Thursday, October 27, 2005

Sylist Gone Mad

Ok, these look is alright with me except for that pattern in his jacket. It's too disturbing to my eyes. Kind of like a deck of cards . But the following picks had me running for cover......

Baby, baby do you miss school so much that you wanted to have that school boy look. Never mind if that coat is from burberry and that bow is from LV pleazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz............
And those shoes, I had nightmare the other night from thinking of that hideous shoes. Good thing I love you too much to deny ever being a fan of yours. Don't ever commit the same mistake once you invade hollywood, araso?

Monday, October 17, 2005

Warning! Not for the Faint Hearted

What are you doing???????????..........

credits to paulette for the photo

Monday, October 10, 2005

Rainy Day in Hong Kong

I'm loving his new hair style and clean cut look at the press conference before the concert.

Rain had a concert in Hong Kong over the week-end and here's my fave pics.

Rain bared his chest, 7,000 fans screamed out loud

Source : Oriental Daily, 10-10-2005

Korean young Heavenly King Rain’s Hong Kong concert which commenced on Saturday night, hugging fans, stripping off shirt to bare his chest and showing musculine body, also shielding his nipples with his arms shyly, showing adorable smiles, the whole night he has said [I Love You] more than 10 times, 7,000 fans were so mesmerized and felt HIGH throughout the concert hall!
Possessing a 42-inch musculine chest, Rain has been showing off his well-toned body, has twice stripped off his shirt to bare his top, an eye-opening for all audience, his fans were screaming their hearts out. When Rain were dancing with a sexily-dressed female dancer, both touched and hugged each other and even had his head leaned onto the dancer’s chest, followed by 3 female dancer ripping off Rain’s shirt, all of them helped each other to strip the tops, at the end female dancer were left with bra top while Rain bared his top, a blood-boiling effect for all audience.
Later, Rain dressed in all white as a Prince Charming, he sung and stripped simultaneously, first took off his white suit, then ripped off his white shirt showing his muscular chest, and squating down with artificial rain pouring and wetting his body, revealing his waist-down as his white pants were sheer and slim-fit, a seductive move to the audience, the best of all was the scene when Rain took off his top baring his chest for his fans, a new HIGH for fans. When Rain finished his song, he shyly used his arms to cover his bare top, giggle with gentle smile and act adorably. In order to communicate with his fans, Rain has used 2 languages, sung in Korean, spoke in English. Though he has been saying the same [I Love You], and simple English [I Love You, You Love me, I promised that I will do the Best]. He has also raised his arms above his head making heart sign [I Love You], he has invited a female fan to the stage, giving away soft toy, flower and a ring, hug her and leaning his head against hers, the fans below the stage screaming with jealousy. The female fans who was so mesmerized on stage, has told his staff that her wallet was missing when getting off the stage, one jealous female fan snapped : [Losing a wallet is worthwhile!]
Besides showing great dance moves, Rain also shown some [kungfu] skills, he was lifted up high on stage, play games with his dancers like splashing water to each other, a dancer who helped Rain wiped off sweat on his body threw the towel off stage when fans rushed to snatch it, a few fans fell due to this but fortunately no injury. Rain invited his mentor J.Y. Park and his fellow singers as his guests of honor, Rain sung 1 encore song and before end of the show, he held a placard written in Chinese [Hello everybody, I am Rain, thank you very much for coming to this concert, tonight we are as one body, I really love every one of you……. I Rain will not disappoint everybody, will work harder, I love you all.]
On Saturday night, there were a lot of supporting guests, namely the popular American singer – Tyrese Gibson came to Hong Kong to support Rain, several Korean Embassy officials; Rain and the crew members went to Sai Kong [Sea Side Food Centre] to have supper after the concert ended, sampling Hong Kong’s famous seafood. After eating and drinking to his fill, Rain returned to his hotel with protection of several bodyguards

Monday, October 03, 2005

Finally to Time Asia Poll is Closed

I hope I won't get flanked by what I want to say for this is just my opinion ~~~ Yes I'm very HAPPY that the Time Asia poll on who our hero is just closed. I found it amusing at first when Rain was in second place after Manny Pacquiao during the first week of the poll because he is playing a boxer in his next drama and he is pitted against a real boxer. But my amusement turned to sadness when each camp began tossing accussations of cheating to one another. It ended my attempt to vote and left a bitter taste in my mouth.

I feel strongly about being a Filipino even if I feed disgusted with what's happening around me (that's another topic though) that I forgo a change to migrate to Australia. So fellow filipinos spreading talks that Manny's fans are cheating never mind if it has basis is like a slap to one's face. After all we are Filipinos too! In the end, people will not distinguish whether you are a filipino Rain supporter or not, you will just be a filipino cheater.

As I said, I'm just rumbling here so I hope nobody takes offense......