check it on my link thread. Although there were problems with the promoter and he was really sick the first night, he managed to give it his best so as not to disappoint his fans. He even wore a plain white shirt at the end of the show because he's got the chills. The second night was better especially for Rain Philippines. They got the best position at the VIP section, they were so near they can even see the pores on his skin. The best part was near the end when they threw a blue rattle bear with Rain's personal "RainPh" membership card tied on it's neck and hit him on the shoulder. One of his female dancers picked it up and played with it and showed to to Rain. Elle and Flor almost cried and almost fainted when he bowed to them to acknowledge the present. It pays to hold that lighted banner and dress sexy for such event so ladies you've got yourselves competition next time around. Here are pics of them reading the card and holding it while dancing. I'm sure it's now packed with his luggage.

What's a Rainy Day concert without asking my friend if the "dragon" made an appearance. Maybe it got find that there are a lot of hot ajummas present that it decided to sleep instead. Or maybe it's just waiting for me, his master to bring him back to life ok enough said!!!