Thursday, August 31, 2006

Launch of Rain's 4th Album

To all my dearest friends planning their trip to Korea, please take note that his album launch will be on October 13, 2006 at Jamsil Stadium. Finalize your travel plans now, book that hostel and confirm your airline tickets.

Rock Seoul!!! Voltes Fighting!!!

Asia's star Rain has added another wing in preparation for his flight to his debut in the US.

America's Name Brand designer Ralph Lauren has personally requested that Rain be part of his "Friends" project. Ralph Lauren also said that he will be 100% behind Rain for his debut in the US.

Designer Ralph Lauren has stated that he is a real fan of Rain and starting September 1st, 2006 Rain will be part of Ralph Lauren's "Friends"

Until now, Ralph Lauren has been very reserved when it came to Asian Stars, because Rain is famous in so many Asian countries and he will be entering the US market, Ralph Lauren wanted to invite Rain as part of his "Friends" project and support Rain in his success in the US market.

Ralph Lauren Korea's marketing direction Jung Yoo Sun said that "The word of Rain has already spread far in the US, which is why Ralph Lauren has so much curiosity about Rain. Rain is not just a Korea Star anymore, He is a WORLD star, and Rain is a celebrity that represents Korea. He can work well with so many different styles and the fact taht he works so hard at everthing that he does is what mad Ralph Lauren, who is famous to be a very picky person, so interested in Rain"

Ralph Lauren has said through Miss Jung that "Rain is qualified to represent Asia, he is very masculine but also has his soft side. I want to invite him to my show and enjoy the show with him."

Ralph Lauren has always been very careful about showing interest in celebrities asian or not, but Ralph Lauren has said that he and his wife both are big fans of Rain and want to meet him in person.

translation : 지훈♡토끼(janeytokki) -from Joyplace

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Mark The Date - September 11, 2006

I'm sure all true blue Rain fans out there wishes to be a part of Cloud, Rain's Official Fan Club. I for one wanted to join them a long time ago but I'm neither Korean nor Japanese so my dream remained as such until this announcement.

In a few days time we can now have that chance to be part of his "official family", I'm so excited! How about you? Any plans of joining.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Jihoon's Short Message in JYPE

Hello everybody! ~^^
I'm here
Because I'm in the office to discuss some stuff with the image designers
So I've dropped by to write some.
I'm going now.
Will be back!
^^Bye Bye~~~~


저 왔다가요~^^
저 왔다가요~
코디 누나들이랑 의상 얘기하러 왔다가
잠시 들렀어요.
저 갈게요~~
또 올게요!

28 Aug 06
Credit: natsuki@Biwithrain
Ch to Eng: Rayndrop

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Rain on Omarion's 21 Album

American singer Omarion will release his latest album entitled "21" on October 3, 2006. The album contains 13 tracks including a song "Man Up" with our very own Rain. I'm looking forward to it and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will get some airtime in the States.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Clean Water In Cambodia

Remember about the mug and notebook first offered by ecoshop? The proceeds was used to build 50 wells in Cambodia so that they can have a clean water supply. More motivation for us to consider buying that umbrella and cellphone chain because we get to help others in our own little way.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Photos..... More Photos For Everyone

I feel like posting those wonderful photos being posted by our very diligent sisters if only to remind me that I have him to thank for having such good people in my life. Love you Bi!!!

Source: joyplace + khanakham of soompi

I know I said a more so click here, here and here for his Giordano photos. And from various korean websites jinlees uploaded some cool wallpapers. Same drill just point your browsers here, here, here and here.

A Rain Umbrella For The Rainy Season

Asian Rain has come up with a new item for sale to support it's charity projects. This time it's an umbrella, very apt for the rainy season. They are now pre-selling at
price is USD$16.50 + shipping and handling and appropriate bank charges. Items will be received by September 22. It's a bargain don't you think and it even includes this very cute cellphone chain.

Credit :home away from home@rainasia/penquin@Bi's Kingdom (

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Rain Speeds Towards Asia in BMW

19-Aug-06, Sport Korea
Credit: jinlees@soompi
Kr to Ch: wwrain
Ch to Eng: Rayndrop

BMW Korea propganda CF is in demand by many countries.

It looks like top star, Rain, will be winning over Asia with BMW.

The short commercial movie which Rain and BMW Korea is producing will cross Korea's borders and be screening in Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong etc Asian countries and regions.

At first, "BMW Meets Truth" was a CF produced to meet to Korean market needs. However, because of the participation of Asian Star, Rain, the BMW subsidiaries in several countries are keenly in the process of importing the CF.

Because of Rain's popularity in Asia, the CF which is produced locally is able to appear outside Korea. This is certainly a first.

A personnel from BMW Korea pointed out, "Enquiries to import "BMW Meets Truth" poured in simultaneously from several country subsidiaries, including BMW Japan. As each BMW concentrates on different products in different countries, it is not easy using CFs made by agencies in other countries. In the past, the short movies made by BMW Korea are only played in the country itself. But thanks to Rain's influence in Asia, this CF is expected to debut in many different countries at the same time.

BMW Korea plans to screen this CF in European countries, including BMW's originating country, Germany. Discussions are in progress, and is hence receiving a lot of attention at the moment. If this is th case, Rain will be exuding his charisma in the originating country of this world-famous car.

BMW Korea expresses, "It is planned that after completion, depending on the end-product, this CF will be played in various European countries." During the press conference on the 3rd, a personnel from the agency expressed they are extremely concerned about this matter, and that the possibility of success is immensely high.

"BMW Meets Truth" features Rain, Pak Jinyoung and Lin Soyoung. Background music is produced by Pak Jinyoung.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Move On MV - Teaser

Here's a teaser of his latest Japanese single "Move On", didn't I say I found the album cover HOT. Now he's definitely giving me good vibes with this video.

Feeling Sorry To His Fans

Having been a fan of Rain for almost two years, I've heard countless accounts of how he appears/acts infront of his fans. There are those who are lucky enough to get a smile, or even a chance to exchange a few words with him. But there were also those who were left disappointed because their presence were hardly acknowledged ~ not even a glance or a wave.

I"ve said so before and I'll say it again, his cool attitude at times is no longer a surprise and a facet of his character that I've come to accept. I never had that chance to see him in person but looking at all the vods and photos made me realize that this man has his moods and hasn't mastered the art of camouflaging his emotions to satisfy the need of his adoring fans for attention.

My point? Another translation came up last night about his feelings of remorse to his fans.

"Every time my fans come visit while I'm recording, filming or in the midst of a photoshoot, I always feel really bad and sorry for having to leave immediately after the work is done. Everybody came from such far places just to see me, some didn't even sleep, and many came from very far places. Some even fell asleep in class when they went back to school...everybody, please study hard. I've never forgotten your support. Just like I often say, there's only Rain because there's clouds, so when I disappear after a performance, or can't put on a happy expression because I'm too tired, I hope all of you can understand. I'm really just very tired, I've got no energy. But I will strive hard to be my best in front of all of you. I will keep working hard. I'm really nervous standing before so many people, you can understand how I feel, right? So no matter where I am, please remember I'll never forget all of you."

Rain is human after all so I just hope we can be a little forgiving if he fails to deliver what we expect of him.

Credit for the clip: Cloudchina// jinlees@soompi
Ch to Eng: Rayndrop

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Fan Account: Korean Fan saw Jihoon on the 15th

Some of you may have read Pau's blog entry, for today that amused her. She posted just a portion of it so I'm sharing the entire story here.

Korea celebrates Independence Day yesterday. The entire nation went on holiday.
Some students saw Jihoon at JYPE

Went to Myeongdong first with my friend ** in order to see oppa's Giordano pictures.
The pictures were huge and he looks so handsome...
Like admiring an art piece.
We walked round and round the mall, ignoring people's stares...Very Happy

After lunch, we arrived at JYPE around 3pm.
It was drizzling and there was not many people around.
We waited by the convenience store's entrance.
Later on, some g.o.d fans joined us in the waiting.
We waited until 5pm but oppa didn't appear.
We thought he wasn't coming today.
Just a little while more...
Suddenly, a bright light shone from afar! My eyes!

Oppa rode on his white bike quietly, small and agile.
He was wearing something similar to what he wore during one of his interviews.
Blue wifebeater with red trimmings, only he was wearing a baseball hat instead...
This is my first seeing oppa on a bike
The bike's very small, and oppa's very tall...
So cute...

We shouted, "Rain is here!"
He rode towards the carpark.
Oppa was parking, and he looked really well-practised. Cute..

"Hello Oppa..."
"Em. hello."
After that, oppa went in through the backdoor.

I've gotten my conclusion to the visit to JYPE this time:
If oppa's in a good mood, he'll say, "Em, hello!"
If it's so-so, he'll lower his tone by 8 notches, "Em. Hello."
If he's a bad mood, he won't even say "hello"...
This is my guess.

Henceforth, I felt that oppa was in a so-so mood today,
so I went over to look at oppa's bike.
I gingerly touched the bike handle which still bore the warmth from oppa's hands.

I was happily going around looking at the bike from all sides
Then, a dancer came out
Told us we can't come in here
Asked us to leave
We didn't have a choice, so we did.
Oppa came out from the back door.
He was with his dancers.
His mood seemed to have improved tremendously (the unpredicatable oppa!)
He was playing around with his dancers..
My friend gave him some drinks and a letter she wrote.
Oppa gave a slight "ah". He seemed slightly shocked.
Then he said, "Em, thanks."

They were going out for dinner.
Walked to the left, leant to the right...
The way he walks, that back, those shoulders...ha...
He was in such a good mood, grinning widely and showing his teeth.
We even heard "ha ha" sounds of laughter.
He looks so good laughing.
But why did he smile so little a few days ago?

After an hour, oppa appeared again.
We saw oppa's smiling face.
We were afraid he'll be uncomfortable with us staring like that,
so we peeked at him with intervals. :sweatingbullets:

But how is this so?

Opps was joking around with his dancers
His body languages and words he used are cute beyond description!
Those expressions and movements were like that of a kid!

I saw his expressions and time froze for 3 seconds...

Jihoon oppa he sulked playfully!
So cute!

Then we walked towards us...

We said, "Oppa, your autograph please."
"Em ok. I'll give you an autograph. Give them all to me."
Then he started signing the stuff we passed to him.
He strided towards the carpark with big steps.
One stride of oppa is equal to three of mine.

Oppa put the stuff we passed him on the car to sign.
At this moments, some fans of trainees came over and asked for autographs too.
Oppa was still smiling and said, "give them all to me."
The area in the carpark wasn't big, and many people had crowded over.
I stood closely next to oppa.
My arms and his touched...ah...(I'm not a pervert)
I saw oppa's arm
His skin was fair and smooth
Makes you feel like touching it.

Oppa signed his autograph one by one.
We said our name and he "em" in acknowledgement.
He spoke warmly
An uncle came and asked for an autograph using his daughter's name.

he was almost done, and the crowd grew bigger.
The dancers started hurrying him...
Oppa said "sorry" and went towards the back door.

At this moment, I shouted, "Sleep well! Don't fall sick!"

Oppa looked back and said "em"
Then said, "It's too hot. Go home early." warm and affectionate.
All right, all right, we'll go home straight away.

Oppa re-arranged his motorbike a little.
He's really very familiar with his bike. I saw his cute expression, almost fainted.
Lifted it and put it
Then he went into the training studio.

Credit: jinlees@soompi
Kr to Ch: wwrain@ Baidu
Ch to Eng: Rayndrop

Rain, Se7en to Compete in Korea and Japan with New Albums

Korea’s two top dance singers will face off on both domestic and overseas stages. Rain and Se7en will each release their first feature album and fourth single album in Japan on Sept. 13 before releasing their fourth feature albums at home in October.

Although the albums released in Japan by the two performers will not directly compete on the Oricon Chart since they belong to different categories, the fact that they are being released on the same day is drawing interest.

Rain had initially planned to release his first album on Aug. 23, but due to a delay caused by the shooting of the film “I’m a Cyborg, but That’s OK,” in which he will make his film debut, he postponed the release of the album in Japan.

The simultaneous release has been raising expectations that the two singers may appear on Japanese radio or TV programs together to promote their albums.

Rain’s “Eternal Rain” consists of songs written by renowned composers he has worked with since his debut, including Park Jin-young and Bang Shi-hyuck. Se7en’s single album “I Wanna...” includes R&B songs showing off his singing ability previously overshadowed by his earlier focus on his dancing ability.

Meanwhile, Rain will release his third single album “Move On” in Japan on Sept. 6. Se7en will attend a concert marking the 10th anniversary of his agency, YG Entertainment, in Osaka on Sept. 8 and in Tokyo on Sept. 10, along with other singers such as Gummy and Lexy.

Source: KBS Global

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Rain´s first digital single

Korean singer, Rain's 4th Korean album won't be released till mid Oct. To comfort impatient fans, yesterday JYP Entertainment announced that his 1st digital single will be released on Aug 24 & can be downloaded for a fee from the local musical site Melon (

This digital single is used in his BMW CF & is produced by JYP. He has also completed the CF shooting last Sunday.

After completing his 1st movie Cyborg, Rain will then go to Japan in mid Sept for his new Japanese album promotion.

Chi-Eng : lemon7160
credits to: tyty6 7 of soompi

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Check Out The Stores Nearest You

Seems Rain and Jang Dong Guns fall pictures for Giordano are now out in their flagship stores around East Asia.

Maybe it's time to visit one of their stores here in Makati just to check if Rain is now plastered on their walls. I'll keep you posted.

photo credits: cloudchina + jinlees of soompi

Monday, August 14, 2006

Singer Rain Auctions Clothes to help Flood Victims

Journalist Chol Sang Na reports, Seoul Sports News
Credit: jinlees@soompi
Kr to Ch: irbi from *비with Rain*
Ch to Eng: Rayndrop

Singer Rain does his bit for flood victims.

Endorser of cable entertainment channel, XTM, is putting up five pieces of his costume and accessories used in the commercial for charity auction. The auction will take place on XTM's website ( until the 10th of next month. All proceeds of this auction will be donated to the flood victims in the name of successful bidders.

Fans will have a chance to bid for the clothes and accessories which Rain has worn before, and can help the needy flood victims. The charity auction will feature the T-shirt and bracelet worn by Rain during the commercial, as well as the toy robot and the shirt and floral belt worn during his photoshoot.

The commercial featuring the t-shirt and bracelet has been broadcasting since 2 Aug. The storyline says of a bomb flying into his house and even under the circumstances of his ceiling falling, Rain is still determined to finish watching the programme on XTM. The content is very interesting and received many good responses, especially the close-up features which have never been shown in other commercials, giving us a good chance to appreciate Rain's mischievous and adorable expressions. One can fully feel the new charismatic and humorous side of Rain.

Says the XTM staff, "The branding commercial with Rain has received very good responses, and many people have inquired about the little props used in the commercial." They hope to please the fans of Rain, and at the same time, lend a hand to the flood victims.

Other than that, XTM has also prepared a total of 22 items to be given away in a draw for unsuccessful bidders, including 10 autographed Rain posters, 4 t-shirts they have prepared for the commercial, 2 necklaces, 2 bracelets, 1 pair of canvas shoes and 2 hats.

A Year Older!

I just want to say thank you to everyone who comes to visit this humble thread to get their daily fix of Rain. Without you, I won't be inspired to continue updating this space. Here's to another year of shared thoughts about anything and everything Rain!

Friday, August 11, 2006

An Apology I've Been Waiting For

It's been months since Rain's visit to Vietnam for a showcase. Admittedly it was not as exciting nor as well prepared as the other shows he did in Korea and in other countries. As expected conflicting reviews and opinions were expressed by the people who watched the shows. Recently, a very biased article came out in one of Vietnams daily that caused a lot of us fans to be upset. Not because we all think he's perfect, it so happens that due to his success a lot of people are just too eager to bring him down. So I was happy to read that a formal apology was released to the public by the promoter. You can go check it here.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Another Fan Encounter

Fan account 08.08.2006
Credit: wwrain@baidu//jinlees@soompi
Chinese ro English :rainme4ever@youtube
credits tyty6 7

Bi has been busy the last few days. He comes in to JYP everyday.
In the daytime, he is probably out to practice for the dance steps for his upcoming 4th album.
(I am guessing only, didn't he say he will be learning modern dance after he finished with his movie shoots?)

He shows up around 5pm in front of JYP.
He is wearing grass green T's, Beige color hat...
There are some Korean & Japanese clouds waiting for him.
Bi was happy to see the clouds. He signed autographs and thank them, told them that it is very hot outside, be careful and don't get sick.

A mama Cloud brought her son to JYP to see Ji Hoon, she also brought her homemake Plum Jam & Strawberry Jam and told Ji Hoon she made them herself. Ji Hoon flashes his famous smile and thank her, then put the jam in the car.

This mama cloud's son went to a bakery and bake a cake for Ji Hoon also, told JH: don't give this cake to anyone, you have to eat this all by yourself.
JH laughed out loud.....
Before he went in to JYP, he told the clouds to be careful on the road when they head home.

Ji Hoon did not show up again till 8pm for dinner.
After dinner, he went back to JYP till past 10pm before leaving by car

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Photos For His Upcoming Japanese Album

Monday, August 07, 2006

8/8/06 Message From Rain

credits to freya1507 of soompi

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Rain & JYP For BMW Meets Truth

I've already blogged about Rain & JYP's MV for BMW, if you haven't read it then check here. Today the company invited some 700 guest including 300 press people to introduce their newest endorsers. Photos have started to come in so I would like to share some of them for you.

Seems oversize eyeglasses are his fave accessory cuz he's been wearing it for a couple of events now. Not that I'm complaining since he carries it well. Pau, noticed that bracelet, can your agents/friends find the source.

Aah I got carried away I did promise more photos so you know the drill just click here,here,here, and here.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Rain for Xtreme Channel

Finally some really good photos came out for his newest endorsement Xtreme Channel. Maybe they read Pau's reaction in her blog hence the flooding of more cute pictures, check it out here,here and here. Want more? They even came out with some wallpapers for those who like changing the look of their pc. Check them out here,here and here and add them to your collection palli!

Still not enough then check out the cutest cf ever by clicking here.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Newest Pepsi Ad is Here

The much awaited Pepsi CF of our Rain with other Asian artist is now unveiled, enjoy!

credits to jinlees of soompi