Friday, May 18, 2007

Rain Cast in Hollywood Film

Korean singer-actor Rain will take part in "Speed Racer," a new film by Andy and Larry Wachowski of "The Matrix" fame. Rain will play a talented rookie car racer who struggles to save his family business. He will join the filming in Berlin for two months after he finishes his world tour in June.

Rain's agent said that Rain personally visited Berlin in April to meet with the Wachowski brothers. At the meeting, the directors of the Matrix series showed Rain some materials for the film and Rain was reportedly very impressed with its ingenuity and techniques.

"Speed Racer" is based on a popular Japanese animation titled "Mach Go Go." The animation has been aired in the U.S. as well.

The May 31st press briefing of the film is expected to be attended by more than 100 media outlets worldwide, as well as Joel Silver, the producer of the Matrix series, and a number of big Hollywood celebrities.

Rain said that he considers himself a novice actor since this is his debut film in Hollywood, and that he will take one step at a time.

Source: KBS Global

Friday, May 11, 2007

What if Rain Parts Ways With JYP

Perhaps Korea’s most internationally recognized entertainer, the singer and actor Rain came to the end of his exclusive contract with management firm JYP on Thursday. Rain will decide where to go after his world tour ends in June. There are rumors he will move to another firm or set up an independent company, but it cannot be ruled out that he will stay with JYP. "Nothing has been confirmed. No matter what decision Rain makes, Rain and JYP chief Park Jin-young will remain close friends,” an insider with the agency said.

Park Jin-young's strategy has played a critical role in making Rain a global star since his debut in April 2002. The ChosunIlbo asked experts what the gains and losses will be if Rain leaves JYP.

◆ Gains

Rain stands to make a lot more money if he says goodbye to JYP. The listed management firms that are jostling to attract Rain have more capital power than JYP. Ahn Suk-jun, a vice president with Warner Music Korea, said, "Except listed enterprises which can invest large amounts, other management firm won’t be able to break even given the big money it would take to lure Rain." If he leaves JYP, Rain will have decisive power in business and music, and he would emerge fully from under Park's wing.

Pop music critic Kim Jak-ga said, "Rain hasn’t had many big hits domestically, compared with his success overseas.” Leaving NYP, he could “team up with different songwriters and make more popular songs." Woo Hyun-jung, a representative director of MusicWell, said leaving would be “a bid for musical independence. Regardless of success, that attempt is worth making."

◆ Losses

One source in the music industry said Rain still has ambitions to be a world star. “Without Park's JYP, there is no company that could meet Rain's desire to be a worldwide star. If Rain quits working with JYP, he might lose all the contacts and know-how in the U.S. music and movie industry that Park has developed."

Some say Rain can make up for that if he picks a major Japanese management firm with close ties with the U.S. entertainment industry. Kim Jak-ga said, "There is a high chance that Rain will see success as an actor in the U.S. It will help if he works with a Japanese firm that has strong bonds with Hollywood." Rain has been offered a part in the new movie by the Wachowski bothers of “Matrix” fame.

Music critic Lim Jin-mo said if he changers his management agency, Rain faces some confusion. “But in any case, I hope he’ll do his best to keep the Korean Wave alive," he added.


Personally I would like to see Rain continuing his alliance with JYP especially for his more in the US. Park Jin Young already invested a lot to make him known and I would like to see those start bear fruit. Plus the fact that it's hard to enter the US market without a trusted person to guide you.

As for his career in Korea, I hope he will make a wise decision. I'm not keen on him signing with Star M because they did not handle his World Tour and his album promo well. I'd rather see him be independent or tie-up with a company with a good reputation in the music industry.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

When It Rains It Pours

Blessing comes for those who strive hard and for Rain all the hard work are finally being recognized. I already posted the news of his inclusion in the Time 100 list just like what happened last year. Here comes another news that he's a part of People Magazine's 50 most beautiful people for 2007.

And to add another crown to his continous success, we won the Best New Actor in a movie last night at the Baek Sang. Though I haven't seen the movie I heard from friends that he was really good in it. Congratulations Bi, I hope you have more recognition coming your way.

Fans wait at the red carpet to get a glimpse of him.

"Thank you very much,*trembling*,First and foremost i want to say thank's to all the people who helped me film this movie,(yeah,i'll just stand straight)-->the mic is too low. Thank's to Producer Hong?Mr.Jung and Brother park jinyoung,Mr.Jo,Bro.Cho?,and Bro. Junho. And i just want to add that I really wanted to make movies,It is my dream,I'm really honored that
Director Park made it come true,and To Miss Im soo jung,Thank's for the wonderful memories. Thank you very much"

Translation of Bi's acceptance speech by J. Lee of soompi

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

RAIN in People's "50 Most Beautiful People"

Other than being nominated in TIME100 Most Influential People, Rain also appears in the list of "The Most Beautiful 50 People" by People magazine.

The event is organised by People magazine every year, Brad Pitt, George Clooney etc were some of the winners last year. For Rain who is going to enter USA market after his world tour in June, obviously this is quite encouraging to him!

JYPE expressed, "It's something honourable and exciting... especially now we are preparing for it (entrance into USA music industry)." "Maybe it's a result of Rain's world tour. It is the first time that Asian singer has such a large scale tour concert."

*Note: Here's a link:,,20034523,00.html

Source: FNN
credits: Chi translation by lovebi_rain@Baidu RAIN bar
Eng translaion by jjbug@rain-malaysia
edited by dsl99a@rain-usa + bambiina of soompi

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Rain Atop Time 100 Online Vote

Singer Rain could well be named as one of the world's top 100 influential people by Time magazine for the second year.

The singer current sits atop the ongoing online survey to determine this year's Time 100 list.

Rain made it on the list for the first time last year and attended the award ceremony and the Time 100 party at New York Lincoln Center last May, which earned him global fame.

In the online poll underway on the Time Web site, Rain has garnered 22,310 votes as of Monday morning, Korean time, followed by rock band U2 frontman Bono and U.S. President George W. Bush. There are a total of 200 candidates.

The Web site introduces the Korean singer as having topped music charts in Japan, China, Taiwan and Indonesia, performed at Manhattan's Madison Square Garden and recorded a duet with B2K's Omarion.

Source: KBS Global

Friday, April 20, 2007

Rain to Perform at Madison Square Garden Again

Top Korean singer Rain will hold another concert at Madison Square Garden in New York, the venue of his debut performance in America. The New York concert is part of his June world tour, which includes stops in Atlanta, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

Prior to his American tour, Rain will hold a concert at the Tokyo Dome in Japan on May 25th for over 35,000 Japanese fans. The Tokyo Dome is also the home field for Korean slugger Lee Seung-yeop, who currently plays for Japan's top professional baseball team, the Yomiuri Giants. It has also served as the venue for concerts by the global pop stars Beyonce and Madonna.

Rain's world tour organizer confirmed his North American tour schedule in June. Rain will first perform at the Molson Amphitheater in Toronto, Canada on June 9. Then his next concert will be staged at the Philips Arena in Atlanta on June 15, New York's Madison Square Garden on June 23, at the Cow Palace in San Francisco on June 27,and the Staples Center in Los Angeles on June 30.

At the end of this month, Rain will hold a concert in China, followed by one at Japan's Tokyo Dome. Before Rain leaves for North America, he will wrap up the Asian tour with shows in Thailand from June 2 to 3.

Source: KBS Global

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Rain to Perform at Prestigious Tokyo Dome

In yet another confirmation of his stature as an international star, Rain is scheduled to be the first Korean singer to hold a concert at Japan's Tokyo Dome stadium. The pop sensation traveled to Japan on Wednesday, two days after returning from last week’s successful performance in Australia, and announced his plans to perform at the Tokyo Dome at an official press conference.

Star M Entertainment, which is promoting Rain's world tour, recently agreed to bring the "Rain's Coming" tour to the Tokyo Dome on May 25. The Dome has hosted the world's top talents, such as Mariah Carey, the Rolling Stones, and Beyonce. The Dome, which is also the home of the Yomiuri Giants and Korean slugger Lee Seung-yeop, is the ultimate dream of many Japanese performers, but only top-drawer local acts have ascended its stage, including Ayumi Hamasaki, Glay, and SMAP.

Star M Entertainment announced the news in Japan with Rain and said, "With Japan as the axis, Rain spread the wave to Southeast Asia. Now he's reconfirming his stature with the concert at the Tokyo Dome."

The performance at the Tokyo Dome means Rain is one step further from being just an Asian celebrity and one step closer to being a world star. The Dome can hold up to 42,000 people but it requires a minimum of 35,000 tickets to be sold. Only top-selling performers attempt to play there. Among Korean celebrities, Lee Byung-heon held a fan meeting at the Dome last June with 42,000 guests. The Japanese press at the time made a great fuss, calling it the biggest event in the history of the "Korean Wave."

Lingering rumors say that Star M Entertainment was worried about bringing Rain's tour to the Dome, which would mean just once performance there. Rain, however, decided to go ahead with the idea, believing himself to be "Asia's singer" and eager to be the first Korean singer to perform at the fabled stadium. It is said that the concert promoter's Japanese partner UAE strongly pushed for the concert at the massive stadium.